What is the Difference Between an Air Fryer and an Electric Oven?

What is the Difference Between an Air Fryer and an Electric Oven?

  1. The principles of air fryers and ovens are different

The air fryer is also a kind of oven, which uses high temperatures to heat the air, and then bakes the whole food from the outside to the inside through the high-temperature air. The most essential difference between them is the principle of heating.

The air fryer is like a small stove, through the rapid circulation of hot air, it forms a heat flow in a small closed space, and heats up quickly because the hot air can take away the moisture on the surface of the food, so it can be baked. fried” effect.

The oven is different. Generally, the upper and lower heating tubes are used to precisely control the temperature through the temperature sensor. The temperature control function is stronger than that of the air fryer, so it can make more types.

  1. Work efficiency is different from time

An air fryer works faster than an oven. Because the working principles of the two are different, there will be differences in work efficiency. The air fryer mainly relies on hot air circulation, and can directly enter the working state without preheating. The oven is heated by the upper and lower tubes, and each time it needs to be preheated for more than ten minutes before work. Many times, when the oven is preheated, the air fryer is ready for the food. Although the oven is not as efficient as the air fryer, it is unmatched by the air fryer in terms of baking. If you also want to make durian crisps and egg tarts at home, you may wish to buy an oven.

  1. Difficulty of cleaning is different

An air fryer is easier to clean than an oven. The more oil you have, the more food residue will be produced during the grilling process. The air fryer does not need to put oil or only needs a small amount of oil when baking food, and it produces very little splash, and it is small and exquisite, and there are not many places that need to be cleaned. In terms of ease of cleaning, the inner tank of the air fryer can be disassembled and cleaned, and it is even easier if it is lined with tin foil. Although the oven has a slag tray, the lower tube will inevitably drip with oil, and it is too large to be disassembled. It must be cleaned carefully after use.

  1. Size and space arrangement

The kitchen space of most friends’ homes is not too large, but they need to put a lot of kitchen utensils, such as a lot of small appliances, such as rice cookers, microwave ovens, kettles, pressure cookers, etc. It is best if some utensils can save some space.

Among them, the air fryer and the electric oven occupy more space, and the air fryer is more suitable for home use. First of all, air fryers are generally smaller than electric ovens. The second is that when working, the electric oven cannot be placed around because of the severe heat, while the air fryer can only be placed at the hot air outlet, which is relatively space-saving.

  1. The taste is different

Whether you choose an air fryer or an oven, the most important thing is whether the baked food is delicious. There are still differences between these two small appliances. Take the chicken wings that children like to eat as an example. The chicken wings are made in the air fryer, because of the fast heating speed, the skin is crispy, and the meat is firm and burnt. Feel healthy. Ovens are different. The chicken wings baked in the oven also have a crispy skin, but the moisture is locked, and the taste is more tender and delicious. You don’t have to worry about gaining weight, and it tastes more delicious. If you switch to roasted sweet potatoes, the air fryer will give you a better taste, with a clear burnt aroma, which is close to the feeling of charcoal roasting when you were a child. The ones baked in the oven are quite satisfactory, keeping the original taste of sweet potatoes. Of course, this is also a matter of personal taste when dealing with relatively large ingredients, such as grilled chicken and grilled steak, or the oven is better. Compared with the air fryer, the oven is nothing more than more precise temperature control and larger capacity, which is suitable for professional baking. The air fryer is small and exquisite, has fast working efficiency, and can meet the baking needs of ordinary families, so it is more suitable for home use.

  1. Choice of air fryer and oven

Judging from the above points, the air fryer is indeed more suitable for home use than an electric oven because of its high working efficiency, time-saving, small footprint, and easy maintenance and cleaning.

Therefore, although there are differences between the air fryer and the oven, there are still many similarities. The specific choice depends on your usage and varies from person to person. Below are two highly cost-effective air fryers and ovens that you can refer to when purchasing!

Proscenic T22  Air Fryer

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-3D HF Circulation Technology
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BioloMix MA528T Air Fryer Oven

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