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MK808/MK808B Finless 1.7 Custom Rom

Hi Guys:

Update on 15th March:

There is now a 1.7C version for the MK808 Original (non-B).
1.7b had a problem with the mouse zoom feature.

This new release called 1.7c fixes the mouse zoom function which is useful for Google Earth APP, etc.
In settings>accessability>mouse zoom
You can turn on mouse zoom and your mouse wheel when depressed and rolled will activate a zoom mode.
For this to work you need a mouse with a wheel that is also a mouse button.
e.g. in windows the wheel when depressed acts as a double click.

Also by request this time I added the Rockchip updated to try and fix HW decoding issues in XBMC.
See info here regarding this new library.…756#pid1345756

Users have now tested and the wifi issues are fixed!
Some MK808 users reported wifi issues with connection rate dropping over time with 1.7 and 1.7a.
1.7c is fixed.

This ROM is from great bob, it is the newest custom rom for MK808/MK808B, ( Tested with Geekbuying Sold MK808/MK808B, all working great! ) , here is the changelog:

This is an enterly new system. This is not much from the original MK808 ROM in this as fas as system goes.Many features from my 1.6 ROM are of course in this along with new features.
1) New “auto hide” status bar!  To enable this go into settings>Display and turn it on.Now anytime you run an APP it will automatically hide the status bar.  Please note, some badly written APPscan leave you in a stuck condition that you cannot exit the APP.  You will need you keyoard exit key.
2) While you in settings>display there is another feature to force the settings menu icon in the status bar.It is 3 dots vertically.  NOw anytime you in a APP that has a settings capability, if you click that you get settings!
3) Lock screen is back friends!  Now is settings>security you canA) Disable the lock screen completely (default is slide)b) Setup a pattern for lock screenc) Setup a PIN for lock screend) Setup a password for lock screen
4) Sleep is back like a tablet!!!! Go into settings>display and you can turn on sleep!Now understand how this worksa) If there is no wifi or ehternet connection the MK808 when it goes to sleep will power off.b) If there is a connection, it will simple go into low power mode and turn the display off.  Moving the mouse turns it back on again
5) I enabled location services.  This is now in the settings menu.  Tested and working with all APPs that use it.remember to turn off GPS as we have no GPS.
6) New “grid” style launcher available as a choice of launcehrs.Some people still want the Alternate launcher that comes with many TV sticks for EZ TV use.I took this from the Neo X5 ROM as I liked it better than previous versions. This of course comes with the RK settings as well.If you want to remove this just use ES File explorer and delete these files from /system/appLauncherNEW.apkAllApp.apkRKSettings.apkRKBasicsettings.apkNow just reboot and all this will be gone.
7) Gameloft fix.  This fixes Gameloft games from crashing to the desktop.  Many of them do not run and crash to the desktop.  This is due to a license check based on the device.Special thanks to Christian Troy for inventing this fix.  I modded it for this ROM.87) Build.prop edit to open up the Google Play store to APPs that normally say “not compatible”.I am spoofing a Samsung device that will show almost any APP as compatible.YOur device will show up in google play as NOT a MK808 device!  Understand this please.I also left the original buiild.prop in the ROM called build.orig.  If you want to go back, just use ES FIle Explorer or a root file explorer and rename build.prop to build.oldThen rename build.orig to build.prop.Go into settings, apps, all and go into the Google Play app.  Clear the cache and data.Reboot!  You should be back to showing up as a Minis Nexo X5.
9) As always, full init.d support! If you do not know what that is… ignore it. For geeks that want to use it.  It is there!
10) RK Mirrioring is enabled.  I have yet to figure it out or how to use it but if we ever do, its there.I think we need a client on our tablets to use it.  Hopefully more info will come from WiMo about this.
11) Remote Control using RK Remote APP is now fully supported!In the ROM kit is a RKRemoteControl.apk.  You install this on your phone or tablet and now it can remotly control your TV player!Just put the APK on sdcard or something and install it on your Android phone, tablet, etc.ENJOY this one!  I had a HARD TIME getting it to work!
12) I added a reboot APP that will allow optional reboot options like reboot to bootloader (flash mode).
13) As always I added the Xbox XPAD.KO module is now injected on boot. This was by request!  Enjoy!
14) I added Xbox360 keylayout to fix some games and camera spin with xbox 360 controller.  Per this post here:
15) TUN.ko module is also added by request. (CIFS and MD4 are already in the latest kernel).Be aware if you use another kernel other than whats in this ROM, you may have to manuall insmod CIFS and MD4.The files are in /system/lib/modules.

Firmware download link:

MK808 Original (not for clones or B model) UPDATED to 1.7c as of March 15, 2013

MK808B Original (not for clones)

Geekbuying Blog


  1. Are able to post a link or explain how you use the Xbox XPAD.KO module?
    Many thanks

  2. hi is this ROM rooted ?

  3. Hi
    I tried to use rkremote app on stock firmware of MK808B…but it didn’t work
    Is there any way to use this app without using finless custom ROMs (as it is working on these)
    Plz help..!!

  4. Also is it possible to switch back from finless 1.6A to stock firmware..

  5. @Creator of finless rom
    Sir ur Rom is awesome but I personally didn’t like the starting screen…its to flashy…please keep it simple as in stock firmware..looks more nice..
    Please add a simple start screen in next version..

  6. thank you very much
    Please can you support this app “quicksupport teamviewer”
    its really important to control our tv stick by teamviewer


  7. How much memory for app?2gb or 4gb? or can it be chosen as in finless 1.7 for ug802?
    thanks o lot

  8. Tried to play temple run 2 but it’s detecting it as tablet in this version however it was working perfectly in 1.7 version. Is there any keyboard wherein we can play games like this. I tried rc11 but no results. So, plz guide which one to purchase.

  9. MK808 or mk808B supports remote control for movies playstation 3?

  10. Avatar photo

    If you have android smartphone, you can try to use the following apk to control it with your smartphone

  11. Can you please tell me how to run these games like temple run 2 & subway surfers & others without android phone. I want to know through which keyboard can we play games like these. I have tried rc11 but it doesn;t work so suggest me how can I play these.

  12. any chances for iPhone to remote the mk808b ?

  13. I Need the Rom for the MK808 … The Host is Down … Could someone help me ?

  14. Avatar photo

    I just upgrade the download link,please check.

  15. Is uinput.ko module added in this ? I wanted to use droidmot Server in this.

  16. Hi Bob,I should say the 1.7(a) is over the top because the 1.6 is still on the top for me,reasons: mostly, the WiFi, I have 20 meg WiFi connection,I’m able to measure 20 meg with the speedtest app,as flashed the 1.7(a) I’ve measured 300k at the very same place, next to my router,so I’ve made up my mind and put back the 1.6 and I’ve 20 meg speed again.The other features don’t really care me and just getting to much option to choose. This Mk808 device is just perfect for me with the 1.6 rom thank you very much for it!

  17. @werewolf . Bob has updated the 1.7 to 1.7b for the MK808. (only 808 and not 808B). the wifi issue seems to have been resolved. pls check freaktab.

  18. The download link for normal 1.7 is down, 1.7b works.

  19. Please do something regarding wifi signal in mk808b.

    Full signal in mk808b stock firmware
    version 1.6 mk808b signal shows only 1 bar & that too sometimes.
    version 1.7 mk808b signal now worse than version 1.6 & not at all connecting to wifi. Even though wifi router is just side to it.

    Currently I’m on fineless 1.6 custom rom & wifi signal are mostly times 1 bar or zero.

    So, please find a fix to it. The same problem is with 1.7 also.This thing also I have tested. I was facing the same issue in 1.7 custom rom of Freaktab.

  20. I couldn’t get any of the upgrades to work using my Windows 7, 64 bit machine. I tried the posted method and Finless’ Readme method, and no go. The USB drivers were installed, but the other 2 programs crashed with ini warnings. The stick still works, but with the original ROM. Also, the stick will not play MTS, AVCHD HD files from my Panasonic video camera, or WTV files recorded in HD, without choking on them. It is about the same as on my Mk802. Is there a way to fix this? I have tried Mx and Bs players with hardware acceleration, and I have tried XBMC served through a Windows homegroup. And note, the WiFi in all bars on an N router.

    Thanks for any help.

  21. First of all i wuld like to thanks Bob for his great Roms.
    I had WiFi isues from the first day i pusase the MK808B 2 months ago, i had try 3
    deferent Roms including BOBs Rom v1.5 with no suches on fixing the problem.
    But now with this Rom (V1.7) my WiFi works just great!!
    The only problem is that when i try to play HD videos from memmory card playbak is choking every 2-3 secs..
    Echept that everything working great! Also rooted..

    Thanks BOB keep up!

  22. Thank you very much for your custom rom, it’s a pleasure to see that mk808b is supported.

    I received today my mk808b ordered on geekbuying.
    I can not install the drivers under Windows 8, could you please integrate Windows 8 drivers, or maybe Win7 drivers should normally work?
    I gonna try to disable driver signature enforcement.

  23. Concerning Windows 8 users, it worked for me :

    – Disable driver signature enforcement (General options > Advanced reboot)
    – After restarting your computer you can install Windows 7 drivers.


  24. hey i flashed to 1.6 because i wanted a xbox controller to play games, but it’s not working? the green light in the middle flashes but no game detects the gamepad?

  25. Avatar photo

    Please go to to submit your questions, this rom is made my Bob , he should help you out.

  26. is the Tronsmart MK808B suport this Firmware?

  27. Does anyone has the Tronsmart MK808B ROM that we can use it to flash our MK808B? It’s it performing better than the stock MK808B ?

  28. Hi there.
    I got an MK808 mini pc. A few days ago it has stacked on the GOOGLE TV screen and I can’t do nothing to exit this mode. I can’t connect it to my home pc (can’t find driver).
    Can anyone help with this issue?
    Thanks a lot.

  29. Avatar photo

    You should try to flash the firmware, and when you connect your pc, please make sure you also press that reset button on mk808, the drivers can be found here ,if you use win 8 system, you should get your driver here

  30. Hi.
    Thanks a lot for your reply!
    I also have an issue on connecting the device to my pc.
    When I insert it after pressing the phisical button, the windows (7) starts to check the driver and in a few seconds it says that the windows been unabled to install the Unknown device.

  31. Avatar photo


    do you have a 64bit system or 32 bit?

  32. 32bit

  33. anyone?