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Some useful information for Rockchip Base Android TV STICK,New Smartphone Control app and wifi display information

Guys, just get some useful information for the Rockchip base android tv stick, i can’t wait to share with you guys, hope you think it is useful:

1 The user manual of wifi display onRockChip-TV

The wifi display is the newest function in Android 4.2, it can make your smartphone or laptop share their screen with other device. Now only in Android 4.2 TV Stick,you can use this function. Now the MK808,MK808B and Tronsmart T428 are all shipped in Android 4.2 OS,and can use this wifi display function;

2 RKremote control function:

Last year, on RK3066 base tv box, the rockchip develop a smartphone control app,and whic makes you control your tv box with the android smartphone, and on 2013, they release a new Gamecontroller function base on this, you can read more here:


in the download file, you can check how this new gamecontroller app works, and i will try it later, and maybe, if you don’t have droidmote, then this will be a good choice.



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  1. Wireless display is very interesting!

    I have a mk808b (upgrade 4.2.2 finless rom) and a h7500+ (4.2.1).

    The 2 machines see together but connexion fail…

    Can you tell me if you try with the h7500+ and what’s the problem?


  2. I have got MK808. Can I use ver 2 of RKRemoteControl with my MK808?
    If yes, where can I get files required on MK808, such as RKgamesettings ets.

  3. Why does my mini pc restart everytime I use the touchpad on the RKRemote everything else works ok though just that? Also I’ve read some people lose their mini sd cards when they insert it into the slot this could be problematic because I still need to be able to take it out to take movies on and off it how do you go about removing these? And the wifi display is not working with my phone galaxy nexus but Ive heard imediashare would work too. Also I had to hook a wireless extender just to get good internet so this should be mentioned as a potential hampering for some or maybe I should get a wireless powerline kit?

  4. Avatar photo

    The reason for restart is that you use the old smartphone control app, you should install the version which i mention in this post, and try again. and for wifi display, we have tested google nexus phone,it can work. but for samsung galaxy, yes,it don’t work, we need to find out the problem and then fix.

  5. Yes, I installed the newer RKRemoteControlGeneralCastV2.0.2.apk and verified that it is working for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with CX-919.

  6. I couldn’t find device in the conrtol device’s field. I tried to refresh again and again but nothing happened. I followed all the steps. I am also using same wifi network for my MK808B and My mobile. Please help to solve the problem..

  7. I also cannot get my i phone to find the device, i have downloaded the app on my phone, entered the IP address etc, but it will not find the device, also how do i change my time and location as it is wrong,

  8. Avatar photo

    It just support android smartphone, don’t support iphone. please understand.