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MK808 Mini PC Firmware update on 3th Nov

Hi guys:

Actually we get this rom from factory on 27th Oct, but we don’t find much change compare with the 26th firmware, so we don’t release to anyone first, but send to our friends in US, they already tested for us, and finally find some change, here is the change log:

  • It fixes the system corrupt when using the reboot app.
  • It also seems to fix the cpu governors that they are all able to go up to ~1400Mhz and can be set by SetCPU.

Ok, here is the firmware download link

Stock Beta 2 Firmware

and still, here is the firmware update method:

We also took a firmware update video instruction, here is the  youtube link for you check:

And we have got some information on the wifi drops, and will continue talking with them,and push them to find some resolution.





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  1. does it fix the 16:9 stretch issue?

    When I play it on my samsung led tv it is not in the correct aspect ratio on things like full screen youtube and movies etc

    How to fix this?

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    Hi, the newest firmware have fixed the stretch problem, you can check the new firmware here:


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    Hi, please use the firmware update method which write on our blog, don’t use the “normal way” you are talking.

    and the firmware download link has a little problem this days, we are trying to mirror it, and change the download link, sorry for the inconvenice that caused.


  4. Have you tested the MK808 with any usb to Ethernet dongles.
    If so where can I find one and how much?


  5. Hi. I can’t download the link you sent. Could please send me other link if you have. Even the baidu one is ok. Thank you very much.

  6. I have got my MK808 today from your webshop.Thanks 🙂
    I am looking forward to the 1920×1080 resolution, I hope it will come soon.

  7. Hi,

    My firmware information is here : => HERE <=

    It looks stable for me. Should I update with this firmwarre?


  8. Thanks for the google docs link – but which is the latest version please?

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    If it is stable, we don’t suggest to update.

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    and here is the method for how to fix RC12 fly mouse:

    Insert the USB receiver
    install the batteries.
    put the RC11 horizontal
    press the left key and G key at the same time for 3 seconds, then loose them at the same time.
    the gyroscope system will be reseted itself
    then press the key in the middle of mouse
    try it, it will work
    we have tested

  11. Hi!

    I updated with this firmware, and it seem stable.
    The stretch-issue is resolved!!

    Regarding Ethernet-dongle, I use:–Usb-2-0-Hub-for-PC-Laptop—300975/
    This setup works great for me.

    I also uses a wireless Logitech mouse, that I have connected through the USB-hub.

  12. I have a usb hub connected to the 808 so I can use a webcam or skype – but my webcam is not being acknowledged – how can I ix this/get it to recognise the webcam??


  13. Same problem here – doesn’t work with y Logitech Webcam 🙁

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    What is your camera model? and if your camera support UVC? only the camera support UVC which can accept by MK808.


  15. I have Logitech 920c and Creative Socialize HD. Actually they work but there are some noise and distortions on the home screen of Android. I was thisnking that there is not enough power but I connected it to my Asus Transformer power source and it is same.

  16. why don’t work bluetooth.. I bought new bluetooth adaptor because I saw in the setting section bluetooth option, and i think will working. I want to control mk808 with my phone google nexus. :((

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    You can use the Droidmote app to control your mk808 with the cell phone.

  18. thanks for solution….some hope to release a new firmware official (no modified) with support bluetooth and real 1080p very soon ?!. thx