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How to use XBMC play 1080p file with External player in RK3188 TV stick,such as Tronsmart mk908 and Tronsmart t428

XBMC, which is very good media center, and a must be app in your tv stick in my opinion, recently, we get some questions about how to run xbmc better with the newest rk3188 quad core mini pc. and after search some information, we find this solution:

1 The offical 12.0 XBMC version don’t work in RK3188 device, i still don’t know why,but it will just crash when you load, so we should use this XBMC version:


2 You should install the MX player here:


3 run the XBMC in your RK3188 device, and then you will find a folder in “/sdcard/Android/data” called” org.xbmc.xbmc”

4 Download this file:

and copy this file to /sdcard/Android/data/org.xbmc.xbmc/files/.xbmc/userdata

attention .xbmc is an hidden folder, to see it in file manager you must select the oprtion “show hidden files”

After finish this, you can open the 1080P video in XBMC, and it will  use MX PLAYER as external player to play the 1080P File.


We have tested in Tronsmart T428 and Tronsmart MK908, both working.

So any questions, feel free to ask here!





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  1. Worked, movie playback no works. Though i can’t get the sound via the receiver to work…

  2. Link again down. Whats wrong, all links down and again?

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    Dropbox is sucks, they always see i have reached their bandwidth limited, but i am sure i am not, suck, i have decied to move to other host.

  4. Can you please update this guide?

    the first downloadlink is not work!!!

  5. Avatar photo

    Download link just updated, please check.

  6. Thx for the Donloadlink update..

    Question: With thiss Guide i can play 1080p mkv files on my tv without any problems??? No picture or sound delay???

  7. Used this build, played several stream video’s.


    The 720p stream doesn’t play very smooth, still kind of laggy. (Though it is better then the original XBMC HD stream) DVDrip stream works fine.

    I can’t reach my 1080p and 720p video files on my sd card or usb, so i could not test the 1080p or 720p video playback, they just didn’t appear in the xbmc file search…no idea why…

    Also had a little bit of sound delay

  8. I got rikomagic 802iiis with rk3066 dual core chip and connected to network with apple ethernet to usb adapter and i use archos player as external player cause mx player suck on rockchips. The biggest 1080 file i got is 18 gb and with 2.5 MB/s or 25 Mb/s it run perfect.. If xbmc not use the external player is it because u miss something in the playercore file. I made my own and whatever i do it use archos player

  9. According to xbmc website they also point out that archos is the best player on rockchips. But on my galaxy s3 mx player is the best.

  10. BS Player works awesome for all my 1080p and 720p Files. These file are mostly mkv. No issues with the device except wifi drop off but the external antenna should fix that.

  11. I`ve just installed the versione 12.2 frodo directly from xbmc web site on my mk908 and all OK, but I don`t know how to configure it.

  12. need 1080P to run smooth in xbmc. Whats the best way with this rom.?

  13. oops… i meant the latest7/26/13 rom. xbmc 12.2 works! but still no 1080p smooth can i use the mxplayer and file with xbmc 12.2 or just install as you say above?

  14. First link is down again. Just bought mk908.

    Please fix link.

    Thanks in advance

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    you can download the XBMC XAF version here: