iMito MX1 /MX2 True 1080P Custom ROM – Fully rooted/support Xbox controllers/add reboot APP
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iMito MX1 /MX2 True 1080P Custom ROM – Fully rooted/support Xbox controllers/add reboot APP

This ROM is also made by BOB, our US Partner, We and BOB put a lot of time in making the iMito MX1 and MX2 better. hope you enjoy this rom:

Features in 1.5 ROM:

1) True 1080P using the Imito 12/12 kernel. You also have a choise to use 720 if you like.
2) Fully rooted with the latest SU and SUperUser.apk
3) FULL Goole Play store! This enables full market! For instance, onlive APP should now show in Google Play!
4) All GAPPs updated to latest. This includes the latest Play Store and GMS Core.
5) Cleaned up the file system so it is not fragmented! Basicly I used linux tune2fs when making the images.
6) I added a reboot APP that will allow you to reboot the device from the Android UI. No more unplugging the unit!

7) Full init.d support has been added! If you do not know what that is… ignore it.
Basically it allows you to install scripts that run at boot time.
If your interested, google search V6SuperCharger for a neat speed booster script.

8) I added the Xbox Xpad.ko module to support Xbox controllers XML file tweaks to support other game controllers
9) I added Tun.ko module
10) CIFs and MD4 is already in this kernel.
11) I added SPanish keyboard KCM and KL file by request.

In the ROM kit there is a read me! This has full instructions for how to upgrade. So PLEASE read the read me!

Go Here to download the ROM:

LINK -> iMito MX1/2 Finless 1.5 ROM Download area

We mirror it to dropbox, new download link is here

We have successfully upgrade the firmware,here is some screenshot:

iMito MX1 /MX2 True 1080P Custom ROM – Fully rooted/support Xbox controllers/add reboot APPiMito MX1 /MX2 True 1080P Custom ROM – Fully rooted/support Xbox controllers/add reboot APP

iMito MX1 /MX2 True 1080P Custom ROM – Fully rooted/support Xbox controllers/add reboot APP

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  1. I noticed that some applications, such as XBMC, can’t detect the internet connection set up with RJ45 to USB dongle. And the connection status shown on the status bar is also No Internet Connection, but most of applications can use the connection. Does anybody have the same issue and how to fix it?


  2. Thanks a lot for work in it, i hope soon you guys can resolv my problem with my Airmouse RC13 the speaker no work and always i take out the power to MX2 and i plug again, i have to change the setting audio to HDMI again, Thanks i hope you new soon.
    Please Help me.

  3. This is different from the 1.5 Bob posted a few weeks ago?

  4. Hello, link does not work, do you have mirros?

  5. I have the iMito MX2. Has been able to flash the firmware using Windows 8 Pro 64 bit?

  6. Avatar photo

    yes, you can, but you need install driver from this link:

    this is the driver for windows 8 .

  7. please do not advertise non-working solutions. spent all night trying to make it work followed instructions, but still no results. the flashing method is not that complicated. however, it the flashing tool does not see the device. even though the computer does see it. anyways, i am sure a lot of time was spent on this. so thanks. but please publish 100% working tools only!

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    Yes, before we post any new firmware, we all test it, you can see, we put the screenshot after we flash successfully, please let me know if you use windows xp or window 7 and it is 32bit or 64bit?

  9. Managed to flash following the Instructions but resolution is NOT 1080p.
    After flashing I got the resolution of 1920×1032. Than after modifying pixel density from 160 to 240 (icons were too small for me), now resolution is even smaller and reported as 1920×1008. What’s up with that?

  10. I’m currently runnuing this as well in the supposed 1080 mode but even in the display menu options only 720 display options are available. Also why are bluetooth headsets with mics not recognized as audio input devices a cannot control anything via bluetooth voice surely this could me made to work as the nescessary hardware is present.

  11. can i copy this flimware to sd card for easy update?

  12. Hi GeekBuying,

    I would also like to request a single image file firmware update file that can be installed via the MicroSD Card upgrade option. I would like to use the 1080p option but I presume that both 1080p and 720p images could be prepared so that owners could select their preferred resolution firmware image.

    Does this new firmware allow Wireless N connections with WPA2 security? (WPA works but not the more secure WPA2.)

    For John, above, while you are using a USB connected network interface the on board WiFi interface appears to be disabled even though it is still switched on and shows GREEN in the settings screen. The status bar will show no network connection but the network *is* enabled and works via the USB device. If you enter the Settings menu and disable the Ethernet device the on board WiFi device will become enabled to make a connection. I would prefer that both are enabled simultaneously but this is not how the device appears to work.

    For those owners complaining that they don’t have a full 1080 vertical pixel resolution, have you hidden the status bar *before* asking for the screen resolution. While the status bar is visible the overall resolution is reduced by the height of the status bar.


  13. I have received imito mx1 from geek in around ten days with free shipping. Superb. Thank you, geek

    Some feedback for rom update/flash as well as what works and what not…
    I have immediately flashed the Finless Rom (imito_mx1_finless_1_5) from the following link:

    The flashing instructions in the README file could be simpler, though. For a typical end-user, all you need is “steps to follow”, not necessarily extra info that kind of make the user loose the track of such steps. Of course the user needs the changelog, supporting warnings and instructions but still, the steps should stand out more.

    Now, the problem both with the stock firmware and rooted ROM is that wifi/ethernet/bluetooth toggle(s) are buggy. For example, when you set the bluetooth toggle off, the receiver gets stuck and can only be recovered after reboot. Same for the portable wifi hotspot. 3G dongles usually work out of the box, yet you cannot activate the hotspot. It disables wifi and gets stuck with a message “turning the wifi on”, and can only recover after reboot.
    Other than issues above, everything seems to work smoothly. Thank you.

  14. Finless ROM works flawlessly on mine. Just flashed yesterday – still looking for bugs.
    I will be testing several launchers and browsers on it.
    Thanks for all the work writing the code AND the instructions!

  15. Hello.

    I have a MX1. I’ve flashed the Finless 1.5 rom three times and works ok… except I can’t turn on WiFi. It gets stucked on “Turning WiFi on…” everytime I click to activate.

    I see that everyone has it working, so maybe I’m doing something wrong? WiFi works with stock firmware but I want 1080p support.

    Can anybody help me?

  16. Hi guys so far I enjoyed this little toy so much. I ll have a question about s3d (stereoscope) supportfor this device? Is it possible? Did anyone tried it with a s3d player and connecting it to their 3d tv or projectors? Why I am asking is that somewhere in the internet I read that orginal stock rom/firmware of mk802 was able to do this but later upgrades made it impossible. So any chance with iMito mx1?

  17. What web cam are working with mx2/mx1 with firmware? I whant to try skype on it? Could me help some one please.

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    Try logitech C170, we use it, it can work.

  19. @airich: Tested with Microsoft HD-5000 and OK with Skype.

  20. its asking me for a password because the file is encrypted

  21. Hi, I got my MX1 3 weeks ago and many thanks to Bob for these easy to follow instructions. I was able to upgrade to this ROM without much trouble… Seems to work just right.

  22. When is the next firmware coming out? This one doesn’t give full HD resolution, its causing picture flicker, especially when playing games, and I can’t even play Angry Birds anymore as the game is zoomed too much. It wasn’t like that with the stock firmware.

  23. I tried to use Skype but bluetooth mic headphones not working.

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    We test with Logitech C170 webcam which build in mic, it can work.

  25. Hi Geebuying Admin,

    Any news on when Rockchip factory will release firmware 4.2 for MX1/MX2 (we’ve been on 4.1 for a long time now)?


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    HI, after the China holiday, imito will release the mx1 android 4.2 OS, and will also release their new quad core model imito qx1.

  27. Will this ROM work on the UG007 PCB with drivers to run Wi-Fi and Bluetooth? The ROM for the UG007 in the other thread doesn’t have the right drivers for my unit so Wi-Fi and Bluetooth don’t work. The 1.7b ROM for the iMito MX1 works OK except that it says the device is a Samsung cell phone!

  28. Hi! What is the password for the archive?

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  30. password for the archive?

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