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Notice! Your Xiaomi Yi Camera may not Work

Xiaomi technology recently released an international version of the Xiaomi Yi action camera: US version and EU version. Both version are available in white and black color. At the same time, Xiaomi will ban APP service of Chinese version in the overseas, which means that if you purchase Yi action camera of Chinese version, and you can’t use it because of language different.

What is international version?

An international version item is a product depending on the country of origin, international versions of a product may differ from domestic versions in their default settings, packaging materials, language on packaging and instructions, AC adaptors and plugs, accessories, manufacturer warranty or other features. ( more details from Amazon and Geekbuying.)


What differences are there between international and Chinese version ?


As we all know that the Chinese version of Yi action camera can only connect Chinese App. If Xiaomi bans overseas APP service, then what can the users do? Kindly suggest that the users buy an international one, because APP of the international version with multi languages applies to global users.

And according to the description on

“The U.S. version is compatible with U.S. Wi-Fi network environments and voltage, along with U.S. environmental standards. It has different packaging and English instructions. The other non-U.S. version are not from authorized sellers and could be counterfeit.”( EU version is the same)



Chinese Version features a 960mAh battery ( from Panasonic)

International Version features 990mAh battery( from Sony)

The batter life of international version is longer the Chinese version. What is more, the backdoor of the battery housing (international version) is covered with an aluminum alloy sheet. Its heat dissipation is better than plastic cover( Chinese version).


The international version of Yi action camera has passed CE and FCC certifications. In addition,  the US version has passed CRUUS certification and the EU version passing KC certification. Comparing to this, the original Chinese version only passed CE certification.



When the original Chinese version connects APP, the speed maybe be very slow. However, the international version promotes its user’s experience and update its speed.


According to the press release the International Version differs:

 “The package is better, local language and all the international certifications”

The Chinese version package is made from wood material and the international version uses recyclable wood material box with a red paper cover. The package of international version is better and more environmental.

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From the above, we know the international version indeed make different changes including its package, user manual, appearance and so on. Here we are not going to go through more examples. The standard of international version is $80.99.The price at Geekbuying is $79.99 for promotion now. Although its price is a little more expensive that the Chinese version, it’s better and more valuable. Kindly remind that if you buy the Chinese version, you can’t use it. (because app of Chinese version is Chinese and even you possibly can’t download it. )

The international Yi Action Camera is from authorized the following retailers , if you are interested, you can buy here.

Price comparison

Geekbuying :$ 79.99

Amazon :     $ 80.99

Aliexpress :  $ 90.99

See more different changes about international version of Yi action camera from our blog.

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