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Chuwi Hi10 Tablet 64 Bits Win10 Firmwares_195507

Here glad to share Chuwi Hi10 64 Bits Win10 Firmwares:

1, For SN code 42151101029-3000: Part1, Part2, Part3 (SN code 42151100001-1029 can’t flash this firmware)


1) 32 bits upgrade to 64 bits;

2) 64 bits: ID 22151103000 later are with 64 bits BIOS, just flash inside 64 bits BIOS file (Normally it’s not necessary). 


2, For SN code after 42151103000Part1, Part2, Part3

(Normally the BIOS flashing is not necessary, but if your class 10 sd card can’t be read, please flash the BIOS first.)


Note: BT, WIFI, TP 3 driver files are divided into V200 and V300, which need to be used for corresponding ID.

V200 is for SN code 1029-3000 (last 4 numbers), and V300 is for SN code 3000 later(last 4 numbers).


Attention matters:
1) please download all packages and unzip via WINRAR tool.  (Unzipping password:
2) before unzipping, exit the anti-virus software, or some programs will maybe deleted wrongly.
3) when unzipping, please select all packages together, and unzip synchronously. Don’t unzip one by one, it will cause some files lost.
4) please apply it to the corresponding SN code, don’t flash on other models.
5) please read the flash guides carefully before operating.



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