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JJRC H37 Mini/H43WH/H47/H49 RC Quadcopter FAQ

JJRC H37 Mini Baby Elfie, a pocket drone that is portable where arms could be folded, and you can carry it in your bag or pouch.Despite its size. The JJRC H37 mini has gravity sense control, one key landing, altitude hold, one key take off as well as option to add waypoints to its flight.

JJRC H43WH Blue Crab is an entry-level selfie drones that has crab shape and foldable arms. With its HD 720P camera, altitude hold and G sensor,one key return, it has all the basic features needed for an entry-level selfie drone.

JJRC H47 ELFIE Plus is the upgraded model of H37 Elfie with one-hand G-sensor controller and a much bigger size. The drone features G-sensor Mode, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, Beauty Mode along with a 720p camera and a protective case.

JJRC H49 SOL, an ultrathin foldable selfie drone with only 0.95cm thickness. The foldable arms will automatically pop out with only one press. The 720P camera and WIFI real-time transmission FPV system allows you to take high resolution pictures & video during flight. Also, altitude hold mode, beauty mode, one key return,3D flips will bring you tons of fun.

Here are some FAQs we gathered that may help you get to know about JJRC H37 Mini/H43WH/H47/H49.

1. Control Failure
Cause: Not connect with the drone battery.
Solution: Connect the battery of the drone in right way.Cause: To strong wind force.
Solution: Do not fly in windy days. The performance and the control of the drone will be affected by the strong winds.

2. Fail To Ascend
Cause: The rotation speed of main blades is too slow.
Solution: Push up the throttle joystick.

Cause: The battery of the drone is not fully charged.
Solution: Please full charge the drone.

3. Landing to soon

Cause: The throttle joystick is pulled down too fast.
Solution: Pull down the throttle joystick slowly to perform a smooth landing.

4. Out of control
Cause: Beyond the effective controlling distance.
Solution: Ensure that the flying distance is within 300 meters.

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