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JMGO N1 Series Projectors: Get Ready to Enjoy Cinema-level Movie Experience

Founded in 2011, JMGO is a leader in smart projection with an unwavering commitment to cutting-edge optical technology to consistently deliver immersive and stunning audio-visual experiences. After more than ten years of continuous hard work and innovation, JMGO has developed multiple series of high-performance projectors. At Geekbuying, we bring you JMGO N1 series three-color laser pan-tilt projector and get ready to share with your family and friends and enjoy cinema-level movie experience.

Enjoy movies with families and friends

When choosing a projector, the following parameters should be considered:

Display Parameters

  • Light Source
  • Brightness
  • Resolution
  • Contrast Ratio
  • Throw Ratio
  • Color Gamut
  • Color Accuracy
  • HDR

Home projectors mainly include LED light sources and laser light sources. Projectors using LED light sources have lower brightness, basically within 1500 ANSI lumens, and are only suitable for use at night. The brightness of general household laser projectors can be above 2000 ANSI lumens, so there is no problem even watching movies in a bright living room during the day. The resolutions are divided into 480P, 720P, 1080p, and 4K. The higher the resolution, the clearer the picture. Contrast affects the depth and richness of colors on your screen. The projection ratio affects the size of the projected image. The larger the color gamut, the more colors can be displayed. The higher the color accuracy, the closer the displayed image is to the original color. HDR shows whether more details can be preserved in the bright and dark areas of the screen.

The JMGO N1 series is equipped with three-color laser optics, and its excellent brightness ensures clear viewing even in daylight or various lighting conditions. The JMGO N1 has 800 CVIA* lumens, the JMGO N1 Pro has 1500 CVIA lumens, and the JMGO N1 Ultra has 2200 CVIA lumens. 1080P full HD image quality, 110% BT.2020 color gamut coverage, HDR 10, and 1600:1 contrast ratio accurately display the exquisite details of each pixel, bringing an immersive movie experience to your home.

JMGO N1 Series Projectors: Get Ready to Enjoy Cinema-level Movie Experience

*What is CVIA

CVIA lumens refers to the latest brightness standard set by the China Electronic Visual Industry Association. It specifies brightness measurement over a color temperature range of 6000K to 18000K, with a color deviation value (DUV) that should not exceed ±0.015, based on a white point 9-point test.

Smart Features

  • Keystone Correction
  • Auto-focus
  • Multi Adaptive System (Auto Brightness Adjustment, Smart Object Avoidance, Auto Screen Fitting, Smart Eye Protection)

Compared with traditional projectors, smart projectors have more functional upgrades, improving the viewing experience. The JMGO N1 series is designed with Multi-adaptive System: automatic adaptive brightness, automatic keystone correction, intelligent object avoidance, automatic screen adjustment and more intelligent functions to instantly calibrate the image to ensure image stability. 3D Blu-ray and MEMC provide an immersive movie and gaming experience.

It is worth mentioning Auto Brightness Adjustment: the brightness will intelligently change as the ambient light changes, bringing better viewing effects. Smart Eye Protection: Equipped with an infrared distance sensor, when someone or a small animal passes by, it will automatically reduce the brightness of the light source to protect your eyes from strong light stimulation.

Multi-adaptive System

Other Features

  • Speaker
  • Connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth, interface)
  • Built-in media system

The Dolby Audio and DTS high-fidelity sound effects of the JMGO N1 series bring you into the scenes of movies and concerts, bringing you the ultimate auditory feast. Equipped with HDMI, DC, USB and Headphone Jack interfaces, bringing more connection possibilities. The built-in Chromecast supports both Android and iOS streaming media, and is equipped with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0, bringing you more movie-watching and entertainment experience.

The JMGO N1 series uses DLP (Digital Light Processing) projection technology. In addition to its excellent performance in the above factors, the two more outstanding highlights of the JMGO N1 series compared with other brands of projectors are its advanced three-color laser projection light source. And an innovative pan-tilt design that can freely adjust the angle and flip.

Integrated Gimbal Design

Integrated Gimbal

Most of the projectors currently on the market require a bracket to adjust the projection angle and height, but the JMGO N1 series is innovative in this regard. It combines the projector with a pan/tilt, and the integrated pan/tilt design allows for 360° horizontal adjustment. and 135° vertical flexible adjustment, you can pan or tilt the picture to the wall or ceiling as needed. There is no need to buy and install a bracket, allowing you to watch movies while lying down. With intelligent dynamic tracking, real-time automatic keystone correction and automatic focus delivers sharp images, ensuring the picture is always square and clear.

Triple-color Laser Light Source

Tri-Color Laser

Powered by MALC (Microstructure Adaptive Laser Control) laser engine independently developed by JMGO, it significantly improves optical efficiency by 10%-15%, achieves brightness uniformity of more than 95%, reduces spots by more than 96%, presents realistic images, and provides More vivid colors and stunning details bring an immersive movie experience into your home.

The main difference between the three models of the JMGO N1 series is their resolution and brightness. The N1 is a portable 1080P lifestyle projector rated at 800 CVIA lumens and designed to be easily carried with one hand. N1 Pro enhances picture quality with higher brightness of 1,500 CVIA lumens and native 1080P resolution. As the flagship model of the series, the N1 Ultra delivers premium visuals with 4K resolution and 2,200 CVIA lumens. In terms of ports, N1 Ultra and N1 Pro have one more HDMI interface than N1.

If you enjoy a cinema-like viewing experience at home, pursue a more extreme picture, have a sufficient budget, and have higher requirements for projector performance, then the JMGO N1 series will definitely be a good choice for you.


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