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FAQ About Camera Operation of YI 4K+ Action Camera

1.How do I take a photo or video?
a. Press the shutter button to power on the device. Press the shutter button again to take picture or video.
b. After powering on the device, slide or tap the current mode on the main page to view more mode options.
c. You can also use the mobile app to switch to other modes.

2.What photo/video modes do my camera support and what does each mode allow?
Video: Record a segment of a video.

Video Resolutions Frames Per Second (fps) NTSC/PAL Field of View (FOV) Screen Resolutions
4K 60,50,30,25 Wide 3840×2160
4K Ultra 30,25 Ultra Wide 3840×2160
4K HD 30,25 Wide 4000×3000
2.7K(16:9) 60,50,30,25 Wide\Medium 2704×1520
2.7K Ultra 30,25 Ultra Wide 2704×1520
2.7K(4:3) 30,25 Wide\Medium 2704×2032
1440p 60,50,30,25 Wide 1920×1440
1080p 120,100,60,50,30,25 Wide\Medium\Narrow 1920×1080
1080p Ultra 90,60,50,30,25 Ultra Wide 1920×1080
960p 120,100,60,50 Wide\Medium 1280×960
720p 240,200 Wide 1280×720
720p Ultra 120,100,60,50 Ultra Wide 1280×720
480p 240,200 Wide 848×480


Time Lapse Video: Set shooting interval for each shot to create a time-lapse video.

  • Supported resolutions: 4K(16:9) fps:30/25  2.7K(4:3) fps:30/25
  • Intervals: 0.5s, 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 30s, 60s


Loop: Record a new video that will always wipe out and replace the last recorded one.

  • Video length: 5 min, 20 min, 60 min, 120 min, Max


Video+Photo: Record video and capture Time Lapse photos at the same time.

  • Supported resolutions: 1080p fps:60/50/30/25 1440p fps:30/25 2.7K(4:3) fps:30/25
  • Intervals:5s, 10s, 30s, 60s


Slow Motion: Record High Frame Rate video and play it back at a Low Frame Rate, which in turn will create a slow-motion video.

  • Supported resolutions:720p fps:60/120/240
  • Rate:2x 4x 8x

Photo: Shoot a single photo

Photo Resolutions Field of View (FOV) Screen Resolutions
12MP Ultra Wide 4000×3000
8MP Ultra Wide 3840×2160
7MP W Ultra Wide 3008×2256
7MP M Medium 3008×2256
5MP Medium 2560×1920


Time Lapse Photo: Capture a series of photos at timed intervals.

  • Intervals:0.5s, 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 30s, 60s


Timer: Capture photos on a delay.

  • Countdown:3s, 5s, 10s, 15s


Burst: Press the shutter button to capture a sequence of photos.

  • Frequency: 3p/s, 5p/s, 10p/s, 10p/2s, 10p/3s, 30p/s, 30p/2s, 30p/3s, 30p/6s


3.What scenes are my camera suited for?

a. Shoot videos with fast-moving scenes: You can use 720P 240FPS, 720P 120FPS, or 480P 240FPS recording mode.
b. Shoot HD video: You can use 4K/60FPS, 4KHD/30FPS, 4K/30FPS, 2.7K/30FPS, 1440P/60FPS, 1080/120FPS video recording mode.
c. Night shooting: You can go to “LCD -> Auto Low Light” option and adjust the ISO, White Balance, and EV to compensate for darkness and then shoot.
The camera also supports NTSC/PAL system.

4.How do I capture photos while recording?

a. Use Video + Photo mode to simultaneously shoot videos and photos

b. Use the app to control the camera. While shooting a video, press the capture button on the bottom right.

FAQ About Camera Operation of YI 4K+ Action Camera

List of capture features:







4K Ultra













1080p Ultra












720p Ultra







5.How do I quickly take a picture?

When powering on the device, the default mode is camera. Power on the device by pressing the shutter button. Then press the shutter button again to take a picture.

The default mode can be changed by going into Settings -> System Settings -> Default Camera Mode

6.Why can’t I take pictures/videos?

a. Please check that the SD card is inserted into the device
b. Please check that the SD card has enough capacity (You will hear an alert sound while taking a photo/video if your SD card has reached full capacity).
c. Please make sure the SD card is FAT32 formatted.

FAQ About Camera Operation of YI 4K+ Action Camera

7.When I take a photo in low light, why is the reaction time very slow?

When taking photos at night or in low light, please turn on automatic low-light adjustment. The camera requires more time for exposure so the process is slightly longer.

8.Why do videos shot under light sources have horizontal stripes?

a. Please check whether PAL or NTSC is being used when recording. If the TV format is PAL in your country, please use PAL video format and use NTSC standard video and vice versa.
b. Since the light flicker frequency and video shooting frequency are not the same, it results in horizontal stripe in videos taken under light sources.  Please avoid video shooting under artificial light. Shooting under natural light is preferred.

9.Why isn’t my touchscreen responding?

a. Please make sure the battery has sufficient power and the camera can be powered on.

b. If the camera is on and the touchscreen is still unresponsive, the camera may have crashed. Please remove the battery and put it back in then turn on the camera and try again.

10.What is In Housing Mode and how do I use it?

In housing mode,long press shutter for menu to appear and easily switch camera mode.

Press shutter to scroll,long press to select your desired mode and exit.

11.Why doesn’t my camera have sound?

a. Please check if you muted the speakers

b. Sound Settings: Go to “LCD -> Settings -> System Settings -> Volume” to view or change sound settings.

FAQ About Camera Operation of YI 4K+ Action Camera

12.What is Audio Control and how do I use it?

Audio Control has two modes: Wind mode and Stereo mode, which can be set in the system settings menu.
a. Wind mode: The camera will automatically filter the wind noise to optimize the sound quality when recording, but the mode will reduce the overall volume. Suitable for scenes experiencing strong wind.
b. Stereo mode: The camera will effectively capture the targeted sound when recording, the volume is a bit higher. Suitable for scenes with clear sounds.

13.How do I get my camera focused?

YI Action Camera 4K is with 155 degree FOV, and YI Action Camera 4K is with very deep Depth-of-Field which can virtually cover from selfie photography distance to infinity photography. So, like other action cameras, the focus distance of YI Action Camera 4K is fixed, and not adjustable. We think this fixed focus distance lens is the best choice for Action Camera, balancing image quality, toughness and small size.
To get maximum resolution at very near field photography, such as less than 10cm, we recommend to use a macro lens from a third-party.

14.What are some of my camera’s advanced options, such as shutter and white balance?

You can manually set the metering mode, shutter speed, white balance, sensitivity, and exposure compensation as well as low light and electronic image stabilization features.

15.Aperture, shutter speed, metering mode, white balance, sensitivity, exposure value compensation?

Aperture:Amount of light

Shutter: YI Action Camera’s shutter is for taking ordinary pictures and timed pictures. It determines after the shutter is activated whether to prolong exposure

· Shutter speeds:Automatic, 2s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 30s

· Shooting speeds:1/4096 to 30s

Metering mode: Calculate brightness range. YI Action Camera has center and spot metering modes.

White balance: Users can change the white balance to adjust the overall photo/video color.

16.What is the Electronic Image Stabilization(EIS) function? Which resolutions are supported?

Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) helps the footage stay clear and stable in situations where the camera is subject to knocks and bumps.

For the first time, 4K/30fps video supports EIS support. Keep doing what you’re doing and let the EIS take care of stabilizing your footage. Just turn on the Electronic Image Stabilization option when you are shooting.

Supported Resolutions: 4K fps:30\25\24 2.7K(16:9) fps:60\50\30\25 1080p fps:60/50/30/25 960p fps:60/50

17.What is the Auto Low Light feature?

Auto Low Light mode will automatically adjust settings according to lighting conditions to achieve the best low light performance. Even if you move back and forth between bright and dark environments, you do not need to manually adjust the camera settings.

18.Does the camera support the AV OUT feature?

This feature is supported. Go to “LCD -> Settings -> System Settings -> Advanced Settings -> AV OUT” to view or change settings

19.How do I set or change the camera’s time?

a. Go to “LCD -> Settings -> System Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Time/Date” to view or change the time.

b. After pairing with the camera app, the camera will automatically synchronize the time.

20.Why is there no timestamp?

Timestamp is not supported while shooting HFR (120P and above), Time-lapse video and slow-motion.

21.How do I go back to the launch screen when camera is first powered on?

Tap the camera’s LCD to light it up. Tap “Settings” – “System Settings”-“Factory Reset” to access the factory recovery options. After restoring to factory settings, you can view the launch screen again.

22.Why is my video divided into multiple clips when I am recording?

a. If looping is on, videos will be split every 5 minutes. After the SD card is full,it will automatically delete the earliest video file and continue recording.
b. If looping is off, videos will be split every 2GB. After the SD card is full, it will stop recording the video.
c. A SD card with low performance also causes the video to be divided.  We highly recommend using one of the suggested SD cards.
d. SD card must be FAT32. A single video file cannot exceed 4GB. If a video exceeds 4GB, the camera will automatically generate follow-up video clips while recording.

23.Why are the videos not divided according to the above rules?

This may be caused by the poor performance and quality of  the SD card.  We would suggest you use SD cards recommended by YI to avoid this issue.
Recommended action: use a suggested SD card.

24.Why is the loop recording prompting me about insufficient space?

a. Is the memory card full?

b. Using loop recording requires a quantity of initial free space.

1) Delete some of your videos and then start recording.

2) Switch to normal video mode, then start recording.

c. Using loop recording requires an amount of free space to initialize, please delete some of your videos and start recording.

25.Will the video being shot be saved if all of a sudden the battery drains out or the memory runs out?

The camera will save previously recorded footage.

26.Why does the app stop working after it’s been connected to the camera?

Please check if the camera shows “Album (File Manager).” App is disabled if the camera is in this mode.

27.The LCD preview is too bright, too white or completely white.

Check the shutter/ISO/EV settings. Manually setting these values will affect the exposure of the final image and preview result.  If the issues still persist, please restore your camera.

28.A black screen is displayed with an “AV OUT” logo.

If the “AV OUT” is turned on, a black screen is displayed.  Just turn off “AV OUT” to fix this issue.

29.Video files cannot be played back.

Normally, videos may not be played back due to malfunction of the battery or other abnormal conditions.  Removing the SD card and putting it back in or turning on the device again should fix this issue.  While recovering the LCD screen would show “Recovering…”. It is highly likely that the video cannot be recovered if its less than 10 seconds in length.

30.While taking photos or recording, the screen suddenly turns black but the light is still blinking.

Check the auto screen lock option. If the auto screen lock option is on, and the camera does not detect interaction after a certain duration of time, the screen would be locked however the video is still being recorded.  Tap the screen to unlock and continue viewing the video you are recording.

31.How do I use my camera at night? Does it come with flash?

Flash is not included. Night shooting result could be enhanced by adjusting settings such as ISO, etc.

32.Why do my nighttime videos have streaking? How do I correct this?

In low light situations, nighttime videos will sometimes show streaking because the camera exposure time takes too long.
Try to use the supported automatic low-light capability’s resolution (frame rate must be greater than 30 and less than or equal to 120). Video brightness will increase while noise and streaking should be minimized.

33.Why does the preview image in photo mode sometimes display in black and white?

Black and white photos may be due to overexposure. This can be common during the day if the shutter is not set to Auto and the EV (exposure value) is too high (i.e. +2.0).
You can resolve this by setting the shutter to automatic and the EV (exposure value) to 0. If the camera preview still does not improve, try restoring to factory settings.

34.Why doesn’t 4K/60FPS video support Electronic Image Stabilization or Adjust Lens Distortion? How do I resolve this?

a. The camera supports Electronic Image Stabilization and Adjust Lense Distortion in most common cases (including 4K/30FPS).
b. 4K/60FPS is a very technically heavy video mode. In order to ensure the best 4K/60FPS quality, the camera has allotted all of its technical capacity towards processing and compressing the 4K/60FPS images. Thus, the 4K/60FPS video does not support Electronic Image Stabilization and Adjust Lens Distortion.
c. YI 4K+ Action Camera working  with a suitable gimbal can support image stabilization for 4K/60FPS.

35.What are the requirements and limitations of Auto Low Light/Adjust Lense Distortion/Electronic Image Stabilization?

a. Auto Low Light support requirements: 30fps < frame rate <= 120 fps. Slow motion/Time Lapse Video modes are not supported

b. EIS support requirements: 4K/60FPS video resolution and frame rates greater than 60 are not supported. Photo/Time Lapse Video/Slow Motion modes are not supported

c. When turned on, EIS will disable Auto Low Light

d. All modes support Adjust Lens Distortion

36.Does the camera have RAW mode?

Yes this mode is supported for photos. Make sure your firmware is updated on your camera.

37.What’s the highest frames per second (fps) for 4K video? Why I can only get it up to 25 fps?

The highest fps for 4K video is 60. You need to switch to NTSC mode to have that much fps.

38.What’s the meaning of Ultra resolution?

It’s for enhanced Field of View (FoV). If turned on, the camera will have a wider view angle.

39.Why the length of the videos are all fixed like 8’30” when shooting 4K videos?

When shooting 4K/60FPS videos, it will generate 750M of data per minute. The maximum file size that the camera system supports is 4GB.
When shooting 4K/30FPS videos, it will generate 450M of data per minute. The maximum file size that the camera system supports is 4GB. So in this situation the length of the videos are all 8’30”.

40.Why is it taking a longer time to finish recording a 4K video?

When shooting a 4K video, a huge amount of data is generated and written to the SD card. If the write speed of the SD card is not fast enough, it will take a longer time. Please choose one of the SD we recommended.

41.When shooting in loop mode, why does it generate five 1-minute long video files?


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