GK802 Newest Stock Firmware (version 1.65.4) Release work on both batch 1 and batch 2 NTFS fix
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GK802 Newest Stock Firmware (version 1.65.4) Release work on both batch 1 and batch 2 NTFS fix

Hi guys:

Factory just made a new stock firmware for GK802,Wifi and Bluetooth both work.  Recovery works with the reset button on batch 1 and batch 2.

Download link is:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/xfd53gpcv5bclmi/rt-M500a_20130118a_updated.7z (password:geekbuying.com)


Thanks to deadhp.1, he made another two image for this new firmware:

The rooted/play store fixed update:
The rooted/ play store fixed full image:

Normally, you would just use the firmware update file that contains the system, boot, u-boot and recovery partition (in this release) by following those steps in a Linux or Windows PC:

  1. Extract rooted_fixed_rt-M500a_v1.65.4_20130118a_updated.7z
  2. Copy the files to a microSD card
  3. Insert the microSD card into GK802 microSD slot.
  4. Insert the microUSB cable halfway in GK802 (Do not power on)
  5. Press the recovery button (located on the right side of the microUSB port, when the plastic part of the casing faces down)  with a sharp object (I used a toothpick).
  6. Power the device, and keep pressing the recovery button 1 or 2 seconds, and connect it to the HDMI port of your TV
    GK802 Newest Stock Firmware (version 1.65.4) Release work on both batch 1 and batch 2 NTFS fix
  7. Select “Update all images” with the mouse, wait for the firmware update to complete, and click on “Reboot system” to start your new firmware.

Any questions, feel free to ask.




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  1. Whats the password?

  2. password?

  3. in this firmware version 1.65.4, is missing the camera icon, you can not take pictures with your webcam.
    also making a video call with skype, whoever receives the call hear a loud noise type intercom that disappears if I disable the microphone, the images you see but you can not communicate.
    logitech webcam C270

  4. many application in Google Play is not supported . How can i do ?

  5. unfortunately nothing to celebrate, my father bought the Logitech C170, we made a test video call with skype but the sound is heard equally, we found the same problems with any webcam!
    I’m disappointed this zealz gk802, there seems no remedy

  6. I have a question? Does this dongle support Stereoscope 3d when connected to a 3d tv or projector? If yes which 3d video player is used? I would appreciate some info about this feature of the product before making a buying decision. Thanks

  7. Hello,

    I can not get any flymouse or keybord on the GK802. On not one of the GK802.
    Anybody know why ?

    Kind Regards

  8. Thank you for the update and also thank you to deadhp for the rooted version. Does anyone know of an active forum for this device?

  9. http://www.armtvtech.com/armtvtechforum/viewforum.php?f=50 is a good forum for the GK802 hosted by deadhp1.

  10. Thanks geekbuying
    After the update,
    I found several bugs to fix, how can I comunicate the major bugs?
    1)bluetooth on startup doesn’t pair with keyboard
    2)bluetooth after few minutes losts pairing with the keybord
    2)gmail box scroll down and it blocks
    3)how is possible to update andorid to 4.1.1
    Waiting answers as soon as possible please.

  11. Hi Geekbuying,

    In the future, instead of only providing factory update files, could you also provide a link to full factory images. The recovery button on some GK802 devices are broken and those users are unable to update their devices to the latest firmware. Besides, I prefer to update the GK802’s internal micro SDHC card using WinImage.

    Thank you.