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Remix OS 2.0 Firmware For Tronsmart Vega s95

Hi Vega s95 Users:

We are glad to annouce The REMIX OS 2.0 is coming to vega s95.

Read the following before you check the download link :)

How cool is it?

What is Remix OS?

Is this the finally official release?
We are sorry,it’s not. We still call this beta firmware, We want to hear your voice, and we will keep updating this version.
So in our testing, the xbmc performance is not as good as stock android, that’s the main problem right now. So you are a heavy xbmc user, please be careful to try this.

Do you still work on the stock android firmware?
OF COURSE! Don’t worry, Stock firmware is the most important for us, our engineer are fixing the problems, actually we have finished one version this week, however, more and more people request to add the game controller support, so we want to add this in the new firmware, but anyway, It’s around the corner :)

Can i still go back to android if i don’t like the remix os?
Of course, you can, just follow the instruction here

Does the IR remote work on this remix os?
Yes,it can, BUT we don’t suggest use IR remote with Remix os. Remix os request you use the keyboard and mouse, it will give you a windows experience in Android. so please use usb keyboard and mouse to get better experience.

Now here we go:

Remix os 2.0 for Vega s95 telos, firmware download here…
Remix os 2.0 for Vega s95 Meta, firmware download here…
For pro version, we still release later.

You need a usb male to male cable to update via pc. Follow the instruction here

Please note, you will lose all of the data in android if you flash this firmware, make sure you know everything before you flash.

Ready to enjoy a new android experience!

Thanks for the review !

From Tronsmart

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