Ticwatch S has grabbed most people’s attention since May. We have collected some questions from our customer for information.

1. Ticwatch S functions

Heart rate monitor, Pedometer,Dial, Messaging, Contacts, Weather, GPS, WIFI,Play Store, Google Map, Google Now, Notification reminder, OTA upgrade, Remote camera/music, Sound recorder, Calendar, Clock, Search phone, Stopwatch,etc
Special Fuction: Buil-in GPS, Light weight, Music on the move, Heart rate monitor, IP67 water resistance, Shazam, Google Assistant, Google Fit, Messenger

2. Ticwatch S Smartwatch parameters

OS: Android Wear 2.0
CPU: MTK2601, Dual Core, 1.2GHz
RAM: 512MB

APP Name:Ticwear
App Language:Chinese,English
Smartwatch Language:English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, German etc.

Heart-rate monitor, Proximity sensor
Accelerometer, Gyroscope, e-Compass

Heart-rate monitor, Proximity sensor
Accelerometer, Gyroscope, e-Compass

Weight and Size
Total length: 163 mm
Band width: 22mm
Product weight: 45.5 g


Connection type: Bluetooth, WiFi
Bluetooth version: V4.1
WIFI: 802.11b/g/n
SIM Card Slot: Not Support
Speaker: Supported

Package Contents
1 x Ticwatch S Smartwatch
1 x Charger Dock
1 x USB Cable
1 x English Manual

3. Compatibility

Ticwatch S is compatible with Smartphones with  Android 4.3 or above, iOS 8.0 or above.

4. What is the major difference between S & E?
The technical difference between S and E is the location of the GPS: Ticwatch S has the GPS built into the watch band for better tracking, Ticwatch E has traditional replaceable straps and GPS built into the watch body. The design difference between S and E : The Ticwatch S is 45mm in diameter and 13mm thick while weighing in at 45.5g. It also has a fixed, “breathable” watch band designed for workouts which minimizes sweating under the band. Ticwatch E is 44mm in diameter and 13.55mm thick while weighing in at 41.5g.The strap material: Ticwatch S : TPU Ticwatch E: Silicon

5. How can I change my watch face?
There are multiple watch faces available in the watch memory that you can change either from the watch menu itself or downloading those on google play.

6. Will the battery be interchangeable?
The battery can’t be replaced by end users because of the waterproof construction.

7. Does S&E use a wireless Charger?
No – It charges with a cord that plugs into the back of the device.

8. Is the Ticwatch S & E waterproof?
Yes, they have an IP67 rating, which means that it is splash proof. It is not recommended for swimming.

9. Can the watch pair to multiple devices?
A watch can only be paired to one phone at a time. However, you can pair multiple watches to a single Android phone.

10. Can i replace Ticwatch E bands with Ticwatch 2 bands?
Yes, you can replace them.

11. What languages does the watch support?
The Ticwacth S&E supports many different languages such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, German etc. The watch languages will change according to your phone’s language settings.

12. Does Ticwatch S & E work with both iOS and Android?
Yes. Ticwatch S & E are compatible with both smartphones running on iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.3+ OS.

13. What is the difference between International version and Chinese version?
Chinese version: Ticwear firmware, 3G,NFC,more SKU
International version:First Ticwatch powered by Android Wear 2.0.
Built-in Ticwatch apps to manage your wellness in every dimension

14. Does the watch support iOS/windows phone?
It supports both iOS and Android, doesn’t support windows phone.
15. Does the watch support iOS/windows phone?
It supports both iOS and Android, doesn’t support windows phone.

16.Can I reply text message via voice commend?
Does not support iMessages, but AW 2.0 standalone store empowers many messaging apps(Facebook Messager, Whatsapp, Telegrams,etc) You can barely miss a message from your phone.

16. Does it support keyboard?
Android Wear supports handwriting and keyboard.

17. Does the watch support Android Pay and Apple Pay?

It doesn’t support NFC.

18. Does the watch support sleep tracking?

You can download third-party apps (e.g. Sleep as Android) to the watch for both iOS and Android.

19. Does the watch support to make phone call and pick up phone call?

Android phone can pick up and make phone calls.iOS doesn’t support.

20. Can I pair the same watch to multiple devices?

One watch can pair to one phone at one time.

21. Can I pair the same phone with mutiple watches?

Android phone can pair with mutiple watches.

22. Can I check photos/emails/videos on the watch?

You can check emails/pictures and videos on the watch through third party apps.

23. Can I track my watch when it is lost?

The watch cannot be tracked when it is lost.

24. Can I scan web information on the watch?

Users can scan web on the watch through third party apps.

25. Can I control music play through the watch?

Yes, both iOS and Android can control music through the watch.

26. Does the watch support offline music play? Can I download songs on the watch? In what format?

You can download music through third party apps.

27. Does the watch support google assistant?


28. Does the watch have google map? Can I use it for navigation?

Yes, of course. It support google maps and other map apps.

29. Does it support third party fitness apps?Can I share my fitness data to these apps?

It supports major fitness apps,such as Google fit, Strava, Runkeeper.

30.Does it support third party music apps?

It supports major music apps,like Google music and Spotify.

31.What are the advantages compare with other AW smartwatches?

  1. Competitive price. Compare with other AW smartwatches, we offer a variety of hardware functions, software features , and good design at a reasonable price
2. Sport-inspired design.Our design for S/E have been recognized by world-famous industry design associations.(Good Design Award, Red Dot)
3. Anti-scratch screen and integrated watch design to enhance watch features and durability
4. Powered by Android Wear system. With the stable operating system and a wide range of app selection, Ticwatch is capable of assisting you in every occasion easier than ever.
5. Ticwatch app suites motivate you to reach your limits(with comprehensive features and advanced fitness algorithm)
32. Can I choose the letter size and color?
You can change the letters size on the watch.
33. What health Activities does the Application Application Support?
Any styles on third party apps.
34. Can music services on AW play over headphones connected to the watch?
After pairing with the phone, Ticwatc S&E can pair to Bluetooth headphones to listen music.
35. Will it support OTA updates?
36. Will the watch bands be interchangeable?
Yes, Ticwatch E uses the traditional 22mm wide band, users can change their band whenever they need or want to with the same width. There will be bands as accessaries on our official website once the product is released to public.
Ticwatch S doesn’t support to change bands.
37. How long is the battery life?
48 hours depends on the user preference.
38. Can I charge the watch whole night?
As the watch can be fully charged with in 2 hours,it is not suggested to charge overnight.
39. Whether can I use third party charger? Why?
From the safety perspective, it is not suggested to use third-party charger.
40. How long does it take to fully charge the watch?
It will be fully charged in 70 minutes by original charger.
 41. How far away can the watch go from the phone?
10 meters in open area.The depends your cellphone Bluetooth performance and actual surroundings.
42. Does the watch have a speakerphone in it?



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