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MK808B – Official Android 4.2 Custom Finless Rom

This custom rom is based on the newest official rom for MK808B, bob help us to make this custom rom, please notice, Netflix don’t work on any android 4.2 tv stick, but on android 4.1,they are working great, so if you a netflix fans, don’t flash this 🙂


Features and release notes for my 2.1 JB 4.2.2 ROM:

1) Rooted with an updated SU and Superuser.apk that works with 4.2.2

2) Debloated of a huge amount of crap apps!
Oh and the stock ROM was wasting a ton of NAND space!
They had defined system.img to be DOUBLE that of normal ROMs.
This was to handle the huge system.img that they filled with a ton of bloat!
I reduced the parameter file from 200000 for system back to 100000 after debloat.
Realize that with these reduced parameter files, the original system.img wont fit.
So to go back to stock ROM you will need to erase NAND and use the original parameter files.
I have provided the original parameter file in the ROM kit named parameter_original.

3) As always, full init.d support! If you do not know what that is… ignore it. For geeks that want to use it. It is there!

4) Gameloft fix. This fixes Gameloft games from crashing to the desktop.
Many of them do not run and crash to the desktop. This is due to a license check based on the device.
Special thanks to Christian Troy for inventing this fix. I modded it for this ROM.

5) Phone carrier fix for Google Market unlock (more APPs show up).
For some reason this was not built in like other stock ROMs.

6) I unlocked hidden settings:
-> Accessibility

7) New “grid” style launcher available as a choice of launchers.
Some people still want the Alternate launcher that comes with many TV sticks for EZ TV use.
I took this from another 4.2.2 ROM. This of course comes with the RK settings as well.
If you want to remove this just use ES File explorer and delete these files from /system/app
Now just reboot and all this will be gone.

8) All Google APPs updated except Google Search

9) Busybox that I like best Wraitdu 1.19.4

10) 1gb and up to 4gb parameter files available for more APP space. 1GB is the default for the flash tool.
See below for instruction to use other parameter files to change you APP space

11) I edited framework to turn off the default “Bubbles” live wallpaper.
I hate live wallpapers on first boot. It slows the boot down and over all initial performance.
I have set the usual green leaf standard wallpaper.
I also removed the FAKE files they added to framework in they attempt they made to try a keep people from modding this ROM!
I can’t believe they are trying to go to this level and protect the ROM and keep people from editing it easily!
That’s fixed! Enjoy an OPEN ROM again.

12) Changed build.prop so USB connection to PC is a Mass Storage device and not a MTP device.
This ROM has no settings to change that at all (I will fix that later). I prefer a Mass Storage device myself.
You can easily change it back in build.prop. I commented out the MTP line.

13) Build.prop edit to open up the Google Play store to APPs that normally say “not compatible”.
I am spoofing a Samsung device that will show almost any APP as compatible.
Your device will now NOT show up as a MK808 device to Google Play! Understand this please.
I also left the original build.prop in the ROM called build.orig.
If you want to go back, just use ES FIle Explorer or a root file explorer and rename build.prop to build.old
Then rename build.orig to build.prop.
Go into settings, apps, all and go into the Google Play app. Clear the cache and data.

14) Remote Control using RK Remote APP is now fully supported!
In the ROM kit is a RKRemoteControl.apk.
You install this on your phone or tablet and now it can remotely control your TV player!
Just put the APK on sdcard or something and install it on your Android phone, tablet, etc.
ENJOY this one! I had a HARD TIME getting it to work!

15) Petrus reboot APP is added

16) 1080P patched kernel baby! I patched the stock kernel to 1080P.
There are 2 kernels and 2 boots in the ROM kit. By default kernel720 and boot720 are selected in the flash tool. If you want to use a 1080 kernel then read the instructions below.

Other notes:
CIFS.ko, Xpad.ko, md4.ko, etc is already in the stock kernel! China dev’s are learning MK808B – Official Android 4.2 Custom Finless Rom

Expect some rooted APPs to not play right due to the new multi-user permissions of 4.2.2

In this ROM Automatic “set date and time from network” is not turned on.
I could fix that but ran out of time for now.
I highly suggest you turn this on first!
If you do not the default date is 1970 on every boot!
Google Play does not like this so turn it on before you sign into Google.

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  1. Will this ROM be supported by 720p TV unlike previous ones…
    I mean by default it will boot in 720p resolution or 1080p resolution…
    Please reply

  2. Mode not Supported error again in this Rom also.

  3. i doesn’t work for me, i don’t get any screen output. Just a black screen…

  4. Good Job!

    Works perfect with my MK808B and RC11 from

    THX and best regards


  5. hi bob…

    thx for the hard work last days…

    can i open a thread in german android forum and announce your ROM?

    greets from berlin

  6. i doesn’t work for me, reboot in recovery system 4.2, impossible selection with the mousse
    Help !!!

  7. Avatar photo

    this rom don’t support CWM, you should flash with the tools on your windows pc.

  8. How about the xbmc, does it works fine? Does it needs mx player to 1080p films? If you watch stream in SD or 720p does yhe xbmc needs external player?

  9. This custom 4.2 still making ~8000 points in antutu against ~10000 points in original 4.1.1?

    Do you have the xpad.ko for the original kernel 3.0.8?

  10. I just got the new MK808B with 4.2 Jelly Bean bluetooth. I works fine… except, I can’t log on to store, or Gmail, or Facebook. Wi-fi works fine, I have internet capability, Chrome browser works good.
    Can anybody tell me how to solve this logon problems?

    Grateful in advance,
    Ivan Stojnov.

  11. Wireless card was not stable in this rom. Drops connection intermittently. Low transmit power as well.
    Main reason to revert back to 4.1 and of course netflix.

  12. Can anybody tell me how to solve this logon problems?

    you set the right time and date and timezone?


  13. excuse me so much…..after a few resets i did work!!

  14. Hi folks,
    I just bought my MK808B from geekbuying last week.
    It came with 4.1.1.
    I would like to upgrade it to 4.2.2.
    Before I try that, I have following questions. Please someone try to answer:
    1. Is this the most current ROM for 808B?
    2. Is this stable rom?
    3. Is this officially supported?
    4. Is this the right forum for obtaining support?
    5. Where do I go for support, in case of problems?
    6. Is geekbuying recommmeding us to upgrade to this rom?
    7. Will this ROM make the unit slower as compared to 4.1.1?
    8. Is the wifi stable in new rom?
    9. Does it have logon problems?
    10. Will this provide full 1080p output?
    11. Is there a chance of bricking the device?
    12. Netflix will stop in 4.2?
    13. Are there any successful upgrades that say Awesome/Fast/Stable to this rom?

    Please give me some confidence so that I will jump into this.
    Thanks in advance.

  15. Just received my mk808b from Geekbuying yesterday. Already has Android 4.2.2 installed.
    Does the stick already come with the Finless 2.1 ROM installed or should I flash my stick to get it?

  16. Avatar photo

    You should flash by yourself if you like Finless custom rom.

  17. Download and install all of the options – Excellent! Thank you so much and a big thanks!
    Small request – when restarting clears my picture – Wallpaper and puts the default.
    It’s little things – you’re super!
    Good luck to you and your team!

  18. Hi Bob,

    You have done a Big thing !!!
    I also flashed my MK 808B to Finless .Great work
    Few suggestions:
    Popular apps like XBMC ,Skype ,Gmail can be included within.
    Also if you can include PS3 game controller app for game lovers would be even better.
    And the initial screen (MK808)your signature screen can be more pleasant —-
    just my suggestion 🙂

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