iMito MX1/MX2 1080P Beta Firmware Download
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iMito MX1/MX2 1080P Beta Firmware Download

HI guys:

In the help of our Rom Developer friend in US, we finally made a true 1080P firmware for iMito MX1 ( also suit for iMito MX2).

Here is the download link:


It will come with rooted, and true 1080P output.

You should flash this rom with the flash tool, instruction is here

screenshot after flash

iMito MX1/MX2 1080P Beta Firmware Download


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  1. Hi GeekBuying (and friends),

    Is it possible for these updates to be packaged as IMG files so that we can use the much easier MicroSD Card upgrade process?

    Also, is there an option to get the 1080p fix without the root hack. I am told that if you aren’t after root access it is more secure to *not* have the root hack installed. I am a novice at this so I would be happy to be corrected or have the situation explained.


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    For this 1080P firmware update, it must need the flash tool, but if you use other mx1 firmware, you can flash via micro sd card. and for the root problem, factory will release offical 1080p firmware these days, and without root, i will post on my blog once i get.


  3. Hi Geekbuying Admin,

    Thank you for the prompt answer. I think I will wait for the official firmware to make life easier. 🙂


  4. Hello,

    What about NEO-G4 ??? are you working for 4.1.2 ??? you promised it for end of november ?

  5. Awesome thanks 🙂

  6. Thanks Geekbuying for getting these new firmwares out from factory!
    Nothing is better than getting support/updates your device, big thanks.

    Is it possible to use sdcard update to official 1080p firmware?

  7. @scorpi: it is possible to update from sd card. I tried it yesterday. (my mx2 is rooted!)

    Just copy the .img file in the root folder of your sd card and the mx2 will recognize the update file.

  8. Eagerly anticipating the official stable 1080p firmware update! Any idea about a release date? I won’t hold you to it, a “guesstimate” would be ok. I just want to know when I should check back for the firmware.

  9. The screenshoot looks beautiful. Sitting across the room, the font size would be illegible. In the font settings, we currently have Large and Huge. Once we have 1080 in, could we get a setting for Huge (x2), Massive or Ginormous (effectively doubling or tripling the size of the font)?

  10. Have you guys succeeded to use SKYPE with a webcam on this ROM ??

    I’ve tested it on my UG007, but my webcam is not working (Logitech C270 HD) .

    Please tell me if there’s any other ROM from MX1 or MK808 which compatible with SKYPE and webcam ??


  11. GeekBuying, when can we see a new 1080p factory firmware?

    Also if Imito mx1/mx2 not support frequencies from 1.6 GHz as written on your site, then you should change this on the site!

    I bought it just because this and got a 1.2 MHz device!!!

  12. @Farzad, see this thread on Skype on latest ROM works with at least one of Logitech’s webcam.

  13. GeekBuying, can you kindly answer my questions above!?

    You continue to advertise Imito MX1/MX2 up to 1.6GHz although they are up to 1.2Ghz!!!

    Get in contact the manufacturer to provide up to 1.6GHz/1080p firmware or source code for these devices so other developers can work on firmware and improve it!!!

  14. So far I’m very pleased with my MX1… But @GeekBuying : It would be nice if you could ask kindly the factory to compile every USB device driver for the next firmware release. Because it is a pain to find any USB-to-Ethernet adapter working with the MX1. So far, I have tested 3, and noone are working because of missing driver (smsc75xx.ko, smsc95xx.ko and axis.ko to named them).


  15. Hi Geekbuying!

    I have a TV with resolution of 1360×768, the MX1 only supports 1280×720, which is only 1280 x 672 in reality (I’ve checked it with an app from play store), and the quality of the picture is bad.
    Is it possible to make somehow 1360(/1366)x768 resolution to increase the picture quality?
    Thank you

  16. What is the status on this? Why no official release and why no 1.6ghz?

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    1.6Ghz is the max speed this mini pc can reach,but if you set to real 1.6Ghz, the mini pc will get unsteady, and will crash all the time, the cpu can’t work on the full / max all time.

    hope you understand, all electronics are the same.

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    try to flash this firmware:, real 1080P output now. this is the max screen it can support now.

  19. 1.6Ghz is the max speed this mini pc can reach,but if you set to real 1.6Ghz, the mini pc will get unsteady, and will crash all the time, the cpu can’t work on the full / max all time.
    hope you understand, all electronics are the same.

    Max. speed of this mini PC is 1.2 GHz not 1.6 GHz like you wrote and can not be set to 1.6 GHz right now!!!
    There are users that put the heat sink and fan on the CPU like i do so please enable full speed of 1.6 MHz for advanced users!!!

  20. The new update allows to hide the taskbar. I just don’t know how to bring it back again! Can any one shows how to turn it on again, please? Thanks!

  21. To bring back the TaskBar just click at the bottom most edge of the screen “where the taskbar should be” and drag upward. The taskbar should re-appear.