Measy U2C Newest Custom Rom From Finless V1.7
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Measy U2C Newest Custom Rom From Finless V1.7

Bob from freaktab just release a newest custom rom for Measy U2C Mini pc. Good Job, BOB.

Here is the firmware changelog:

This is an entirely new system. This is not much from the original Measy/B12 ROM in this as fas as system goes.
Many features from my 1.6 ROM are of course in this along with new features.

BE SURE to check out the mouse wheel ZOOM function to enable google earth etc to zoom!!!!
Set it by going into settings>accessability> and turn on mouse zoom!

1) New “auto hide” status bar! To enable this go into settings>Display and turn it on.
Now anytime you run an APP it will automatically hide the status bar. Please note, some badly written APPs
can leave you in a stuck condition that you cannot exit the APP. You will need you keyoard exit key.

2) While you in settings>display there is another feature to force the settings menu icon in the status bar.
It is 3 dots vertically. NOw anytime you in a APP that has a settings capability, if you click that you get settings!

3) Lock screen is back friends! Now is settings>security you can
A) Disable the lock screen completely (default is slide)
b) Setup a pattern for lock screen
c) Setup a PIN for lock screen
d) Setup a password for lock screen

4) Sleep is back like a tablet!!!! Go into settings>display and you can turn on sleep!
Now understand how this works
a) If there is no wifi or ethernet connection, when it goes to sleep will power off.
b) If there is a connection, it will simple go into low power mode and turn the display off. Moving the mouse turns it back on again

5) I enabled location services. This is now in the settings menu. Tested and working with all APPs that use it.
remember to turn off GPS as we have no GPS.

6) New “grid” style launcher available as a choice of launcehrs.
Some people still want the Alternate launcher that comes with many TV sticks for EZ TV use.
I took this from the Neo X5 ROM as I liked it better than previous versions. This of course comes with the RK settings as well.
If you want to remove this just use ES File explorer and delete these files from /system/app
Now just reboot and all this will be gone.

7) Gameloft fix. This fixes Gameloft games from crashing to the desktop.
Many of them do not run and crash to the desktop. This is due to a license check based on the device.
Special thanks to Christian Troy for inventing this fix. I modded it for this ROM.

8) Build.prop edit to open up the Google Play store to APPs that normally say “not compatible”.
I am spoofing a Samsung device that will show almost any APP as compatible.
YOur device will show up in google play as NOT a B12 device! Understand this please.
I also left the original buiild.prop in the ROM called build.orig.
If you want to go back, just use ES FIle Explorer or a root file explorer and rename build.prop to build.old
Then rename build.orig to build.prop.
Go into settings, apps, all and go into the Google Play app. Clear the cache and data.
Reboot! You should be back to showing up as a Minis Nexo X5.

9) Rockchip just released a updated to try and fix HW decoding issues in XBMC.
Ihadd added this ot the ROM but have not fully tested it yet.
See info here regarding this new library.…756#pid1345756

10) As always, full init.d support! If you do not know what that is… ignore it. For geeks that want to use it. It is there!

11) RK Mirrioring is enabled. I have yet to figure it out or how to use it but if we ever do, its there.
I think we need a client on our tablets to use it. Hopefully more info will come from WiMo about this.

12) Remote Control using RK Remote APP is now fully supported!
In the ROM kit is a RKRemoteControl.apk.
You install this on your phone or tablet and now it can remotly control your TV player!
Just put the APK on sdcard or something and install it on your Android phone, tablet, etc.
ENJOY this one! I had a HARD TIME getting it to work!

13) I added a reboot APP that will allow optional reboot options like reboot to bootloader (flash mode).

14) As always I added the Xbox XPAD.KO module is now injected on boot. This was by request! Enjoy!

15) I added Xbox360 keylayout to fix some games and camera spin with xbox 360 controller. Per this post here:….php?t=1792531

16) TUN.ko module is also added by request. (CIFS and MD4 are already in the latest kernel).
Be aware if you use another kernel other than whats in this ROM, you may have to manually insmod CIFS and MD4.
The files are in /system/lib/modules

This ROM has several options for you to choose from for flashing so please read carefully how to change these flash options.
I have provided 4 parameter files. These will increase APP space and decrease internal sdcard space.
1GB APP space (this is default setting for the flash tool).
2GB APP space.
4GB APP space.
6GB APP space! This is the max! This leave only 400MB of space for the internal SDcard.



USB OTG port boot up:
Anytime the Measy/B12 is booted AND the OTG port is plugged into a PC, it will boot with USB storage turned on! What this means is on boot up you will not be able to see the internal SDcard or the External SDcard from within Android. On your PC you see the removable drives because on boot they are mounted to the PC not Android. Now you can this OFF once booted. Go into settings and USB. You will see PC connection is grayed out.
1) Click it and it will then put the check box in “conneted”. Odd it is OFF by defualt even though it is really connected to the PC.
2) Now turn it off and it will unmount the SDcards from your PC and you can now see them in Android.
HOWEVER… Realize next reboot, it will be on again.
In my opinion this should not work this way but at least you can turn it off once booted.
The other work around is to always hook up the USB cable to the back micro USB port not the OTG port.
The back port ONLY powers the unit. There is no data connection on this port for PC.
This solves that issue. But remember the back port will NEVER connect to a PC or allow ROM flashes.
Only the OTG port allows that.

Firmware Download LINK

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  1. I appreciate your work. But the upgrade is done by computers is complex. You can make a single file using a memory upgrade. Thank you!

  2. I appreciate your work. But the upgrade is done by computers is complex. You can make a single file using a memory upgrade. Thank you!

  3. Is there a 4.2.2 firmware upgrade for U2C?