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Ultenic AC1 Cordless Wet And Dry Vacuum Review

Ultenic AC1 is a self-driven, cordless wet and dry vacuum with a long battery life, large separate clean and dirty water tanks, powerful suction, and edge-to-edge cleaning. It also has some impressive tech features: an LCD display, app compatibility, and a voice assistant. In addition, when you dock it to charge, it’ll automatically clean and dry its roller brush.

Design And Appearance

  • Swappable battery
  • 45 minute running time
  • Large clean and dirty water tanks

The AC1 cordless wet-dry vacuum cleaner is shaped like an upright vacuum but with a compact, modern look. It has a shiny white plastic body with orange accents and smoked transparent water tanks, a grey cleaning head, and a grey charging base. It feels sturdily built.

In the box, you’ll get the vacuum itself, the charging base which has an inbuilt UV light to clean the roller, two roller brushes and two HEPA filters, plus a cleaning brush.

One of the best things about the AC1 wet-dry vacuum cleaner is that it’s an absolute doddle to use. If you tend to avoid high-tech labor-saving devices because learning how to use them seems like too much hard work, this is the product for you. There is absolutely nothing to learn – except the difference between the four cleaning modes, which is something we’ll return to.

Its ease of use starts as soon as you take it out of the box. To set it up, all you’ll need to do is attach the handle, roller, and tanks and let it charge.

When it’s not in use, it needs to stand in the compact charging base, so you’ll need a dedicated 30cm x 33cm spot to store it next to a plug socket. It charges fully in under 4 hours, so it won’t need to be plugged in all the time – but you will need to plug in for its self-cleaning and drying program to run after use.

The compact charing dock with the cleaner charging

Once it’s charged, it’s ready for use. Fill its clean water tank and you’re away. The water tanks unclip and reattach easily and with a satisfying click. The tanks are surprisingly large as well, with a 1-litre capacity each.

The dirty water tank also has a filter to separate debris and hair from dirty water, making emptying it a little less grim.

Dirty water tank with debris filter


  • 4 cleaning modes
  • Voice assistant
  • Self-propelling drive

Once the vacuum is charged, it’s ready to use. The controls are straightforward. There’s a power switch by your thumb and behind that a second button that allows you to cycle between the four cleaning modes. There’s also a switch to turn on the self-cleaning cycle when it’s docked.

Smart mode uses a sensor to detect dirt and then chooses the appropriate suction and water level. Max mode will (as the name suggests) use the maximum volume of water and the most suction to handle tough spots and stubborn dirt. Then there’s the suction or water absorption mode, in which the appliance sucks up excess water.

The other thing you’ll notice as soon as you switch it on is that the AC1 cordless vacuum cleaner is self-driven. That means that it propels itself forward.

The LCD screen displays the remaining battery life percentage, cleaning mode, various other indicators, and error messages.

The AC1 cordless vacuum cleaner runs for a maximum of 45 minutes in smart mode and 25 minutes in maximum mode.

Users have already said they cleaned wood, vinyl, and tile flooring with the AC1 and it’s not only effective but fast. It gets through day-to-day cleaning in a flash and it’s great for spills.

LCD display in use, showing remaining battery life

Connected Features

Download the free-to-use Ultenic app for Apple or Android and connect via Wi-Fi. In the app, you can see the status of the clean and dirty water tanks, the roller brush, and the battery level – all information you can find on the screen. You’ll also be able to access your weekly cleaning report, which shows you how many minutes of your life you’ve spent cleaning your floor.

Phone showing a page from the Ultenic app


If you have a lot of hard flooring, whether it’s wood, tile, vinyl, laminate, or lino, the AC1 cordless wet-dry vacuum cleaner is well worth the investment. It’s effective and easy to use.


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