How to use CWM recovery to flash your NEO X5 firmware?
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How to use CWM recovery to flash your NEO X5 firmware?

Guys, we are  trying to put more effort to teach you guys how to flash the firmware, we hope to share more information about mini pcs, and try to help everyone who buy mini pc from our site.

Here is the information i take from MInixforums, but i test it by myself,and make this easily instruction. If you don’t know how to flash firmware with RKBATCH TOOLS or you can’t install driver in your windows 8 or 64 bit system, then you should consider to flash firmware via CWM recovery, it is really easy.

Ok, here is how to do that.

1 Install the CWM Recovery on your MINIX NEO X5, here is the download link:

NEO X5 CWM recovery (all credit to

How to install?

the easiest would be copy the download file, and then rename it to “”,copy the to a usb flash drive and plug it up to the NEO X5. it should read automatically and ask if you want to apply “”, click yes. it will reboot to stock recovery and then install the CWM recovery and you should be all set!  You will get the following menu after you reboot:

How to use CWM recovery to flash your NEO X5 firmware?

Then connect with your USB mouse, you can operate this menu.

2 After you install the CWM Recovery in your NEO X5, then you can go to the following link to download the firmware:

Firmware Download Link

3 copy the download zip file to your SD Card again,and then power off your NEO X5, and then go to find a paper clip , press the recovery button,and at the same same press the power on button on neo x5, the system will reboot to CWM Recovery, click Install zip from SD Card,Select the .zip and wait.

Please make sure to make a backup before you flash.


So with this instruction, you can flash your NEO X5 without the RKbatch tools, just need a sd card,and then you will make everything set.

Enjoy! and any questions, feel free to contact us.



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  1. Installed the and got the menu.

    Clicked “reboot systen now”

    System booted just fine and a dumped_recovery.img is on my SD card.

    But when I reboot using the recovery/power buttons nothing happens. I get a black screen no CWM recovery menu.

    Where did I go wrong?

  2. hi
    Thanks for the service
    I ask?
    I can replace KIRk_Out!!
    the other firmware ( zip)?

  3. Avatar photo

    no, this KIRk_Out!! is made for CWM recovery, if you use other zip. it won’t work, we are making other stock firmware CWM file for mini pc, after we finish, we will release.