Robot Vacuums Under $400: Making Home Cleaning a Joyful Experience
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Robot Vacuums Under $400: Making Home Cleaning a Joyful Experience

Robot Vacuums have transformed sanitation practices by providing homeowners with easy and effective means to keep clean. Such cutting-edge apparatuses have markedly cut down the duration and exertion needed for standard cleaning activities, rendering them an appealing choice for hectic persons desiring to streamline their domestic chores.

When selecting a robot vacuum, picking a model under $400 can yield numerous advantages. Initially, the happiness of hassle-free cleaning is realized through these economical choices. Eliminate the burden of lugging around a cumbersome vacuum cleaner or extensive tidying – these small assistants handle your strenuous tasks.

Let’s currently examine a few of the leading players in the market for economical robotic vacuum cleaners within the Under $400 segment. These small cleaning companions provide substantial benefits economically, rendering them a preferable choice for those aiming to streamline their cleaning process at a lower cost.

Tesvor S7 Pro

The Tesvor S7 Pro robot vacuum cleaner is a standout option in the market for robot vacuums under $400. With an incomparable suction power of 6000Pa, this intelligent vacuum cleaner effectively cleans floors, ensuring that dirt and dust are thoroughly removed. The device is equipped with a powerful 5200mAh lithium-ion battery, allowing for a maximum run time of 180 minutes to handle extensive cleaning tasks. Its advanced sensors enable intelligent obstacle detection, allowing the robot to adjust its route to avoid collisions efficiently.

What sets the Tesvor S7 Pro apart is its ability to tackle various floor types with ease. From hardwood to carpet, this versatile vacuum adapts to different surfaces, ensuring consistent performance throughout your home. With its user-friendly app and voice control compatibility, operating and scheduling cleaning sessions is as convenient as can be.

Tesvor S7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop Function, 6000Pa Suction, Laser Navigation, 600ml Dustbin, 180Mins Runtime, 150sqm Max Vacuuming Area, App Control Remote Control Robot Vacuums Under $400: Making Home Cleaning a Joyful Experience

Powerful Suction

The Tesvor S7 Pro boasts an impressive suction power of 6000PA, ensuring thorough cleaning on various surfaces.

Long Battery Life

With a powerful 5200mAh lithium-ion battery, the robot vacuum can operate for up to 180 minutes, making it suitable for large cleaning tasks.

Intelligent Obstacle Detection

Equipped with advanced sensors, the device can detect obstacles and adjust its route to avoid collisions, enhancing its efficiency.

Large Cleaning Area

With a single charge, it can cover a vacuuming area of up to 150 sqm, which of course brings targeted benefits for larger apartments, houses, offices, or shops.

Roborock Q8 Max

The Roborock Q8 Max robot vacuum and mop cleaner is another compelling contender in the sub-$400 robot vacuum category. This model offers a unique combination of features that make it an attractive choice for households seeking efficient cleaning solutions.

DuoRoller Brush

The inclusion of a DuoRoller brush allows the device to vacuum and mop simultaneously, providing comprehensive cleaning.

5500Pa Extreme Suction

Roborock Q8 Max robot vacuum cleaner configures 5500 Pa extreme suction, which can remove dirt and dust easily from different floor types.

Smart Navigation

Utilizing PreciSense LiDAR navigation technology, the robot vacuum offers precise mapping and custom cleaning options.

Multi-level Mapping System

The 3D mapping system will build your house virtually to create the most detailed map of your home for optimal cleaning. It will automatically recognize distinct levels of your home so all you do is put the robot down.


The Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE robot vacuum and mopping cleaner presents an array of innovative features designed to deliver efficient and convenient cleaning performance within an affordable price range.

ROIDMI EVE MAX Robot Mop with Smart Dust Collection, Support Google Assistant, Alexa, Mi Home APP

ROIDMI EVE MAX Robot Mop with Smart Dust Collection, Support Google Assistant, Alexa, Mi Home APP

ROIDMI EVE MAX Robot Mop with Smart Dust Collection, Support Google Assistant, Alexa, Mi Home APP


5500 Pa Suction

With a suction power of 5500 Pa, the device ensures thorough dirt removal from various surfaces.

Combined Dustbin & Water Tank

This feature enables seamless switching between vacuuming and mopping functions, catering to diverse cleaning needs.

Large Capacity Self-Empty Station

The ROIDMI EVE MAX robot vacuum comes with a 3L dust bag. A sufficient and streamlined dust collection air duct design ensures that no dust is thrown out. The capacity can absorb up to 75 days of garbage. It also has innovative deodorizing ion antibacterial and deodorant that eliminates possible smells from food residues.

Max 250 Mins Runtime

ROIDMI EVE MAX’s battery capacity can reach 5200mAh, so it can offer up to 250 minutes of runtime and clean an area of 250sqm at one time.


With their advanced features, such as powerful suction capabilities, long battery life, intelligent obstacle detection, precise mapping technology, and versatile cleaning functions, these robot vacuums offer an impressive array of benefits. Their ability to effectively clean various surfaces while providing convenience and affordability makes them highly desirable options for modern households.

In summary, the Tesvor S7 Pro, Roborock Q8 Max, and Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE have proven to be standout choices among Robot Vacuums under $400, offering reliable performance and innovative features that cater to diverse cleaning needs.


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