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3D Printing Farm Solution-AD5M

The realm of 3D printing has evolved rapidly, empowering creators worldwide to turn their visions into tangible reality with unprecedented ease and precision. At the forefront of this technological revolution stands the Flashforge Adventurer 5M, a trailblazing 3D printer that seamlessly combines advanced features, user-friendly design, and remarkable performance.

Flashforge Adventurer 5M 3D Printer, Auto Leveling, 600mm/s Max Printing Speed, Filament Runout Reminder, Power Loss Recovery, 4.3-inch LCD Touchscreen, WiFi Connection, 220x220x220mm

Auto-Leveling Precision for Flawless Prints

One of the standout features of the Flashforge Adventurer 5M is its automatic leveling system, which ensures a perfectly calibrated print bed every time. This innovative technology eliminates the need for manual adjustments, saving valuable time and effort while guaranteeing a consistent, level printing surface. The result? Precisely adhered first layers, reduced warping, and impeccably printed models showcase the true potential of your designs.

Print to Success with Lightning-Fast Printing

Speed is often a critical factor in 3D printing, especially when deadlines loom or inspiration strikes without warning. The Adventurer 5M 3D printer delivers in this regard with a staggering maximum printing speed of 600mm/s. This remarkable pace not only accelerates your workflow but also maintains impressive print quality, allowing you to rapidly prototype, iterate, and produce finished pieces in a fraction of the time compared to conventional 3D printers.

Filament Runout Reminder & Power Loss Recovery

Say goodbye to frustrating print interruptions with the Adventurer 5M’s thoughtful filament runout reminder system. When your spool nears depletion, the printer alerts you well in advance, giving you ample time to swap out the filament and resume printing without any hiccups. Moreover, the Adventurer 5M’s power loss recovery feature safeguards your work in the event of unexpected power disruptions. Upon restoration, the printer automatically resumes printing from the exact point of interruption, preserving both your materials and your patience.

Convenient Control at Your Fingertips

Navigating the complexities of 3D printing has never been easier thanks to the Adventurer 5M’s intuitive 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen. This vibrant interface simplifies printer setup, job management, and parameter adjustments, putting a wealth of functionality within easy reach. Whether you’re selecting a stored file, adjusting print settings, or monitoring progress, the touchscreen offers a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Versatile Printing Volume for Endless Possibilities

With a spacious print volume of 220mm x 220mm x 220mm, the Adventurer 5M accommodates a wide range of projects, from intricate figurines and replacement parts to larger-scale prototypes and functional household items. This generous build area, coupled with the printer’s precision and speed, unlocks a world of creative opportunities without constraints.

AD5M – The Best Choice for Farm Owners

1. Turn a Quick Profit

  • Print 8 hours a day
  • First-month payback, second-month profit

Take Dragon Eggs as an example:

  • The retail price of a dragon egg is $30
  • Sell 10 dragon eggs to pay back the cost of one machine

2. Low Investment

  • The price of 3 similar products can buy 6 AD5M
  • The cost can be recovered within one month

3. Reduce Print Time

  • 24-hour printing to harvest 12 pieces

Take dragon eggs as an example:

  • Size: 90*90*140mm
  • Filament: PLA
  • Infill: 15%

4. Stable and Durable

More stable under high-speed printing

Gantry structure

Adventurer 5M (Core XY structure)

Cantilever structure

5. Easy to Control

One worker can control and manage all the machines simultaneously through a mobile phone or computer

1 mobile phone or computer manages

1-100 devices

6. Remote Monitoring via Mobile Phone or Computer

Monitor the printing status at any time

7. Energy Saving and Power Saving

Saving money every second

Maximum power of Flashforge Adventurer 5M series —350W

Maximum power of a similar brand —1000W

The maximum daily power consumption of each machine is about 8.4kwh

Maximum daily power consumption of a similar brand —24kwh

A farm with 50 printers can save 780 degrees of electricity per day

Calculated at the average power price of 16 cents/kwh, the cost can be saved by about $124.8 per day

8. Comparative Table

Low Price | Production | Stability | Easy Maintenance | Overall Rating

9. Model Showcase

Present every exquisite detail and complex dynamic!

Printed Models DisplayPrinted Models DisplayPrinted Models DisplayPrinted Models Display


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