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Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Right RC Drones

RC Drones, also known as rc multicopters, rc quadcopters, rc multi-rotor copters, UAVs, and several other names,  are the hottest hobby going right now. Everyone wants to buy a rc drone these days. But before you do, here are some suggestions for you.

In general, there are 5 factors to consider before purchasing your first rc drone:

1. Flight Time

“Flight Time” refers to the amount of time a drone is able to fly on a single charge. There are several factors that determine a particular drone’s flight time (battery size, weight, and flying maneuvers all play a role). rc toys have flight times that average around 4-8 minutes. Advanced rc drones have flight times that average around 15-25 minutes.

2. Size 

RC Drones can be divided into four categories regarding size: micro, small, medium, and large. Smaller drones are inexpensive, lightweight, sturdy, and very easy to use, thus better suited to children and beginners,and those looking to fly a drone indoors should consider micro models. Large drones are difficult to control. If you have rich rc experience, you could consider choose a large drone.

Among the many mini drones, DHD D1JJRC H20are the hot-selling toy drones. In addition, with cool appearance, high density baroceptor, one key to fly/land and many other features, Cheerson’s new product Mini CX-10D Quadcopterattracts people’s eyes.


Mini CX-10D Quadcopter



3. Brand

While buying anything, the brand and the company becomes one of the most influential factors to make the final decision. So, here  we are sorting out the best brands for these awesome rc drones.

RC Toys: Syma, JJRC, Cheerson, MJX, Hubsan

Professional drones: DJI, Walkera, Zero


DJI Phantom 4 


Walkera Voyager 3

4. Channels

RC drones receive radio signals from the controller and translate this into different movement. However, each type of action requires one transmission channel, which is why more sophisticated drones have more channels. Beginners may consider starting with a 3ch or 4ch model and working their way up as they master the available channels.

5. Height

Height will be a consideration. In general, a small drone could fly 10m high. A medium-sized drone could fly higher than 30m. Some people may care too much about height when purchasing drones. However, we do not recommend fly drones too high and too far away. The air flow caused by the drone reflects from the ground and affects drone behaviour. So, if drones fly too high and too far away, you might lose control or lose the connection.


Here are some of the general specs. Please note that pricing could change depending on where you buy everything and flight time is estimated.

Model Name Estimated Price USD Flight Time Model Size Skill Level
DJI Phantom 4 $1449 – Check todays price 20 – 29min Medium Intermediate
DJI Phantom 3 $799 – Check todays price 17 – 21min Medium Intermediate
DJI Inspire 1 $2899 – Check todays price 16 -19min Large Intermediate
Yuneec Q500 $828 – Check todays price 17 – 20min Medium Intermediate
Walkera Runner 250 $739.99 – Check todays price 10 – 13min Medium Intermediate
Hubsan H501S $319 – Check todays price 18 – 20min Medium Intermediate
Hubsan X4 $45 – Check todays price 5 – 7min Very small Beginner
Cheerson CX-35 $127 – Check todays price 5 – 8min Medium Beginner
MJX X601H $72.99 – Check todays price 7 – 10min Medium Beginner
FQ777-126C $36.99 – Check todays price 5 – 8min Crazy Small Beginner
Cheerson CX-10D $19.99 – Check todays price 4 – 6min Crazy Small Beginner

Hopefully, the information above has given you a better idea about how to choose the right drone. Wish everyone purchase a suitable drone, bring it to the outside, and enjoy infinite joy of playing rc drones!

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