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Creality Falcon2 40W Laser Engraver: A Comprehensive Review

The Creality Falcon2 40W laser engraving machine is an upgraded version of the Falcon2 22W, making it the world’s first laser engraver with an adjustable light beam feature.  This new model is the fastest, most powerful, and feature-rich laser engraver ever produced by Creality.

While laser engraving was once exclusive to industrial manufacturers, it is now becoming popular among small businesses, product designers, manufacturers, and hobbyists.  With the Falcon2 40W, laser engraving at home or in the office has never been easier or more affordable.  For those seeking high performance in a laser engraver, the Creality Falcon2 40W is the perfect choice.

Key features of the Falcon2 40W

Spot Adjustment

Introducing the Creality Falcon2 40W laser engraver, equipped with innovative features to enhance work efficiency and precision. One standout feature is the adjustable spot adjustment, allowing for customization of spot size based on engraving and cutting needs. This makes the Falcon2 40W ideal for handling both thick and thin materials with ease.

Integrated Air Assist

In addition to its advanced capabilities, the Falcon2 40W prioritizes usability and safety. The integrated air-assist function offers seamless airflow adjustment through LightBurn software, ensuring optimal cutting and carving performance. This function also helps maintain a clean work surface by blowing away dust and debris during the engraving process.

Personalized Color Capability

The color capabilities offered by the Falcon2 40W

With its powerful laser beam output, the Falcon2 40W enables personalization through the production of vibrant colors on stainless steel surfaces. This results in visually striking end products with intricate designs.

25000mm/min Printing Speed

The Falcon2 40W-25000mm min engraving speed compared to alternative options

Furthermore, the Creality Falcon2 40W boasts impressive carving speeds of up to 25000mm/min, doubling efficiency for quicker project completion. Experience the next level of laser engraving with the Falcon2 40W, where precision and speed combine to elevate your creative endeavors.

Support Offline Creating

The Falcon2 40W's offline use capabilities

The Creality Falcon2 40W is equipped with offline adjustable preview functionality, allowing for precise engraving adjustments without the need for a computer connection. This feature enhances the efficiency and convenience of this laser engraver. Users can utilize the control panel to fine-tune 1mm with a short press and adjust 10mm/s with a long press. Offline usage is supported, eliminating the need for internet connectivity. Simply insert a TF card and create designs anytime, anywhere.

Triple Monitoring Systems

The Falcon2 40W triple monitoring system

Furthermore, the Falcon2 40W boasts a triple monitoring system for enhanced user control. Airflow Monitoring enables users to adjust airflow according to engraving requirements. The built-in Lens Monitoring system alerts users when the lens needs cleaning to prevent damage and frequent replacements. Flame monitoring is also included, triggering an alarm and halting the laser engraver upon detecting a flame.

Five Safety Protections

The Falcon2's active stop function

To ensure maximum safety and peace of mind, the Falcon2 40W comes with five additional safety features. The bidirectional limit switch automatically stops the engraver and sounds an alarm if it hits a boundary. An active stop function halts the Falcon2 40W in the event of accidental movement, while a security lock design, emergency stop button, and laser protective cover are also integrated for added security.

Easy Setup

The Falcon2 40W's packaging

The unboxing and assembly process for the Falcon2 40W is also incredibly easy and user-friendly, with only 3 steps needed for full assembly. With the package including a laser module, pre-assembled frame, and air assist, users can start creating quickly and easily.

Extensive Compatibility

Compatible with a variety of operating systems such as Windows and macOS, Falcon2 40W also offers extensive software compatibility with programs such as LaserGRBL and LightBurn.

Other Features

The adjustable features of the Falcon2 40W

Further features of the Falcon2 40W laser cutter encompass remarkable motion stability, thanks to its sturdy aluminum build that guarantees exceptional steadiness even during high-speed operation. The machine also boasts an integrated sliding rail for synchronized running and U-shaped wear-resistant wheels for enhanced stability. Moreover, it is adaptable to various workspaces and settings, with 3 adjustment holes on the machine’s bottom to accommodate different table sizes. Additionally, silicone pads, adjustable risers, and integrated cable storage functionalities have been included for added convenience.


Art pieces produced using the Falcon2 40W

In the end, the Falcon2 40W provides both beginners and experienced users with an opportunity to unleash their creativity thanks to its user-friendly interface and impressive capabilities. Whether you’re working on DIY projects at home, learning in a maker education setting, personalizing jewelry, or creating business signage, the Falcon2 40W is versatile enough to bring your ideas to life.


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