Choose a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Only Because of Its High Suction Power? Three Main Points to Help You Choose!

Choose a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Only Because of Its High Suction Power? Three Main Points to Help You Choose!

Speaking of wireless vacuum cleaners, I believe everyone is familiar with them. If you only want to choose one cleaning tool at home, wireless vacuum cleaners are definitely a good choice. Whether it is the floor, wall, or cracks, you can get it done by adapting different brush heads.

There are so many brands and models of cordless vacuum cleaners, do you only look at the suction power when purchasing? In fact, the suction power of a wireless vacuum cleaner is not the only indicator for purchasing.

Cleaning Ability

The cleaning ability of the wireless vacuum cleaner mainly depends on three points. First, the suction power should be large so as to ensure clean suction. Second, the suction power will last for a long time without attenuation.

  1. Suction size:

As a wireless vacuum cleaner, when the volume is not much different, the suction power basically depends on the speed of the brushless motor. Generally speaking, those with a speed of more than 80,000 rpm can be called high-speed brushless motors.

  1. Long-lasting suction:

In addition to fast speed and strong suction, the long-lasting suction of the cordless vacuum cleaner is also very important. At this time, it depends on whether the cordless vacuum cleaner has a multi-cone cyclone design.

Simply put, the multi-cone cyclone design is to separate the dust and gas sucked into the vacuum cleaner, so as to ensure that the dust will not block the filter screen, so as to ensure the lasting suction of the vacuum cleaner, so in theory, the more cyclones, the better the separation effect.

But at present, the number of common cyclones is about 8 cones, and more than 10 cones are relatively rare. One is because the internal space of the vacuum cleaner is small, and the other is that after the air cone increases, it must be matched with a higher-speed motor to maintain suction.

  1. Suction and drag integration:

No matter how strong or durable the suction is, traditional wireless vacuum cleaners (including Dyson) can only achieve the function of vacuuming, which is equivalent to replacing the role of a broom when cleaning the floor.

We recommend Jimm H9 Pro. After adding the floor mopping module, it can realize the two functions of vacuuming and mopping the floor at one time, further reducing the labor load in the process of cleaning the floor.

Choose a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Only Because of Its High Suction Power? Three Main Points to Help You Choose!


The battery life of the wireless vacuum cleaner is also divided into three parts, one is battery life, the other is the size of the dust box, and the third is hand fatigue.

  1. Battery life:

Battery life determines how long a cordless vacuum cleaner can be used for a single charge after being fully charged. The single battery life of the battery part must reach at least 40 minutes to be considered a pass, and if it is excellent, it must reach at least 60 minutes.

In addition to long battery life, the removable battery design is also very important. The detachable design eliminates the need to worry about discarding the entire vacuum cleaner due to battery attenuation, which greatly prolongs the service life of the vacuum cleaner.

  1. Dust box size:

In addition to the strong battery life, the dust box of the wireless vacuum cleaner should not be too small, otherwise no one can bear to dump the garbage over and over again during the cleaning process. Usually the capacity of the dust box can reach 0.6L, which can basically support us to complete a whole house cleaning before taking out the garbage.

  1. Hand-held fatigue:

In addition to floor cleaning, the wireless vacuum cleaner can also be handheld for high-level cleaning, so the weight should not be too heavy.

The weights of Jimmy jv85 pro and H9 pro hosts are 1.65kg and 1.89kg respectively, and it will not be too tiring to clean high places for about 10 minutes.

Choose a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Only Because of Its High Suction Power? Three Main Points to Help You Choose!

Human-computer Interaction

In terms of human-computer interaction, wireless vacuum cleaners also have three key points: one is the applicability of the scene, the other is the convenience of cleaning, and the third is the convenience of operation.

  1. Scenario applicability:

In addition to using the main brush head to clean the ground, the type and quantity of other auxiliary brush heads can increase its applicability in multiple scenarios, making the wireless vacuum cleaner more practical.

In addition to the main brush head, the machines currently on the market mainly have four types of brush head accessories, namely the mite removal brush head, crevice suction head, brush suction head and extension hose.

(1) Mite-removing brush head: I usually use the mite-removing brush head to clean the bed surface and pillows. Every time after cleaning, there are all kinds of finely divided garbage in the dust box. It can be said that the existence of the mite-removing brush head greatly reduces the probability of dirt on mattresses and pillows.

(2) Crevice suction head: The crevice suction head can be used to clean all kinds of narrow gaps, such as window sills, car interiors and corners of homes, etc., which are easy to miss.

(3) Brush head: The brush head can clean the floating dust on relatively sensitive items, such as keyboards, bookshelves, ornaments, etc., and can be done with the brush head.

(4) Extended hose: The extended hose can cooperate with the crevice suction head and the brush head for more detailed cleaning, and the use of the extended hose can also avoid the heavy feeling of holding the vacuum cleaner for a long time.

  1. Cleaning convenience:

The convenience of cleaning mainly refers to the difficulty of cleaning the machine itself. After all, no one wants to spend a lot of time cleaning the vacuum cleaner after using it. The dust cup and internal components are all detachable and washable, making it easy to clean the machine thoroughly.

  1. Ease of operation: The design of electrical appliances should follow the principle of powerful functions but the simple operation, otherwise an electrical appliance with the complicated operation and difficult operation will not be used very frequently.

Common designs generally include a trigger button, a lock button, and a switch button, which are very simple to use.

If it can be equipped with an LCD full-color high-definition screen, through the content displayed on the screen, it will be easier to see the current gear, remaining power, and other information.

Choose a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Only Because of Its High Suction Power? Three Main Points to Help You Choose!


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