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CX-803 Mini PC with External Antenna Stock Firmware and upgrade instruction

CX-803 is a new dual core MINI PC with external antenna, also it use RTL8189ES wifi chips.  It has 4GB and 8GB two version,you can find them in geekbuying easily.

Today we got the stock firmware from factory, here is the download link:

Firmware upgrade instruction:

1. download the driver and flash tool here(
2. plug the USB cable to PC
3. plug the other end of that USB cable to cx803’s OTG port(not power port) while you hold the FN button.
4. Windows will notify you about a new device found, and you need to direct the installation path to the path of above mentioned RK batch tool file – drivers – x64(64bit) or x86(32bit) – version of your windows(xp/win7….). Install………….
5. when all these done
Flash the firmware:
-Start the RK Batch tool from the folder where you extracted it.
-if the driver is installed correctly the first block should be green or blue.

-load the update.img with the […] button
-click restore and watch the show.
-after when its finished, the update process finished too.



Enjoy the firmware, any questions, feel free to ask!

Geekbuying Team!

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  1. Antonio Tarantini

    hi guys. i’ve finally recieved the dongle… but on but the only think i see is the robot of android with the “door” open… wtf?

  2. Avatar photo

    Have you tried to upgrade the custom rom in our blog? or use the stock rom to recovery?


    give me the link of the custom pls

  4. Antonio Tarantini

    restored 2 times. ok! 😉

  5. Bought 10 of these units from you. Last 6 units came with latest firmware dated 30 April 13. Can you give link to latest firmware.

  6. Correction to the above post. Latest stock firmware for my CX-803 is dated 30 March 13. Can you give link so I can upgrade the rest.

  7. hi guys, my cx-803 does not play any music files or videos, any budy knows whats the problem? plz help me