Colorful VIA WM8880 V7 Android 4.2 OS Firmware and Method
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Colorful VIA WM8880 V7 Android 4.2 OS Firmware and Method

Dear friends,

The first colorful WM8880 tablet has coming!!! There are 6 colors for your choice.

Shopping from here:

Colorful VIA WM8880 V7 Android 4.2 OS Firmware and Method

How to upgrade your tablet?

1, You need to download the firmware

Password is

2, Extract the firmware, and copy the whole folder Colorful VIA WM8880 V7 Android 4.2 OS Firmware and Methodto the TF card.(Don’t rename the folder)

3, Shutdown the tablet and insert the TF to the tablet.

4, Last, boot the tablet, and it will upgrade automatically.

Tips: The first boot after upgrading will need to wait 1-2 minutes.





  1. Is there a root method for this device?

  2. Juan Carlos Ortega Rama

    I need a root method, please.

  3. What is wrong with this firmware? When trying to install purchased apps it says
    “Couldnt install on usb storage or sd card?” and there is no asec file to remove or unmounting the sd card doesnt work as everybody else has tried ..

    it does this on all purchased apps .. free apps are not a problem .. this tablet is almost worthless .. please post an updated firmware .

  4. why root it
    enable developer options
    and then set the super user settigs as desired

  5. this version of firmware is broken .. you cannot install paid apps .. you get a Couldnt install to sd card or usb
    also apps to sd will not work at all .. please post a WORKING firmware ..

  6. Will someone from Geekbuying please respond ? This firmware does not work ! Again i state you cannot install paid apps .. there is a problem with the creation of the .android_secure folder … there is NO ability to use apps 2 sd .. logcats indicate a issue with the devmapper trying to create a file but it canno becasue the secure folder is not getting built .. PLEASE fix this .. it is suspect it is a kernal issue least respond !

  7. Hello, all.
    The ROM for the “WM-8880-MID / ForFun_V7_SDZET6221_7Z7Z233” is ‘broken’.
    The manufacturer/seller(s) are *not* being responsive to the problem.
    One forum, , has posted a *BETA* version replacement.
    *IF* you want to try it, you should support the forum. [Fair is fair.]
    It is a very fast tablet. [Probably ‘optimized’ for the benchmark.]
    But the faulty ROM means you can’t install/move apps to a SD card,
    to preserve ‘system’ memory.
    That means that installing too many apps will greatly slow it down, till it hardly runs.

    Have a GREAT day, neighbors!