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NIU KQi3 kick scooter review: a more elegant way to commute

    Recently, E-scooters have steadily entered people’s life and work. Electric scooters are light, compact, environmentally friendly, and can be driven and stopped at anywhere. They no need have to squeeze the subway or bus, and it is easy to carry after folding. It can save time and space, and save effort compared with bikes.

1. Unpack

NIU KQi3 package

Product Appearance

NIU KQi3 Kick scooter Appearance Display

    The NIU KQi3 Kick scooter appearance size of the electric scooter is: 1173x542x1202mm,The folded size is: 1173x542x525mm, and the weight of the whole vehicle is 18.4kg. Compared with other same type products, it is a little bit heavier, maybe a bit difficult for girls to carry it.

Details selling point

NIU KQi3 Kick scooter folded with one button

    It can be folded easily with only one button, and the structure design is reasonable, and it is very convenient to take and fold.

NIU KQi3 Kick scooter Product Appearance

Thanks to the excellent design, the whole scooter has excellent stability in various urban road conditions.

NIU KQi3 Kick scooter have wider pedals

The width of the pedal is 17cm, which can easily maintain various standing postures. When riding, the feet have enough adjustment space, and the loose riding is more stable. The rubber pedal is non-slip and comfortable. The only weakness is that it is easy to get dirty. Dirt resistant.

NIU KQi3 Kick scooter handbar display

The 54cm widened handle makes it easier to grasp, and it can be firmly grasped even when going straight and turning.

NIU KQi3 Kick scooter headlights iconic angel eye

The design of the headlights continues the NIU’ iconic angel eye gene, and the bright lumens and anti-glare recognition are quite high.

NIU KQi3 Kick scooter anti-slip throttle handle

The throttle handle has anti-slip design, which is comfortable to hold.

The display area of NIU KQi3 Kick scooter

The display area can show the speed, The gear position. long press button can turn on/off the scooter, One click to switch the economic mode and sports mode.

NIU KQi3 Kick scooter dual brakes

Front mechanical disc brakes + rear E ABS dual brakes ensure safe braking, stop as soon as you say.

NIU KQi3 Kick scooter 9.5 inch vacuum tires

9.5”x2.5” vacuum explosion-proof tires have a more stable grip. Tires are also a major pain point of the scooters. Ordinary tires are easy to puncture, and maintenance and replacement are troublesome. It is difficult for ordinary people to operate. In the past, some people with strong hands-on skills would replace the solid tires by themselves. Although the tires eliminate the problem of tire punctures, they also sacrifice comfort. Large-sized tires make it relatively easy to go over some slopes and potholes.

NIU KQi3 Kick scooter rear of the pedal

The rear of the pedal is the position of the folding lock. You only need to press the button above to unlock the folding lock. I like the vehicle model nameplate on it the most. This point continues the family design language.

chrome plated NIU classic logo

The chrome-plated NIU classic logo stands out against the black pedals.

NIU KQi3 Kick scooter's wide rear fender

The wide rear fender is more like the ordinary electric motocycle. The taillights light up when the brake is pressed, which can effectively remind the rear vehicles and pedestrians to keep a safe distance.

The charging port of NIU KQi3 scooter

The charging port is located on the side of the vehicle pedal.

NIU KQi3 Kick scooter's charging interface

There is a waterproof design rubber inside the charging cover, so you don’t have to worry about rain and water, but the charging interface is not like NIU’s previous design. This also means that the electric car charger at home cannot charge the scooter. If you go out It is also difficult to find a suitable the charger of NIU KQi3 Kick scooterif you forget to bring a charger.


The charger is really not small, not to mention portable, with a rated power of 108w, it takes about 5 hours to fully charge the scooter.

power restored when braking

With intelligent regenerative braking, power is restored to the battery which means when you’re slowing down, you’re powering up!

 75 degree neck disign

The neck is designed with a 75 degree incline providing you with greater stability.

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