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Cubot A890 New Firmware Release

Hi Guys the new firmware for CUBOT A890 from has been released.
This one fixed the problem brick with the rom 0314.

Download link:


Pls note. If your phone wont start after you flash with this rom, pls reflash the one 0314 version.



  1. Hello Kristin, thanks for the update. could you explain if the two different firmware/rom versions are based on different hardware? is it possible to update a working 14.03.2013 rom with 02.04.2013 rom? i have problems with rom 14.03.2013 and bluetooth connections. will there be future updates? thanks for your answer.

  2. yes different batch of screen. This one can only be used for the phone after 4.05. And we will update a totally new firmware that suits all A890.

  3. thanks a lot!

  4. So it cant be used on the 8gb version?
    build 14/3/13

  5. Do you have some sort of changelog from previous version? (14-03-2013)

  6. This rom is already rooted?


  7. the rom is not rooted

  8. Hello Kristin, any news when the new firmware will be released?

  9. Hi Arem I have already get it, 0428 can suitable for all version A890. and I am uploading it. will post this week. ^^

  10. Yes, for both 4GB and 8GB

  11. Sorry we have checked with Cubot, they do not have this now. We will update soon when they release

  12. So there will be future updates for the phone? why this message after 5 month?