We Recommend International Edition Xiaomi Smartphone For You
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We Recommend International Edition Xiaomi Smartphone For You

Recently international edition Xiaomi series smartphones are available at geekbuying.com. English global edition Xiaomi smartphones are more suitable for users outside mainland China. Why the global edition is better? Let’s check the details.

1.Operated System

The system of international edition Xiaomi smartphones is Global MIUI OS. This is the official Xiaomi global operated system. So it supports OTA update in the future. Chinese edition Xiaomi smartphones custom the third part ROM. It means that the operated system is not original. In results, CN edition Xiaomi smartphones could not upgrade to new official MIUI.

system-in-2    system -cn

2. Google Play

English global edition is pre-installed Google play store, Google services. As we know, all Chinese smartphones will not come with Google play due to Google play is not work in China. Also , Xiaomi smartphones Chinese edition haven’t. Some sellers just root the phone with Google play, that’s not original.


The apps pre-installed in the phone are different. CN edition Xiaomi smartphones customed with third part ROM will come with many Chinese Apps and junk softwares. This will not come up in global version.


4. Multi-languages

Xiaomi smartphones global edition are designed for users outside China. So it is built-in multi-languages. But the CN edition is only root to multi-languages. The language list is different between these two versions.

5. Accessories

The charger of global edition is EU standard charger. Geekbuying.com will ship the phone with a right adapter to customers. English global edition Xiaomi smartphones and chargers passed CE certification at the same time. That’s more safe for customer’s use. The charger of CN version is US standard. Not even the phone but also the charger of CN version haven’t passed CE certification. This will lead to inconvenience to sell the phone in Europe.



6. User Manual

Same as the other specifications, Xiaomi smartphones international edition will come with English user manual. But the CN version only with Chinese.

mauanual-in        manaual-cn-2

For more convenient use, We recommend international edition xiaomi smartphone for you. You could order the international Xiaomi smartphones in the below links.

Xiaomi Mi5 3GB 32GB – White

Xiaomi Mi5 3GB 32GB – Black

Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro 3GB 32GB – Gold

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro 2GB 16GB – Silver

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro 2GB 16GB – Gold

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 2GB 16GB – White

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 2GB 16GB – Gray

Hope you enjoy!


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