Revopoint MIRACO 3D Scanner, 3D Scanning Redefined
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Revopoint MIRACO: 3D Scanning Redefined

Are you tired of messy cables, connecting your 3D scanner to a computer to use it, or needing multiple scanners to scan different-sized objects? Then we’ve got something we think you’ll love.

Introducing our first standalone 3D scanner, the Revopoint MIRACO. It’s ready to support all your professional scanning needs. Whether you want to capture small or large items, its quad-depth camera system can tackle it all.

Revopoint MIRACO Pro 3D Scanner

Revopoint MIRACO 3D scanner


  • Revopoint MIRACO 3D Scanner All-in-one Scanning
  • Surgical Accuracy: Up to 0.05 mm
  • Eye-popping Color: 48-megapixel RGB Camera
  • 8-core 2.4 GHz Processor
  • Long Scans, Fast Charging
  • Capture Big & Small Objects


  • IMU 9-axis
  • Durable Design
  • Weighs 750g
  • 2k AMOLED Screen
  • Single-Shot & Continuous Capture Mode
  • Wi-Fi 6

All-in-one Scanning Features

Go Big, Go Small

Never need to switch scanners again as the MIRACO 3D scanner can capture big and small objects with its advanced quad-depth camera structured infrared light system. You can even switch modes mid-scan to capture intricate details or shape data.

Surgical Accuracy

Alternate between capturing every tiniest detail with an accuracy of up to 0.05 mm or capturing large surface areas quickly with an accuracy of up to 0.5 mm.

Revopoint MIRACO, an accuracy of up to 0.05 mm or capturing large surface areas

Two Capture Modes

Single-Shot Mode

Don’t worry about tracking or dealing with color-contrasted surfaces again with MIRACO’s Single-shot mode, making it a snap to capture feature-rich or featureless objects with precise tracking, high accuracy, and minimal point cloud overlap.

Continuous Mode

When you want 3D models fast, Continuous mode makes it smooth sailing at up to 15 fps scanning speeds for Near and Far mode scanning.

Eye-popping Color

Create textured colored 3D models that make you go WOW with MIRACO’s 48-megapixel RGB Camera in either Single-shot mode to prevent motion-blur errors or Continuous mode for faster color model creation.

No Cables, No PC Needed

Go everywhere and scan everything with the world’s lightest (750 g) standalone 3D scanner without worrying about hauling a laptop or fiddling with cables. Seamlessly swap between turntable scanning or stable two-handed handheld scanning for optimum hand-eye coordination.

Revopoint MIRACO 3D scanner, no cables, no PC needed

Powerhouse in Your Hands

Capture and process scans fast with MIRACO’s powerful 8-core 2.4GHz processor, 16 GB of RAM (up to 5,000 captured frames) or 32 GB (up to 10,000 captured frames), and 256 GB hard drive.

MIRACO's powerful 8-core 2.8GHz processor, 16 GB of RAM or 32 GB, and 256 GB hard drive

Your Scanning Portal

See your scans take shape with crystal clarity on MIRACO’s 6″ 2k backlit AMOLED touch-sensitive screen. Adjust the screen angle up to 180°, enabling easy viewing from any angle. The screen can even be flipped up for selfie scans.

MIRACO’s 6" 2k backlit AMOLED touch-sensitive screen

Long Scans, Fast Charging

Take your time with up to 2 hours of scanning provided by MIRACO’s energy-efficient hardware and 5,000 mAh battery. And with 50W fast charging, you can power up MIRACO to 80% in only 35 mins.

Powerful On-board Software

Revopoint MIRACO 3D scanner comes with its own custom scanning software with an intuitive UI that makes capturing and post-processing your model a breeze. Perform fusion, meshing, and editing on the go to check model quality without transferring your project to a PC. Export your scans in STL, PLY, and OBJ for compatibility with most 3D modeling software.

Hook MIRACO up to TVs or monitors through a USB-Type C to HDMI adapter or a DP port for handy large-screen scanning or to conveniently display scanned models in HD for easy checking or presentations.

Powerful On-board Software

User-friendly Tracking

Experience precise frame stitching and fewer errors from rapid movement or unsteady hands with MIRACO’s 9-axis IMU and smart algorithms. When combined with Magic Mat ( a mat covered in pre-placed markers), scanning smaller or narrow featureless objects no longer requires placing markers on them.

MIRACO's 9-axis IMU and smart algorithms

Simple Project Transfers

Don’t worry about fiddly file transfers with MIRACO’s lightning-fast Wi-Fi 6 easily connecting to PCs for convenient file transfer, or plug it into your PC over its USB-C 3.1 connection.

Durable Design

MIRACO’s IP45 and environmental operating temperatures ranging from -10°C to 40°C means it’s safe to use in most environments.

MIRACO’s environmental operating temperatures ranging from -10°C to 40°C

Pro Results for Professionals


Assess and repair aircraft without sacrificing time for accuracy using MIRACO’s fast scans to check for signs of wear and fatigue during inspections or to create replacement parts.


From the entire vehicle to body panels or carburetors, the MIRACO 3D scanner can capture every last part without requiring time-consuming manual measurements for repair, reproduction, prototyping, or quality control.

3D Animation

Capture full-body scans in under 60 seconds or highly detailed face scans using MIRACO’s small or large capture modes for rapid transformation into fully animated 3D models in game engines.


Digitize historical items with photo-realistic color details for preservation or restoration without direct contact, preventing damage that may arise from traditional measuring methods.

Education and Research

Whether digging up dinosaurs or educating the next generation, MIRACO’s flexible scanning modes offer a wealth of options for creating media-rich learning content or research data for teachers, students, and scientists.


Capture body parts for prosthetic fittings, reconstructive surgery, and orthopedics. MIRACO’s high resolution and accuracy for small object scanning even allow it to scan dental casts.


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