JIGOO H300 1600W High-Speed Professional Hair Dryer

The Perfect Hair Care Companion: JIGOO H300 High-Speed Hair Dryer

Hair dryer is an essential small household appliance. Most of the hair dryers we used in the past adopted high-temperature drying technology, which can dry the hair quickly, but it will also cause some damage to the hair, such as frizzy, dry, easy to break, etc. Nowadays, high-speed hair dryers have entered everyone’s field of vision and have won the favor of the majority of users with greater advantages. Compared with ordinary hair dryers, the advantage of high-speed hair dryers is that they dry hair at high wind speeds instead of high temperatures. Therefore, they can not only dry hair quickly, but also do not cause hair to become dry, frizzy, split, or easy to break. Some hair dryers with negative ion function can also nourish your hair while blowing, allowing you to perform salon-level hair care at home.

High Speed Hair Dryer


What are the Advantages of High-Speed Hair Dryers?

High-speed hair dryers mainly refer to hair dryers that use higher-speed motors. The faster the motor speed, the greater the wind speed, which can bring a faster hair-drying experience.

Dry Hair Quickly

High-speed hair dryers mostly use high-speed brushless motors with a speed of 100,000 rpm or above, which can quickly blow away the moisture on the hair surface and are at least three times more efficient than ordinary hair dryers.

Not Harmful to Hair Quality

Ordinary hair dryers are restricted by hardware. If the wind speed is insufficient, they can only increase the drying time by high temperatures. However, the hair scales of the hair just washed are open. High-temperature drying will damage the protein in the hair, making it easy to break. On the other hand, high-temperature drying will also destroy the composition of the hair, causing the hair to lose moisture and oil, thus deteriorating the hair quality. In comparison, the high-speed hair dryer uses strong wind speed to take away moisture, which is a very gentle drying method that can avoid these problems.

More Security

High-speed hair dryers mostly use intelligent temperature control, which monitors the air temperature multiple times per minute to prevent the air outlet temperature from being too high, causing the hair dryer to blow out a mushy smell, lose power, or even explode. At the same time, it can control the wind temperature to the most comfortable range for the scalp and maintain the hair.

To sum up, from the aspects of safety, hair protection, and hair drying efficiency, it is necessary to have a high-speed hair dryer.


How to Choose a High-Speed Hair Dryer?

When choosing a high-speed hair dryer, the motor, temperature control function, protective function, and noise are the factors you need to consider.

Brushless Motor

The motor speed determines the wind speed, which directly affects the hair drying speed. The speed of the high-speed brushless motor can reach more than 100,000 rpm, which is three times the speed of ordinary motors. So it saves time, makes less noise, and has a longer service life.

Intelligent Temperature Control

Temperature control technology is mainly divided into no temperature control, overheating power-off, mechanical temperature control, and intelligent temperature control.

  • Overheating power-off: When reaching a certain value, the heating wire is directly fused to provide power-off protection.
  • Mechanical temperature control: Control the temperature within a fixed value.
  • Intelligent temperature control: The air outlet has a built-in NTC intelligent temperature control device, which automatically adjusts the air temperature to the most appropriate range.

In terms of effect: Intelligent temperature control > Mechanical temperature control > Overheating and power outage > No temperature control

Hair Care Function

Currently, the more mainstream and effective methods of care are mainly negative ions and water ions. The higher the concentration, the better the care effect for damaged hair.


Noise below 70dB will not affect talking and is within the acceptable range. What’s more, high-speed hair dryers mostly use brushless motors, and the sound is high-frequency and not harsh, so there is no need to think too much about this.

Best negative ion hair dryer


Recommended High-Speed Hair Dryer – JIGOO H300

As the most cost-effective high-speed negative ion hair dryer, JIGOO H300 uses a 110,000 RPM ultra-high-speed brushless motor with a wind speed of up to 22m/s. Men’s hair can be dried in about one minute, and women with long hair can also dry their hair in about 5 minutes. The efficiency is guaranteed. Since hair is dried at a lower temperature, dryness, frizz, and dullness will not appear. Moreover, it has a built-in 200 million negative ion emitter. When blowing your hair, the strong wind will send high-concentration negative ions to the roots and ends of the hair, allowing the hair to truly absorb the negative ions, offset the positive ions in wet hair, eliminate static electricity and frizz, and make the hair more beautiful. Hair strands are left smoother and shinier. This is very friendly to friends who like to perm and dye their hair.

Top High Speed Hair Dryer

In terms of temperature control, JIGOO H300 hair dryer has a smart temperature control, which can automatically detect the air outlet 100 times per second to ensure the most comfortable air temperature and no tingling on the scalp, significantly reducing overheating damage. In addition, the JIGOO H300 high-speed hair dryer has 2 wind speeds and 4 heating options, allowing you to adjust the heat to shape and style your hair. Since it does not require traditional fan blades, this high-speed hair dryer can provide 59dB low noise and last longer.

High Speed Professional Hair Dryer

The overall body of the JIGOO H300 negative ion hair dryer is very light, so your hands won’t get sore when you hold it for a long time. The air inlet is designed at the bottom of the fuselage, and there is a fine filter on the outer layer, which not only prevents dust from entering and affects the life of the hair dryer, but more importantly, girls with long hair don’t have to worry about their hair getting entangled in the hair dryer.

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