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Custom Rom support for K-R42 Quad Core TV BOX ( No bluetooth version) -rooted

HI guys:

This is the first custom rom for K-R42 Quad core tv box. K-R42 is the first quad core tv box in market, it have analog tv out, hdmi, 2Xfull size usb, 1xmicro usb otg, spdif, audio jack, rj45 and micro sd slot. You can get the K-R42 TV BOX here:


Ok, here we go, changelog for this custom rom:


-build.prop tweaks
-spoofed as GT-I9100
-gameloft fix
-2gb app space
-changed bootanimation
-virtual touchscreen.ko insmoded at boot
-deleted usles apps
-added some nice apps:
*ES Explorer (ver. before layaut change)
*Youtube for GTV 1.7.1
*TV Launcher 3D
*XBMC Installer
-unlocked hiden options:
-init.d support
-new wallpaper
-ic_sysbar_highlight changed to cyan
-ic_sysbar_lights_out_dot changed to transparent (no dots on status bar when waching movie on mx player etc.)
-added gamepad button on statusbar (no functioning yet)
-deleted search bar from home

Custom Rom support for K-R42 Quad Core TV BOX ( No bluetooth version) -rooted
Custom Rom support for K-R42 Quad Core TV BOX ( No bluetooth version) -rooted


ROM Download LINK 2


PS: This rom is made by Lewy20041, We offer the original K-R42 TV BOX to him,and he made this custom rom base on Geekbuying K-R42. All credit to this guys!

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  1. Does it support 1080p ? Probably not , if it’s not mentioned. What a nonsense a custom ROM to be installed when it does not support something that cannot be installed on the stock rom.

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    The 1080p rom is working,i have confirmed with the developer,the custom rom add a lot of good features,please read the changelog.

  3. when is the bluetooth version coming? My remote fly mouse uses bluetooth unfortunately.

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    It will come in the end of July.

  5. Guide you have???

  6. Can you please provide installation instruction for this rom?

  7. is this rooted? after installing the ROM and running SuperSu (which comes pre-installed), I get “No Su Binary installed” when I run the SuperSu. Are you sure that this ROM is rooted?

    Also when I enable Debugging and connect to Windows (XP or 7), I can’t install the RK31sdk USB driver in order to run ADB and root the device that way. Can you make sure the USB drivers for RK31sdk is available and works?

  8. Thanks for the link Eric! Downloading now and looking forward to testing it out.

  9. OK I installed it just fine, but want to say this rom is excellent except xbmc version 13 is way unstable on this unit, youtube would not work nor would google pictures. I used 12.2 instead and it ALL works perfect- very stable. The rom solves the bar problem at the bottom where it would interfere with xbmc full screen. I want to thank The maker of the Rom very much, great work, everything seems faster and more fluid, watching MLBMC right now and the picture is superior. Very Happy

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    It is rooted, you can check with root checker app.

  11. Have somebody tried to run netflix on this rom? With my unit netflix does not run at all with this rom. It just starts to get “buffering” after a couple of minutes and eventually referres to the network problem.

  12. does it by any chance support the DTS or Dolby Digital output through the SPDIF?

  13. I’m returning main because the Ethernet port doesn’t work. I would keep it but they are still make us wait for this 1080p output. Many other 3188 based players got this update , but We’re still waiting.

  14. Hi
    Just applied this new rom. All Ok, but I didn’t understand how to use the rkgamecontrol If the server app was removed from the ROM.

  15. I have this, and am using the custom rom by lewy20041, and it works very well… faster than my Asrock 330 HT which was running xbmc on win8.

    As mentioned here, no 1080 yet, and as I don’t use the digital output, I am very happy with the clean analogue output. Lewy20041 is very helpful and is busy making his new rom, though It probably will not do 1080 yet, not until someone sorts the kernel out, which apparently is the problem.

    @Anton iliev which 3188 boxes can run 1080p?

  16. Has this rom the netflix scrambling fixed?

  17. netflix works fine with this rom

  18. Hi Eric,

    I purchased this box from geek buying. I’m trying to root and install ccustom ROM. I’m connecting the box to my Windows 7 desktop via regular USB. It recognize the device as CD ROM. Can you please give me step by step instruction on how to root and install custom ROM. I’m so unhappy that I cannot install and use this device. Your help is appreciated.

  19. Hi. Is it possible to make editing your rom? Need to K-R42 at power electricity turned on automatically. And that did not turn on a hardware button. Please help me. Is it possible?