Walking Treadmill The Ultimate Cardio Solution for Busy Lifestyle
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Walking Treadmill: The Ultimate Cardio Solution for Busy Lifestyle

Health has always been the basis for human survival and development. In daily life, apart from work, most people may not choose to go to the gym because it requires more time and money. As a result, independent exercise at home has become a choice for more people. When it comes to that, we have to mention walking treadmills. Compared with other large equipment such as running machines and elliptical machines on the market, walking treadmills are relatively compact and easy to store. “Walking” is a low-intensity exercise, while “running” is a medium-to-high-intensity exercise. Walking treadmills are more suitable for light exercise, allowing us to use fragmented time to move our muscles and help develop good exercise habits.

Most young people today have the habit of sitting still for long periods due to their occupations, which leads to pain in the cervical and lumbar spine. Outdoor and gym sports have greatly raised the threshold for exercise, which can easily make people fearful and give up. To move around anytime and anywhere, a walking treadmill is a good choice, and the investment cost is not high.

UREVO URTM006 Foldable Treadmill


UREVO URTM006 Foldi mini Treadmill

What makes the UREVO URTM006 walking treadmill unique is that it has an additional armrest design and can be quickly folded. It can even be placed under the bed or sofa, making storage very worry-free. In addition, there are rollers at the bottom of this treadmill, making it easier for girls with weak strength to move. The clear LCD screen can be easily rotated and adjusted so you can read exercise data such as speed, time, distance, and calories. Most notably, the UREVO URTM006 foldable treadmill is configured with 12 different HIIT running settings, and HIIT is internationally recognized as the most effective method for losing fat. Of course, its configuration in terms of movement speed is also very strong. The 2.25HP motor provides a speed of 0.6-6.2 MPH, ensuring the machine operates stably with a maximum load of 100kg. And the five-layer anti-slip running belt allows you to enjoy safe and quiet exercise.

Best Walking TreadmillUREVO URTM006 Foldi mini TreadmillUREVO URTM006 Foldi mini Treadmill


UREVO URTM022 Spacewalk 1 Lite Treadmill

As a very high-quality 2-in-1 walking jogging machine, UREVO URTM022 has a maximum load capacity of 120kg, a speed range of 1-6KM/h, and is equipped with a remote control. It has no armrests, but you can buy a workbench according to the size. The head of the walking machine is designed with a clear display, so you can see real-time data such as calories, steps, speed, distance, etc. just by lowering your head. UREVO URTM022 treadmill is equipped with a strong shock absorption system: 5 layers of anti-slip belts, 8 silicone shock absorbers, and 2 soft rubber pads. This way you can enjoy a very stable and quiet motion experience without having to worry about complaints from your neighbors. Likewise, it’s designed on casters for easy movement and can be easily stored under a bed or sofa.

UREVO URTM022 Spacewalk 1 Lite TreadmillUREVO URTM022 Spacewalk 1 Lite TreadmillUREVO URTM022 Spacewalk 1 Lite Treadmill


UREVO 3S Smart Walking Treadmill

Smart design and tilt function are the biggest highlights of the UREVO 3S walking treadmill. It has 9 incline levels for better sculpting of your glutes and calf muscles and can be controlled with a remote control. This walking mat treadmill supports connection to the UREVO APP, which allows access to three presets and customizable exercise goals and plans. The speed range of the UREVO 3S treadmill is 0.8-6KM/h, it can bear a maximum load of 120kg and is also very quiet during running. The head of the machine is designed with a clear display to facilitate the reading of motion data. The portable handle and roller design make it easy for you to move and store the UREVO 3S walking machine.

UREVO 3S Smart Walking TreadmillUREVO 3S Smart Walking TreadmillUREVO 3S Smart Walking Treadmill



For people who are just starting to exercise or who just want to maintain their exercise habits at home, walking treadmill is the first choice. Unlike yoga, core training, aerobics, and other exercises that require learning certain theories, walking is the easiest to implement and less prone to accidents. Using a walking treadmill can help us develop good fitness habits without spending too much time and money. Importantly, this type of machine is suitable for both hard-working office workers and elderly parents, safe and convenient to use.



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