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NEO G4 Fifth Firmware Release,Download from Geekbuying

Guys, we just get the Fifth firmware for NEO G4.

Here is the changelog for this rom

MINIX NEO G4 20130520 (version 007) firmware
Release Date: 2013-05-20

1.) Added NFS.ko

2.) Applied new set of FFMPEG video decoder library

3.) Added 5.1 channel HDMI PCM multi-channel audio (NOT HDMI passthrough)

4.) Updated libstagefright video decoder library

5.) Native Google apps. added back (Calender, Maps…etc)

6.) Support the new RKremote controller app. for Android devices

7.) Added RKGameControlSetting for game touch profile setup

Firmware Download link Click Here

or you can download here:



And after tested, the problem i found is

minix A1+ air mouse can’t work well in this rom, other 2.4Ghz wireless mouse don’t have this problem.


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  1. How can I check what version of the firmware my current G4 has?

  2. Avatar photo

    Go to setting, check the about device, and you will find.

  3. Hi
    How can I watch/play youtube videos using chrome or internet browser? It says flash player not compaible

  4. Avatar photo

    change your UAString to android.