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LONGER Research: Mastering Laser B1 30W for Leather Crafting

Mastering extended laser etching techniques in leather crafting offers a delightful and rewarding journey. laser engraving’s exactness and adaptability render it perfect for customizing leather items, from intricate patterns, and bespoke gifts, to personalizing brands. Thanks to the improved features of the LONGER Laser B1 30W laser engraver, attaining optimal results has become more attainable than before.

The extended Laser B1 30W employs advanced Diode Laser Technology for crafting detailed and accurate inscriptions on leather. Featuring a functional size of 450x440mm (17.72×17.32 inches) and operating at a laser wavelength of 450nm, this laser machine is ideally tailored for intricate tasks on sizable leather items. With a stationary focus size of 50mm and laser spot dimensions of 0.08×0.15mm, this ensures superior precision, resulting in intricately detailed and exact engravings. The Laser B1 30W, boasting an optical output power of 30W and a rated power of 145W, is adequately robust to effortlessly manage diverse engraving assignments. Boasting a top operational speed of 36000mm/min, it’s notably efficient for expansive projects. Featuring a durable design, the engraver boasts a laser head lifespan exceeding 10,000 hours, guaranteeing sustained reliability and efficiency.

LONGER Laser B1 30W, working speed of 36000mm/min

Versatile Engraving Capabilities

The Laser B1 30W can perform various types of leather engravings, each suited for different aesthetic and functional needs:

Surface Engraving: This process lightly scratches the surface of the leather, giving a delicate and elegant impression. It’s perfect for embossing names or small graphics on leather accessories.

Deep Engraving: For a more pronounced design, deep engraving cuts into the leather, resulting in a bold and textured appearance.

Burnishing: This method lightens specific areas of the leather to create contrast and depth, ideal for intricate patterns.

Tone-on-Tone: By adjusting the laser power, you can achieve a tone-on-tone effect, engraving a lighter design on darker leather or vice versa, enhancing visual interest.

The Laser B1 30W is not limited to leather. It can also cut through 20mm plywood and 10mm acrylic in one pass and can handle up to 25mm plywood, 50mm acrylic, and 0.1mm stainless steel. This versatility makes it a valuable tool for a wide range of crafting needs.


LONGER Laser B1 30W, Software & 4-Way of Connection

The Laser B1 30W is designed for ease of use, featuring a user-friendly interface and compatibility with various software, including LaserGRBL (free), LightBurn (paid), and the LaserBurn APP. It supports Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS operating systems, providing flexibility for different users. The machine includes X and Y-axis limit switches for precise movement, contributing to consistent and accurate results.

Safety Features

LONGER Laser B1 30W, 4 Safety Features for Added Peace of Mind

Safety is paramount with the Laser B1 30W, which includes flame detection, movement detection, motionless protection, an emergency stop button, and built-in eye protection. These features ensure operator safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

To excel in laser engraving leather, consider the following factors:

Design Knowledge: Learning design fundamentals, including composition and balance, will enable you to craft effective and beautifully structured engravings.

Settings and Control: Adjusting the laser strength, speed, and frequency is essential for achieving the best effect and quality.

Material Understanding: Different types of leather require different laser settings. Understanding the characteristics of the leather you’re working with is crucial.

Hand-eye Coordination: Stabilizing hand movements and precisely locating the engraving area are integral parts of mastering the art of engraving.

Tips for Enhancing Your Technique

To enhance your technique and improve your results, consider the following tips:

Experiment with Settings: Take time to test different laser power, motion, and frequency settings on various materials before engraving your final piece.

Master Design Software: Learn how to use design software effectively. Practice drawing, using text-to-path conversion, and utilizing special features offered by the engraving mechanisms.

Take Safety Precautions: Always wear safety goggles and gloves during operation. Follow all safety measures outlined by the manufacturer.

Optimize Material Placement: Ensure the item is firmly anchored throughout the engraving process. Use clamps or adhesives to secure the material.

Clean and Prepare Leather: Ensure the leather surface is clean and dust-free. Use a cleaning solution and cloth, and gently wipe the surface. Use masking tape to protect areas you don’t want to engrave.

Laser B1 30W for Leather CraftingLaser B1 30W for Leather Crafting


LONGER’s laser engraving machine facilitates the personalization of leather items through the engraving of names, logos, and intricate designs. This feature fulfills the increasing need for distinct and customized leather items. Utilize the Laser B1 30W laser engraver cutter for crafting ornamental designs on leather items, infusing a distinctive flair into accessories, clothing, and home decorations. The Laser B1 30W provides enterprises the capability to feature company logos and branding on leather items, thereby improving their brand awareness and attractiveness. Utilizing the Laser B1 30W, one can craft bespoke leather details for furnishings and interiors, thereby creating an opulent and individualized ambiance in any area.


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