HYPER GOGO Kids' Electric Motorcycle
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Be a Cool Little Rider: HYPER GOGO Kids’ Electric Motorcycle

Are you searching for the perfect gift that will bring a smile to your child’s face? Look no further than HYPER GOGO Kids’ Electric Motorcycles! These incredible motorcycles are not just any ordinary present; they are a thrilling surprise that will make your child’s special day even more memorable. Imagine the look of excitement on their face when they unwrap this unique and exciting gift. Let’s know more about this electric motorcycle.

Comparison of HYPER GOGO Series and Models

HYPER GOGO Cruiser series

Cruiser series

HYPER GOGO Challenger series

Challenger series

HYPER GOGO Pioneer series

Pioneer series


HYPER GOGO children’s electric motorcycles have three series: Cruiser series, Challenger series and Pioneer series. There is no other difference in appearance design between the Cruiser series and Challenger series except for the shape of the “fuel tank”. The appearance design of the Pioneer series is quite different from that of the Cruiser series and Challenger series. The main difference is that the seat part is designed horizontally. The three series have three configurations: low, medium and high, with four or three colors: green, blue, black and orange. The low-end version does not have fenders. The mid-end version adds fenders to the appearance and adds display, lighting, smoke effects, built-in Bluetooth speakers, etc., to the functions. The high-end version adds app control based on the mid-end version.

Unleash Fun and Excitement

The HYPER GOGO kids electric motorcycle offers an exciting riding experience that combines speed, excitement and adventure.

HYPER GOGO children’s electric motorcycle is designed for children over 6 years old, with a recommended height between 90 cm and 160 cm, and a maximum load of 65 kg. Featuring stunning Chopper style, a mesmerizing array of colorful lights, realistic smoke effects and thrilling engine roar, it delivers an extraordinary ride of fun for kids. As children sail with joy, their imaginations are unleashed, allowing them to imagine incredible stories and scenes.

Powered by a high-efficiency motor and a 21.9V 5.2Ah large battery, HYPER GOGO can provide up to 1 hour of non-stop riding fun, providing three speeds of 8km/h, 12km/h, and 16km/h, and a long range on flat roads. The mileage is up to 12 kilometers. With just 4 hours of charging time, your child can quickly get back on the bike and continue enjoying the ride. The realistic design and bright colors of HYPER GOGO motorcycles spark the imagination of young riders and transport them into a world of fun-filled adventures. Whether they’re zipping around the backyard or exploring new trails, these motorcycles guarantee endless hours of fun.

Riding the HYPER GOGO kid’s electric motorcycle isn’t just about having fun; It also aids in the development of basic motor skills in children. As kids maneuver motorcycles, they naturally improve their balance, coordination, and overall motor skills. This physical activity helps them build strength and agility while enhancing their spatial awareness. Additionally, when children feel confident in their riding abilities, they become more independent and confident. Riding a motorcycle gives them a sense of accomplishment and boosts their self-esteem.


Built with Security in Mind

When it comes to children’s electric motorcycles, safety is the top priority. HYPER GOGO motorcycles are designed with multiple safety features to give parents peace of mind and let their children enjoy riding.

The HYPER GOGO Kids Electric Motorcycle features sturdy construction and detailed design to ensure a safe riding experience for young riders. The durable materials used in their construction make them resistant to wear and tear, ensuring they can withstand the adventures of active kids. Reliable brakes provide quick, controlled stops, preventing accidents and collisions. The ergonomically designed seat provides children with a comfortable ride for a long time. The sturdy stand can support the weight of the motorcycle well and prevent it from tipping over. Non-slip grippers provide children with a comfortable and safe hold. Featuring durable pneumatic rubber tires, the HYPER GOGO rides smoothly on a variety of surfaces, including wood floors and grass, providing an enjoyable ride for children indoors and out. Considering young motorcycle riders, you can also add training wheels for your children to help them start their first riding experience more safely.

In order to increase safety, HYPER GOGO children’s electric motorcycles provide parental control options (only high-end versions of each series have this function). With our smart control app, your child’s safety is just a tap away. You can manage lights and speed limits remotely for worry-free riding and peace of mind. You can also customize the lighting effects and speed to suit their preferences and skills, making riding an enjoyable, personalized expression of kids’ free spirit.
HYPER GOGO Kids' Electric Motorcycles

HYPER GOGO Kids’ Electric Motorcycles offer an unforgettable experience, combining fun, adventure, and skill development all in one. It’s time to give your child a truly special gift that they will cherish for years to come.


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