iMito MX TV BOX Review,Firmware,Buy
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iMito MX TV BOX Review,Firmware,Buy

iMito, a famous china brand, which is focus on tablet pc business for long time, their tablet is always coming with high quality, and their tech support is also very good.

Recently, this company release two Android TV stick, model is iMito MX1 and iMito MX2.

Actually,the MX1 and MX2 use the same boards, same OS, same firmware, just the case is difference, the MX1 use the aluminum case, however, the MX2 use the plastic, i perfer the MX1 🙂

iMito MX TV BOX Review,Firmware,BuyiMito MX1 will be the release first, and factory still don’t give  us the real time for MX2, maybe they should check if MX1 has good sales or not? lol , Any way,iMito MX1 use the aluminum case, compare with other TV BOX we have, the design is very well.

Here is the basic information for iMito MX1:

CPU: Rockchip RK3066 Dual core 1.6Ghz;

1GB RAM,8GB ROM,support external 32GB Micro SD Card;

Build in Bluetooth;

Pre-installed Google Play Store;

USB interface, HDMI 1.4 output interface;

iMito MX1 Video Review

iMito MX TV BOX Review,Firmware,Buy


We have got the sample, and do the first test, here is some screenshot:

iMito MX TV BOX Review,Firmware,Buy

iMito MX TV BOX Review,Firmware,Buy

There is no any stretching problem compare with the MK808. everything is perfect size in my TV.

iMito MX TV BOX Review,Firmware,Buy

Real Android 4.1.1. JB OS;iMito MX TV BOX Review,Firmware,BuyiMito MX TV BOX Review,Firmware,BuyiMito MX TV BOX Review,Firmware,Buy

Antutu score is a little lower compare with other dual core tv box, maybe i install too many apps in this sample device,lol, but when i flash Android 4.0 ICS on this iMito MX1, and run Antutu,i can get 6871 score. 
iMito MX TV BOX Review,Firmware,Buy

iMito MX TV BOX Review,Firmware,Buy

Except those screenshot, i also upload some real photos for you “feel” this iMito MX1:

iMito MX TV BOX Review,Firmware,Buy

iMito MX TV BOX Review,Firmware,Buy


iMito MX TV BOX Review,Firmware,Buy


Also we have sent another sample device to TV BOX GEEK in US, he will test this iMito MX1 carefully, from the wifi siginal, the bluetooth function,the screen resolution,the speed.

We want to sell a perfect product to our customers. Once he give us feedback, we will ask factory to improve bugs if he find,and then begin to sell this product.

We have got feedback from our friends in US, this should be the best Android 4.1 PC till now, everything works great on his side. WIFI Speed, HDMI Output, Bluetooth, and he has begun to work for a custom rom for this iMito MX1.

so when you get this device, the custom rom should also release, it’s sweety!


At first, there will be 3 different colour for this iMito MX1, Red,Sliver,Brown , you can buy from here:





How to ROOT iMito MX1

I suggest you connect the iMito MX1 with your TV and your laptop together, so you can root it easily; we already tested to root iMito MX1 sucessfully with the following method:

Use the DC port to power on the iMito MX1, and use the OTG Port to connect your iMito MX1 with your laptop.

1) Download Moborobo and unrar into a folder.

2) Download and unzip into a folder.

3) Install Moborobo and open it

4) Make sure USB Debugging is enabled on your iMito MX1 ( you should go to “setting” –“USB”–choose” connect to pc chooice”  and then go to “Developer options”–open”USB debugging”choice)

5) Wait for Moborobo to see the device and install drivers. It will detect the device as iMito MX1.

6)Run TPSparkyRoot.bat and follow the on-screen instructions.Your iMito MX1 will reboot 3 times during this process.(please remember, after each reboot, you should choose “connect to pc” every time in the iMito MX1, if not, the root will be failed, that’s the reason why ask you to connect the iMito MX1 with TV and laptop together)When complete move on to the next step. (this root tool is based on the window n101 tablet, but please don’t worry,it can use on your tv stick, because they are the same chip)

7)Install SuperSU from Play Store.(If not installed in previous step)

8)Optional Install BusyBox from Play Store.

If all went well you should be rooted.

After rooted, you will see a app called” root explorer” in all of your apps, click that, you can manage all of the files and built-in apps, Please remember don’t delete any system apps, it will make your OS die. and if you are make sure some built-in app is useless, just open root explorer, choose ‘system” folder,and check” app” folder, then you will show all of the built-in app, remember to choose ” Mount R/O“ ,then you can choose the app you want to delete, click for a while (about  3-4 seconds), there will be a menu ask you to  delete, copy or others, then you can do anything you want to do.



Update on 6th Nov, just got the new firmware  from factory,check the information here:





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  1. does this have a male or a female HDMI port? which firmware is more stable JB or ICS?

  2. Avatar photo


    It has the Male HDMI port, like MK802 II. for the firmware, i tried both, i think both of them are all stable. later, i will release two firmware, and for you guys to download.


  3. and what about WiFi chipset? is it the same as UG802 or MK808? what maxmimuj WiFi speeds have you noticed on this? Thanks.

  4. Can you open up the case. We would like to see the wifi antenna, chip, board. ect…

  5. Avatar photo

    Yes,we will do that today,and post back.

  6. What is the name of the shooting game pictured above?

  7. Avatar photo

    Hi,the name called: Air Attack” 🙂

  8. Geekbuying. Which stick is better from performance and wifi stable: Mito MX TV or MK808. Thanks i want to buy but i dont know which one of these is better for me ?

  9. I see it has a usb and dc port on it…My question is do you also have to hook power to it in order for it to work? And can you just use the usb port on the tv to give it power?

  10. Avatar photo

    HI, there is one usb port and 2 micro usb port on this imito mx1, and one of the micro usb port is used for charge, you also can use the TV to charge it .

  11. Does it have blank screen issues on LCD TV’s like MK808?

  12. Avatar photo


    We test this imito mx1 in different size monitor and tv, like 17 inch monitor,and 42inch tv, and with different brand, all of them can display. so i think there is no that black screen issues.


  13. Is this stick prerooted or have i root acces ??

  14. Avatar photo

    It have the root access, and you can root it by yourself.

  15. Is the wifi signal stable by the stick ? Thanks

  16. hi, I bought a mk808, but it has many problems that you know.
    now I want to know if this iMito has the same problems (wifi does not connect strecth resolution a/v not sync etc.).
    I do not want to buy another paperweight.
    second question: is the item available? if i buy it, how long does it take to ship?

  17. Just snagged one of these up. Can’t wait to play with it!! And I ordered this one because of the case the company’s reputation and Bluetooth! Will do a small write up on another site once I get it and test it out with BT controllers, games, media and durability(WIFI/BT/heat and other stuff)

  18. Is case hot hot after running for a while ?

  19. Avatar photo


    The aluminium case will better a lot than the plastic case, because all of the heat will pass from the insider of mini pc ,through the aluminium case,and to the air, it won’t make the mini pc inside get so hot.


  20. Plastic is an insulator due to the porous nature of the material. The Aluminum, s long as there is contact with the ship VIA a thermal pad, will allow the heat to transfer to the case and radiate to the atmosphere. This is another reason why I choose this model over another model with BT built in.

  21. Avatar photo


    sorry to answer you late.
    This imito mx1 has no wifi problem, and the audio sync is good, and i think the mk808 also don’t have the audio sync problem, only the UG802 has this problem.

    and we have the imito mx1 in stock, three colour, ready for ship.


  22. Hi Geek ,

    i bozght today a stick . When i become the custom rom ??

  23. Avatar photo


    Thanks for choosing us. We have sent this device to our US ROM developer, and they are working on the custom rom, i guess when you receive this tv stick the custom rom is already be there.

    hope you enjoy this imito mx1.


  24. Support wifi 802.11n ?

  25. Hi. 🙂

    How long it will be delivered to Turkey?


  26. Avatar photo


    It will take about 20-25 business days to reach Turkey, if you need it urgent, you can pay for the extra shipping cost, and get the express ship, only 5 business days to reach you.


  27. Avatar photo

    Yes,it support the wifi 802.11n. we already tested that.

  28. Well I was going to download those rooting files but that webpage is gone..right after I got registered it closed down 🙁 can you put those root files somewhere else so I can download them? Thanks

  29. Avatar photo

    I Just changed the download link,please try again.


  30. Hi,

    How long would it take to ship to the US? Do you think it would arrive in less than 10 business days via standard shipping?

    Would it be compatible with this logitech wireless keyboard?

    Thanks for the through review!

  31. Avatar photo


    If you want to make sure this package arrive in 10 days, i suggest you choose expedited shipping, for stanndard shipping, we can’t promise it can reach in 10 days.

    and it can compatible with the logitech wirless keyboard you are talking.


  32. Any Firmware to update MX1 ?

    My MX1 no Physcical button , how to update firmware ?

  33. Avatar photo


    You are so lucky, we just get the new firmware for iMito MX1, here is the download link:

    and have you tried to flash the UG802, the update method is the same, i will do a instruction for how to update later.


  34. MX1 How to update firmware ?

    There is No any read me!
    No instructions for how to upgrade.

  35. Avatar photo


    We will get the update instruction finished today, and post on our blog, please wait.


  36. Avatar photo


    We have updated the firmware updated instruction in the blog, please check if you can understand it clearly,

    just two step: 1 install driver, 2 flash the firmware 🙂

  37. I ordered one on Nov.1. It says take 1-3 business days to process the order then it will be shipped. Why does the status still show “Payment Confirmed (Processing)”? It has been 5 business days. When am I going to receive it?

  38. Avatar photo

    Please email your order number to and our customer service will reply you back.


  39. emailed and submitted online request. Nothing happened. 🙁

  40. How close the device?(soft off) Did disrupt the system files?

  41. I have two questions:

    1. How do you shutdown this device? does it have soft shutdown option?
    2. I loved the sky blue color, any estimate, when can I get to buy that colour?

  42. Hi! Does this support 2.4 keyboard/mouse like mk808? Will it work with RC11 or 12? If it does perhaps it makes sense to mention it in specs. How is this compared to UG007?
    Thank you!

  43. Avatar photo

    HI,It also compare 2.4 Ghz keyboard mouse like MK808, and both RC11 and RC12 can work.and compare with UG007, personally, i like this, i think it has better design, and metal case. UG007 we haven’t played it for long time, still need to do more review.


  44. Avatar photo


    there is no soft shubdown button for this iMito MX1,and now only the uhost2 dual core have this function. and for the sky blue colour, till now factory hasn’t any plan to make it, maybe we should wait.


  45. Hello Geek,

    Does this iMito MX1 run XBMC?

    Do you guys installed XBMC when I buy this?

    Does it has any information where do I download XBMC for the iMito MX1?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  46. Avatar photo


    The MX1 can run XBMC, and you can install the XBMC by yourself when you receive it.

    You can ask our customer service to get the download link.


  47. Hi Geekbuying ,

    i have one problem ! When i connect with a usb to Lan Adapter i connect only with 10mBits not with 100 . Where is the problem ??

  48. Hello,

    I’ve been using the imito for about a month now, but I have a problem. It seems that the usb power port has come off of its place and now the imito won’t work properly. I want what I can do about it because it is difficult to turn it on as you have to try to move the cable around and then keep it that way.

    It is a very annoying problem as I really like this product, could you help me with this?


  49. Hello, which one is the latest Version of the ROM, and where can i get it ?