SJCAM Action Camera

1.Q:    Is this camera from the original SJ4000/5000 manufacturer?

A:    All SJCAM / Tronsport SJ series cameras on our site is from the original SJCAM manufacturer. We don’t sell fakes.


2.Q:    Where can I get the latest firmware? And how to update the firmware?

A:    All camera sold from us come with the latest firmware, and you are welcome to ask us for the latest updates.


3.Q:    What mounts and accessories can this camera work with?

A:    SJ series cameras supports all the GoPro mounts. There also are many original specific accessories available.


4.Q:    The camera does not recognize the TF card, what can I do?

A:    Please format the card with the camera before you use it at the first time. If it still can’t work, try another card. SJ cameras supports class 4+ TF card up to 32GB.


5.Q:    My camera can’t start, it does not respond at all, what can I do?

A:    Please try connect the camera to the charger or a PC with mini USB cable. If it automatic start, that means the battery run out. If it still doesn’t resopnd, please contact us.


6.Q:    Can the battery for SJ4000 be used on SJCAM SJ5000?

A:    Yes, this two series share the same battery.


7.Q:    Everything appears rounded at the edge of the image, why is that?

A:    This is the fish-eye effect of the wide angle lens, it’s common on action cameras.


8.Q:    This camera is amazing! The video is so sharp and clear and very easy to use!

A:    Please share some awesome videos take by this camera with your friends and told them where you got it.