UG007 Stock Firmware finally release to us + Update Instruction
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UG007 Stock Firmware finally release to us + Update Instruction

After long time talk and call with ugoos factory,they finally give us the stock firmware for UG007 Dual Core Mini PC.

Here is the firmware download link:

Update instruction:

Update method:

1. Unzip the file. Zip file and copy the on the root of MicroSD card (1GB minimum)
2. Insert the microSD card with the UG007 on, then opens a dialog to update the firmware
3. Click “Yes” to begin the update. During the firmware update, please do not remove the MicroSD card or turn off the device
4. After a few minutes the device is auto-restart only.
5. Once rebooted remove the MicroSD card.

Here is the screenshot after you flash successfully

UG007 Stock Firmware finally release to us + Update Instruction

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  1. One more question: Is this a newer firmware than the one that is on the device?

  2. Avatar photo

    this is the stock firmware. not the newer.


  3. Today a was prompted that new fimware was available. I updated and it turned my Rbox into a Rikomagic without Bluetooth and WiFi.

    This update restored my Rbox. Thanks. But why was I prompted for a false upgrade. Any way to prevent that?

  4. I confirm that this version is original Ug007. When u buy Ug007 you find this version.

  5. Please help me!

    Unzip update to sdcard root, insert sd on UG007, power TV and not update.


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    make sure the file named as”” and only this file in the micro sd card.

  7. Ok!


  8. the “MAC Address” changes with each restart, even with this update.

  9. Is this rooted? I don’t see Superuser or SuperSU anywhere?

  10. I just bought the UG007,
    But I want to use Skyoe with it.
    Please tell me, what are the webcams compatible with this device ?
    If it’s not, please give me a solution, how can I setup webcams drivers on this device.

  11. Avatar photo

    this is stock firmware, haven’t been rooted, you should root it by yourself.

  12. Hi all,

    How to solve the Mac Address issue?…it always change when boot!

    Any recomended update? My firmware it’s from 20121108…this one it’s from 20121201…As pumidru says the problem still the same.

    Best regards

  13. Avatar photo

    you can try to flash the following firmware:, we already test it, the mac change problem solved, the ugoos don’t release any firmware update to fix that problem, so we have to try other method.

  14. hi
    i have problem
    after conection, on tv screen i can see only R-BOX logo
    pls help me

  15. Avatar photo

    you should try to reflash the firmware again to get it work.

  16. can you tell me how?

  17. I bought a ug007last week. It worked perfectly the very first day but ever since it just hangs on the R-Box loading screen. Regardless of how long I leave it plugged in it just hangs on the splash screen. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Also, when I connect the device to my pc via USB nothing happens, the pc doesn’t detect it.


  18. Avatar photo

    Hi,sorry to hear your problem, do you buy UG007 or UG007 II? for your problem, you should try to flash your firmware.

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