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Revopoint INSPIRE vs Creality CR-Scan Ferret Pro: Which 3D Scanner to Choose?

With the advent of 3D scanners, it has become easier than ever to capture precise details and create accurate 3D models. No longer do we have to rely on imagination and manual measurements to produce prototypes or intricate objects. These scanners are capable of capturing real-world three-dimensional objects, seamlessly integrating with 3D printers. In this blog post, we will be comparing two popular 3D scanners: Revopoint INSPIRE and Creality CR-Scan Ferret Pro. By examining their features and functionality, we aim to help you determine which one is best suited to your specific needs. Whether you are a professional designer in need of portability or an artist seeking vibrant color expression, we have got you covered.


Revopoint INSPIRE: Portable Design, Remarkable Capabilities

The Revopoint INSPIRE 3D scanner stands out for its impressive scanning capabilities, offering both speed and detail. With a scanning speed of up to 18 fps, users can efficiently capture 3D models. The scanner’s engineering-grade precision, reaching up to 0.2mm, ensures that every intricate detail is faithfully captured. Additionally, the scanner features enhanced marker tracking, allowing for the scanning of featureless objects using the Magic Pad and dual IR LEDs. Its ultra-high accuracy enables the scanning of objects as small as 50x50x50mm. Moreover, the scanner supports color scanning and outdoor scanning, and it also allows for fast mobile scanning via a Wi-Fi 6 connection.

The versatility of the Revopoint INSPIRE is another aspect that sets it apart from other 3D scanners. It is compatible with a variety of devices, including mobile phones (supports Android and iOS), tablets, and PCs. This means you can scan anywhere. The ability to create 3D models in various formats such as PLY, OBJ, and STL for compatibility with most CAD, 3D modeling, and slicer software. Whether you want to print a scanned object or use it in a virtual reality application, INSPIRE portable 3D scanners can meet your needs. Last but not least, the 140g weight makes it easy to slip into a pocket, carry around, and serve as a handheld or turntable 3D scanner.

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Creality CR-Scan Ferret Pro: Next-Level Wireless Scanning

Creality CR-Scan Ferret Pro is a newly upgraded 3D scanner. Based on the old version, it adds 24-bit full-color scanning, facial mapping algorithm, anti-shake tracking function, WiFi6 wireless bridge, etc. These features further ensure accurate and realistic performance during scanning. Creality CR-Scan Ferret Pro portable 3D scanner has an ultra-high accuracy of 0.1mm. Whether you’re scanning small objects with fine details or larger objects with complex shapes, Ferret Pro ensures no detail is missed. This level of accuracy is critical for applications such as product design, reverse engineering, and quality control.

Unlike many other scanners on the market, the Ferret Pro has the ability to capture 24-bit full-color scans. This means it can accurately reproduce the original colors of the objects being scanned, resulting in vibrant and detailed creations. Additionally, the Ferret Pro 3D scanner eliminates the need for scanning spray when scanning black or metallic objects that are non-reflective. This convenience makes it a practical option for various scanning applications across different industries. With a fast scanning speed of up to 30 fps, it allows for quick capture of 3D models. The Ferret Pro 3D scanner is designed with advanced optical technology and intelligent algorithms, ensuring excellent performance even in sunlight conditions of less than 30,000 lux. Furthermore, its ultra-lightweight design, weighing only 105g, makes it the ideal choice for a portable 3D scanner.

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Which 3D Scanner Should I Choose?

Both the Revopoint INSPIRE and Creality CR-Scan Ferret Pro 3D scanners offer impressive features and capabilities. To help you make an informed decision, let’s take a look at the performance comparison of these two machines:

Model Creality CR-Scan Ferret Pro Revopoint INSPIRE
Single-frame Accuracy 0.1mm Up to 0.2mm
Working Distance 150-700mm 250mm – 500mm
Scanning Speed up to 30 fps 14 -18 fps
Single Capture Range 560*820mm 230×140 @310 mm
Minimum Scan Volume 150x150mm 50x50x50 mm
Point Distance (Resolution) 0.16mm Up to 0.3mm
Technology Infrared Binocular Stereo Dual-Camera Infrared Light
Light Source Class 1 NIR Class 1 Infrared Light
Wireless Connection WiFi 6 WiFi 6
Special Object Scanning Scan black and metal objects without spraying Use scanning spray and the correct scanning mode for transparent, dark, or highly reflective objects
Scanning Environment Indoors and Outdoors Indoors and Outdoors
Alignment Modes / Feature/Marker
Color Scanning Yes, 24-bit Full-color Scanning Yes
Output Formats PLY, OBJ, and STL PLY, OBJ, and STL
Operating Systems iOS, Mac, Windows, Android Windows 10/11 (64-bit), Android, iOS, macOS
Anti-shake Tracking Yes /
Visual Tracking Geometry/Texture /
(inertial measurement unit)
/ 9-axis

Ultimately, the right choice between these two handheld 3D scanners depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider your workflow requirements, project needs, and budget when making your decision. Both scanners offer excellent features to enhance your 3D printing journey. Make an informed choice based on what matters most to you, and let Revopoint INSPIRE, or Creality CR-Scan Ferret Pro take your 3D scanning experience to new heights.

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