iMito MX1/MX2 New Stock Firmware Release on 29th Nov
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iMito MX1/MX2 New Stock Firmware Release on 29th Nov

HI Guys:

After long time communication with the factory, we finally make them to release a new update for the iMito MX1/MX2.

The following rom can work both on MX1 and MX2, we have tested. here is the changelog:

1 add the soft power off function, so you can power off the device without unplug it each time!

2 add the Hide toolbar(status bar) function, you can see the following photos, now you are no need to worry can’t do the full screen when you watch movie.

Also another good news to geekbuying customers only! We have pushed the factory to release a new cell phone control app, like(droidmote), you can use to control the MX1 and MX2 with your android smartphone.(we have taken a video and will show that on our youtube channel later), Please notice, all of the orders which placed  in our site, please email me your order number  and send to we will send you the APK via email. it is a Free Gift to the MX1/MX2 customers in geekbuying. thanks for your support all the time!


Here is the screenshot after you flash the new firmware:

iMito MX1/MX2 New Stock Firmware Release on 29th Nov

iMito MX1/MX2 New Stock Firmware Release on 29th Nov

iMito MX1/MX2 New Stock Firmware Release on 29th Nov


ok, the download link is finally here:

the password for this file is:

Update method is here:

1. Unzip the file. 7z file and copy the update.img on the root of MicroSD card
2. Insert the microSD card with the MX1/MX2 on, then opens a dialog to update the firmware
3. Click “Yes” to begin the update. During the firmware update, please do not remove the MicroSD card or turn off the device
4. After a few minutes the device is auto-restart only.
5. Once rebooted remove the MicroSD card.


ok, after this flash, the iMito MX1 and iMito MX2 should be the best dual core mini pc with bluetooth, if you want a great christmas gift, then choose them, won’t go wrong, here is the shopping link:


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  1. Do I have to zip the update.img file before copying on the root?

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    It should be update.img. thanks,i just modify the text.

  3. Can we do with Rockchip flash tool?

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    We haven’t tried that, i think you can do with that flash tool, but flash with micro sd card is much easier.

  5. I’ve tried going on. 🙂

  6. Wow, yet another firmware update. Thanks. The soft power off function is a good feature.
    Could you mirror the file? Dropbox’s traffic limited exceeded.

    Error (509)
    This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

  7. The download link dont work. Mirror please

  8. is the soft power off stays power off or just power off then power back on like a reboot?


  9. hey, how do you get the taskbar back???
    I have hidden it, now how do I bring it back?

  10. ok. you just need to click and hold at the bottom of the screen. phew 🙂

  11. I have stock firmware and i cant install Rockchip drivers on any pc. I chek usb-connect to pc, storage-mass storage and developer options- usb debugging and the drivers dont work, any solution?

  12. Carlos I had the same problem, so you must be on Windows 7. This is how I solved the issue –

    Step 1- Install Moborobo [ ]

    Step 2- Connect Imito MX1 to PC USB Only

    Step 3- Go to settings in android on the Imito and choose USB and check Connect to PC

    Step 4- Go to storage (in settings in android on the Imito) then in the right corner under USB connection check mass storage

    Step 5- Go to Developer options check USB Debugging

    Step 6- Run Moborobo and after finding your android device connected to the computer it will promt to install the drivers…choose install driver software anyway

    Step 7- Once your device is recognized by moborobo you can close moborobo and open RKBatchTool.exe in the flash tool folder

    Step 8- All the text should be in chinese but this is easy to fix. On the bottom rown the very first button, click it and choose the bottom option of the two choices that pop up. Now everything should be in english. Now click the top right button with the dots on it. Find the update.img in the UPDATE_(date) folder. and choose open.

    Step 9- This is the tricky part. Choose switch on the bottom row in the middle. The update will fail at first. Open the windows 7 control panel and choose ‘Device Manager’ You will see a new unknown device. Right click on it and choose update drivers, then choose Browse my computer for driver software, and navigate to RockusbDriver\amd64\win7 and choose install. Go back to the RKBatchtool window and choose upgrade on the bottom row. You will see that it is installing. Allow it to completely finish.

    Step 10- Once it’s done the device will reboot and start up again. That’s it now the device is update.

    For future updates you only need to copy the update.img to the root of a micro sd and it will automatically ask you if you want to update when you start the device. A much simpler way to update from now on. Enjoy.

    View the following page if you get stuck (this is where I learned to do it)-

  13. Thanks Demetrius!

  14. You’re welcome Carlos! I hope the instructions helped you out!

  15. hi, will this update fix the problems i experience with mx01;
    #1. very frequent netflix errors (either cant connect 11003 error) or will pause movie after about 20 minutes)
    #2. bt keyboard seems to disconnect frequently.
    #3. Memory rom shows only 800mb left but there’s hardly anything installed?

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    is there anyone else met the netlifx problem as this guy? till now, i haven’t heared this problem reported, have you tried to re-install another netflix app? maybe try some old version for netflix; about bt keyboard problem, which brand are your bt keyboard? i test with mine,works great, and also no report for this bt keyboard problem. and for memory show only 800mb? do you check in setting or use the antutu or what other app?


  17. These steps are not working for me.

    1. Unzip the file. 7z file and copy the update.img on the root of MicroSD card
    2. Insert the microSD card with the MX1/MX2 on, then opens a dialog to update the firmware
    3. Click “Yes” to begin the update. During the firmware update, please do not remove the MicroSD card or turn off the device
    4. After a few minutes the device is auto-restart only.
    5. Once rebooted remove the MicroSD card.

    I have put the .img on the root of the SD card and inserted into the MX1. Nothing happens.

    Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  18. All is well. Demetrius, you are the hero of the day!

    Thanks for the detailed step by step!

  19. Does anyone know if and how it is possible to root the Imito MX2?

  20. Tnx. It worked for me!

    Is it also possible to get droidmote work on the mx2?
    Is Uinput stock installed or how can i install it?

  21. A 1080p Firmware for the MX1/MX2 would be very nice indeed.

  22. Can I flash this new firmware after I flashed the Finless 1.4 rom?

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    Yes,you still can. but i think if you have flashed Finless 1.4 ROM, you should use the flash tool to flash this new rom.

  24. I repeat the question because I was not given an answer:

    @Geekbuying, is there a possibility that the unit is operating at full speed 1.6 GHz?

    Could you pls. get in contact with manufacturer for this?


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    On the full 1.6Ghz speed, the cpu will get hot, and may cause burn. and system crash. so steady is the most important.


  26. Hi,

    How do you restore the button / status bar after it is hidden?


  27. Dears, may I kindly repeat my question in more general way:
    How do I connect external HDD (usb2.0, 2.5″, no external power)?
    Best regards,

  28. Ordered from geekbuying on 27/11 .. receive yesterday (17/12) with 291112 rom via air mail.. (Malaysia)

    About android device controlling imito mx1.. how to make a long press (example like want to select words to copy) and how to unhide the hidden bar.. seem like both did not work with the apps.. need to use mouse to do the task..

    That’s all for now.. thanks.

  29. How can I get this cell phone control app?
    I order my Imito in geekbuying and I have send two emails where I ask this app, but no response from geekbuying.

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    Just ask my colleague to send to you again. please also check your trash box to see if the app there.


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    Sorry to answer you late.

    Have you tried to flash the new firmware with the RK3066 flash tools?

  32. Hey thanks for the Cell phone app “RKRemoteControlV1.1.0-1116.apk” to control my iMitio X2
    I was able to install it easily, no problem.
    I just need to figure out what I use on my iPhone.
    It does work on iPhone right? What app do I need to do that, ?

  33. Hi,

    For those of you who haven’t found a way to restore the button / status bar the trick appears to be to click at the very bottom of the screen and drag towards the top of the screen. This action drags the button / status bar up from the bottom of the screen.


  34. I bought this unit recently and am generally pleased with it. However, the one thing that bothers me is that iMito MX1 can’t be turned on without unplugging it from power supply, and than reconnecting it again. This problem makes the soft power off function not that useful as I still have to disconnect the device from power which is a bother.
    Is there any way to turn on iMito without unplugging it from power supply each time?
    How to create folders on main screen/desktop to group more icons, like on any other android device?

  35. How does one power one after a power off in the MX1/MX2 firmware update?

  36. My device won’t update. I copied over the update.img to the microsd, it probts me to install the update after I insert the card, however once it boots into recovery the install fails immediately and I get the little dead android guy symbolizing a failed install. Any suggestions. Thanks.

  37. I am NOT a computer person so this is all very confusing for me, so please walk me thru this step by step.
    1. Tranfer the update.img to micro sd card
    2. Put micro sd card in imito
    3. Before I turn on imito, do I have to connect the imito to the TV or do I connect to the computer with USB? I’m not sure how to click yes. Do I click “yes” on the computer or on the TV?

  38. Hi Guys,

    I bought this imito MX1. it worked fine for couple of days. Now when i turn it ON (or just select source on my TV. I left it connected to HDMI port on TV but pulled the adapter off the power socket) I just see a black screen saver with imito MX1 Series. I tried Ctrl+Alt+Del on keyboard, plugging the adapter off and on, nothing worked. II cannot go to desktop screen. the MX1 seems to be getting power.

    Can somebody tell me if it is just turning soft power ON or a click or something wrong with my MX1? Appreciate your help.


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    Please try to reflash the firmware to fix your problem.

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    step 1 and 2 you are saying is correct, step 3 , you should turn on your mx1, and connect with your tv, and wait for the mx1 power on,and then on screen,you will see a message it tell you, the system detect a new firmware, and ask if you want to flash firmware, click yes, then you are on the right way.
    if this method don’t work, just flash your firmware with RKflashtool.

  41. In reference to the soft power off “button”: True, we must cut power source and resupply power to get the MX1 backup & running. The desire to not have to plug & replug it in is easily solved. You can simply either plug the MX1 AC plug into a surge protector or multiple outlet power strip. They are inexpensive and they have an off/on switch. That is what I have done since I owned a UG802.

    The Finless 1.4 & 1.4a ROM upgrade includes reboot, which is good because being able to reboot comes in handy while using as mini PC. What we need is a soft off button AND reboot. If we can only have one or the other OFF is the better one. Why?
    The soft off is not intended so users do not have to get off their couch. Its so internal and external memory is closed properly and thus not corrupted.

    Most likely people complaining of problems with the SD upgrade .img is due to a corrupted file system on the SD card. In Windows run the corrupt file and repair utility (or reformat) the SD card. THEN, make sure you click eject or safely remove command in the Windows menu you get from right clicking on the SD card icon or list in the Computer Directory.

  42. I have the same problem like thuron, the Stich was ok 2 weeks and now when I turned it on, the TV ist black. When I press “Home” on my Keyboard I see short the Bubbles, but not the Apps. Sometimes I see “System UI” ends. And when I press ok it comes again and again.
    I have tried to update it, but when the update is over I see the same error. Three times again

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    which firmware are you trying to flash? have you tried the finess 1.5 custom rom for mx1?

  44. I’m new at this… when unzipped, none of the files are named update.img. There’s system.img and several others. Which file should be renamed update.img and transferred to the root of the SD card? Do I move all the files to the root, or just the one names update.img. Thank you!

  45. I have flash teh Software from this side above!

  46. Today and the third try do uprade it works!!! Thank you!