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Attention! Only International Version Yi Home Camera Can be used in oversea market

With the growing number of Xiaomi users, Xiaomi Technology released international version YI home camera, so YI home camera has different version: Chinese version and international version.

What is the difference between Chinese version and international version ?

Pls follow the link for instruction:

 International Version of YI Home camera Differs with Chinese Version

The following information comes from Xiaomi Technology official website. If you buy Chinese version YI home camera, it maybe doesn’t work because of its APP connection. In order to provide better service and better users experience, we suggest our users to buy international version.

 Pls note:  Chinese version camera manufactured after 1st November 2015 can’t be used in foreign countries.

“The Chinese version YI Home Cam (which is also known as Xiaomi smart camera) is customized for users in mainland China. The languages, features and services are more suitable for mainland Chinese users. It is only officially sold in mainland China and Chinese version cameras manufactured after 1st November 2015 work in mainland China only, otherwise it will fail to pair or fail to connect. To use YI Home Cam in other locations, we suggest to buying international version YI Home Cam.”

For US users:  White;  Black (international version)

For EU users: White ;  Black (international version)

How to distinguish which version your YI home camera is ?

As the picture shows, on the below of QR code, there is a list of ten string.  The 3rd and 4th characters standard for its applicable countries and regions code.

CN: Chinese version

US / TW /KR/EU/other Country Code: International Version




How can I know whether your YI camera was manufactured after 1st November 2015?

You can check the manufacturing date of your camera by scanning the QR Code at the back of your camera.

  1.  you need to have an app that has QR Code Scan feature, like WeChat or QR Code Reader, etc.
  2.  center the QR code in the scanning frame.
  3.  you will see a whole device ID on your phone, the last six digits of which represent the manufacturing date.


                                            International version shows: 



How to download suitable APP version?

App store update two version of YI home camera APP:  Chinese version and international version.

The most important thing is to indentify the version of  YI home camera, the download suitable APP version.

 Chinese version YI home camera can connect to Chinese APP only.

         For Android device :

         For iOS device:   select “China” for current Apple ID, then Searh “ YI Home Camera” in App Store.

 International version can connect to international APP only.

        For Android device: install from your local Google Play

        For iOS device:  install from your local  App Store


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