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Cube U30GT2 Android 4.2.2 Beta Custom ROM–All Credit to Brain

Hi guys:

We post the Cube u30gt2 beta android 4.2 stock rom some days ago, and today, my friend brain help us to do a custom rom base on this, here is the changelog for the custom rom:

  • defaults to english
  • root
  • some bloat removed
  • busybox and init.d support
  • play/market fixes for more apps in Google Play
  • 2 gig app space (this is standard on the stock ROM)


How to flash?


  • Download and extract to a folder
  • connect the tab to the PC (you did remove the sdcard)
  • start the ROM flash tool
  • put the tab into flash mode, the PC should detect it, see below for instructions
  • install drivers if required
  • erase idb
  • flash, the ROM kit is correctly configured
  • the tab should boot to recovery and format cache, data and sdcard (this will take a few minutes)
  • the tab should now boot

Again,Thanks to brain for your hard working!

Shopping link for Cube u30GT2 is here:




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  1. I’ve bought this tablet with you guys from geekbuying and I’m quite happy with it. About this new ROM, unfortunately the gesture typing doesn’t seem to work. Might be a problem of the beta version. Anyway, just writing so you can help the development of better ROMs. All the best!

  2. Use swift app for tablet for a better typing