The Top 10 Christmas Drone Gifts for 2016
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The Top 10 Christmas Drone Gifts for 2016

It might be better to follow old-fashioned advice if you want a truly happy Christmas this year. Start shopping early. It will lower your blood pressure, eliminate the stress, save all the last-minute rushing around and give you a more relaxed December. Since Christmas is a time to enjoy with friends and family, drone is definitely a great Christmas gift. What’s more fun than flying a drone with friends and family? Here are top 10 RC drones we would like to recommend to you.

1. Cheerson CX-10WD MINI RC Quadcopter RTF

Cheerson CX-10WD
The Cheerson CX-10WD is currently the flagship CX-10 and has all the bells and whistles that Cheerson has to offer for its highly popular nano quadcopter series. This includes altitude hold, WiFi FPV and a transmitter that doubles as a carrying case. The weight of this tiny aircraft is around 18g, which makes it probably one of the world’s lightest FPV quadcopter with altitude hold. Do you want to impress your friends and family on Christmas day? Get this quadcopter!
$35.99 BUY NOW

2. FQ777-126C Mini Spider Drone

FQ777-126C is a palm sized hexacopter, which allows you put in your pocket. Although it is small, the drone is sturdy and robust. Its lightweight airframe has great durability and allows stable flight that is smooth and easy. The drone features a 720P camera that is great for recording and taking photos. It also set up with headless mode and one key to return function. This drone is a must-have Christmas gift for kids or grownups. For more information, click here to read the review of the FQ777-126C Mini Spider Drone.
$26.99 BUY NOW

3. JJRC H31 RC Quadcopter 

The JJRC H31 is the first quadcopter that we encountered so far that is marketed as waterproof. Usually, waterproof drones are extremely expensive because they have different design and require special components. However, JJRC H31 are pretty affordable. It is able to withstand a substantial amount of water, raindrops, crash on a river, lake or pool, even if it was submerged under water it will still work. The drone also features headless mode, one key to return, 3D roll, high-speed aerobatics, high-speed rotation etc. If you are looking for a drone with these qualifications, the JJRC H31 is the perfect pick for you.
$29.99 BUY NOW

4. Hubsan H111C Nano RC Quadcopter

The Hubsan H111C is one of the smallest quads on the market. At just 42x42x25mm and 17.8g, the Hubsan H111C is sturdy and has good durability. This quadcopter features a HD camera that can record videos and take pictures. It also features 2 speed modes, headless mode, 3D flip, Led lights. The quadcopter uses a 3.7V 180mah battery that gives it a flight time of about 5.5 to 6.5 minutes. If you are looking for nano camera drone, this Hubsan H111C is worth consideration.
$36.99 BUY NOW

5. FQ777 FQ11W FPV Foldable Pocket Drone

FQ777 FQ11W
Pocket foldable quadcopters like FQ777 FQ11/FQ11W are appreciated because they are affordable and extremely portable. For beginners we always recommend to buy RC models that are inexpensive and easy to fly. The FQ777 FQ11 and FQ777 11W have the same features, except that FQ11W comes with a 0.3MP camera. Both of them are amazing pocket quadcopters for the price! They are very small, compact and perfect for indoors or outdoors. Click here to read the unboxing review of the FQ777 FQ11/FQ11W unboxing review.
$32.99 BUY NOW

6. Hubsan H111D Nano RC Quadcopter

Hubsan H111D Nano RC Quadcopter
What is so special about this drone?! The Hubsan H111D probably is the first nano drone with FPV and altitude hold. The Hubsan H111D has the same features as Hubsan H111C including a 480p HD camera, headless mode, LED lights, a 4-channel transmitter, a 6-axis gyro and a R/C distance of approximately 50 meters, except that Hubsan H111D comes with FPV function. With FPV capabilities, you can see everything that the drone can see in real time. Click here to read the full review of the Hubsan H111D.
$87.99 BUY NOW

7. MJX X906T RC Quadcopter RTF


MJX X906T is a mini RC quadcopter that is very well-built and has some pretty impressive features such as 5.8G FPV HD real-time images transmission. It is one of the few toy drones out there that can be flown using your smartphone’s accelerometer (G-sensor) via the MJX H app. This is one key feature that gives the X916H the edge over its rivals. Imagine flying this toy drone with your friends or family on Christmas day. That will definitely be a wonderful experience.
$67.99 BUY NOW

8. XK X251 with Brushless Motor RC Quadcopter RTF

XK X251


XK X251 is a new mini quadcopter with powerful brushless motors, designed to be fast and swift. The XK X251 Whirlwind comes ready to fly out of the box even the propeller blades are installed all you will need is 6 AA batteries, charge up your 950mAh lipo battery and you are ready to go. If you are looking for a first brushless & cheap machine robust, fast, agile, and able to carry FPV kit with a great radio range, you can’t be wrong with the XK X251.
$109.99 BUY NOW

9. Hubsan X4 H502S RC Quadcopter RTF

Hubsan X4 H502S
H502S is the small version of H501S released recently by Hubsan. Its wheelbase is 165mm and it is equipped with coreless 0820 brushed motors, 7.4V 610mAh Li-Po battery. The flight time is around 10-12 minutes. The built-in GPS enables “Follow me” and one key to return function. The takeoff weight is only 153g. This quadcopter is probably the most lightweight and high-tech quadcopter for aerial photography. Want to get some great indoor or outdoor flying fun on Christmas day? Try this one!
$156.99 BUY NOW

10. ZEROTECH DOBBY Pocket Selfie Drone

ZEROTECH DOBBY Pocket Selfie Drone
Zerotech Dobby, a pocket drone ideal for taking aerial photographs and selfies. Equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad-core 2.3 GHz chip, 2GB RAM, 16GB SSD, Adreno330 GPU and Hexagon DSP, Dobby has abundant features including facial identification, one-clip make up and share, 4K video shooting and voice control and etc. Click here to read the unboxing review of the ZEROTECH DOBBY Pocket drone.
$349.99 BUY NOW


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