iMito MX1 Custom ROM – Finless ROM 1.4
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iMito MX1 Custom ROM – Finless ROM 1.4

Big Thanks to my friend BOB, he help us to work out a new Custom ROM for iMito MX1.


1) Fully rooted with the latest SU and SUperUser.apk
2) All GAPPs updated to latest. This includes the latest Play Store and GMS Core.
3) Debloated of unusable APPs and junk.
4) Cleaned up the file system so it is not fragmented! Basicly I used linux tune2fs when making the images.
5) I added a reboot APP that will allow you to reboot the device from the Android UI. No more unplugging the unit!

6) Full init.d support has been added! If you do not know what that is… ignore it.
Basically it allows you to install scripts that run at boot time.
If your interested, google search V6SuperCharger for a neat speed booster script.

7) I added the Xbox Xpad.ko module to support Xbox controllers.
8) I added md4 and cifs KO modules.

Firmware Download link

In the ROM kit there is a read me! This has full instructions for how to upgrade. So PLEASE read the read me!

This ROM also can work on iMito MX2. We have tested!


Screenshot after you flash the firmware

iMito MX1 Custom ROM – Finless ROM 1.4

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  1. Does it support the SD card flashing? Thanks.

  2. No, it does not.
    There is a read me that explains how to flash.

  3. Too bad MediaTek hasn’t released the source for the wifi or bluetooth.. we’d have some custom kernels and even Ubuntu coming our way.

  4. Avatar photo

    NO, it don’t support, you should do as the instruction in the download file.


  5. “3) Debloated of unusable APPs and junk.”

    In the course of GeekBuyings testing are you able to tell us exactly which unusable APPs and junk have been removed from this ROM? I’ve posed this question on FreakTab and it remains an unanswered question to this point.