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Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner: Robot vs Handheld

For every family, housework is a major issue that cannot be ignored. Family hygiene is particularly important from both an aesthetic point of view and a health point of view. However, if your current cleaning tools are limited to brooms or mops, then it is obsolete. Smart users have already prepared vacuum cleaners, and in recent years, sweeping robots seem to have become the new favorite of users. Because of this, many users are caught in a dilemma, how to choose between handheld vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners?

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Handheld vs Robot Vacuum Cleaners

1. Working Principle

Handheld vacuum cleaner: The vacuum cleaner uses the high-speed rotation of the motor to generate airflow to inhale the garbage, so the whole process is “suction”. The dust enters the dust collection cylinder through the floor brush and the main suction pipe and is left in the dust cylinder under the action of centrifugal force, while the air is discharged out of the machine through the filter.
Robot vacuum cleaner: Its cleaning principle is to roll the brush or rubber brush plus the vacuum suction port, the brush picks up the garbage, and then the vacuum suction port sucks it in, so the whole process is “sweeping” + “suction”. During the cleaning process, the robot will complete the work autonomously through its own navigation and sensors without human intervention.

2. Different Cleaning Areas

Handheld vacuum cleaner: The vacuum cleaner will be equipped with a variety of suction heads. In addition to cleaning the floor, you can also replace different brush heads to clean sofas, wardrobes, beds, walls, etc. At the same time, it can also remove dust from household appliances. If you use the mite removal brush head, it can also clean the sofa and mattress for mites.
Robot vacuum cleaner: The positioning of the robot vacuum cleaner is to clean the floor of the home. Because cleaning does not require manual intervention, it can only clean the floor.
To put it simply, the vacuum cleaner is positioned to clean the whole house; the robot vacuum is positioned to clean the ground.

3. Different Using Ways

Handheld vacuum cleaner: The vacuum cleaner needs to be used manually to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
Robot vacuum cleaner: The robot vacuum has an artificial intelligence system, which can operate autonomously by turning on the switch.

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Should I Choose a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner or a Robot Vacuum?

Whether it is a sweeping robot or a vacuum cleaner, the fundamental purpose of its use is still the same, which is to clean the home. But each product has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you can choose according to your own needs.

for Buying Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic vacuums can’t clean blocky garbage, such as orange peels, plastic bags, toilet paper, etc. The garbage that can be picked up manually is not suitable for the robots, so they are more suitable for families with good hygiene habits. If you usually throw away fruit peels and paper scraps, then a robot vacuum can’t help you clean your messy home. However, the cleaning effect on fine dust, pet hair, and other light garbage is very good, and the cleaning efficiency is much higher than that of manual cleaning. Although it is not as clean as a vacuum cleaner, it is more time-saving and labor-saving.

1. Large living environment

In the face of large-scale cleaning, manual processing will be very tiring, but the robot vacuum can clean independently, which is very convenient. You can think of it as a vacuum cleaner that can move and work autonomously. this kind of machine is especially suitable for families with large homes and neatly placed things. When there are not too many obstacles, its cleaning efficiency will be higher. Moreover, it has functions such as automatic recharging and map creation, which are very suitable for users with large homes.

2. Busy working

Busy office workers are overwhelmed with work every day, and they just want to lie on the sofa and rest after returning home. In your spare time, you just want to do something you like instead of being entangled in housework, so the robot vacuum cleaner is your savior. When you go to work, you can remotely control the robot with your mobile phone, and you will see a clean home when you back.

3. Live with old people

For cleaning, the elderly are always unable to do what they want. At this time, a machine that can automatically clean the floor is very important. As long as you turn on the switch, the robot vacuum can clean itself, and you don’t have to make the elderly bend over to clean the home anymore.

After selecting, I will recommend Roborock S7 Max Ultra, Roborock S8, Proscenic X1, and ILIFE T10s robot vacuum cleaner. Their price and performance are matched, and you can choose according to your budget. Roborock S7 Max Ultra and Roborock S8 have a suction power of 5500Pa and 6000Pa respectively. The navigation design is also very smart, which can completely free your hands. The suction configuration of Proscenic X1 and ILIFE T10s is relatively small, but their prices are cheaper. They also have efficient navigation technology as well as smart design to help you clean the ground well.

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for Buying Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Compared with robot vacuums and floor washing machines, vacuum cleaners are more flexible and have more usage scenarios. Whether the snack crumbs on the ground, dust in the crevices of the sofa, or mite hairs on the bed, you can use different suction heads of the vacuum cleaner to clean them. However, the handheld cordless vacuum cleaner is limited by the body and cannot reach under the bed. If cleaning the floor of the whole house, the handheld vacuum cleaner will be more troublesome, and battery life is also a problem. Therefore, people who have the following conditions are more suitable to buy a vacuum cleaner.

1. Small living environment

If you live in a small environment with a lot of things, it is recommended to buy a vacuum cleaner, because the robot vacuum cleans in such an environment will meet many obstacles, and it is easy to get trapped, while the suction head of the vacuum cleaner is flexible and can be controlled manually, making cleaning more convenient.

2. Household with pets

Cleaning hair is always troublesome. Except for the ground, desktops, sofas, clothes, mattresses, etc. are all sticky areas with hair. Therefore, a sweeping robot that can only clean the ground is not enough. While a vacuum cleaner can be used in different combinations, and the suction head achieves the effect of cleaning the whole house.

3. Large area carpets

If you have a large area of carpet in your home, it is recommended to give priority to using a vacuum cleaner. Because the vacuum cleaner has more suction power, it is more suitable for deep cleaning.

Anyone who has used a vacuum cleaner knows that suction power and flexibility are very important. Proscenic P12, JIMMY H10 Pro, and Proscenic P11 Smart cordless vacuum cleaners are all equipped with powerful suction. They have very flexible floor brushes and brush head accessories for different areas, which can help you clean the whole house, and are very easy to operate.

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