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How to Update the Vega s95 firmware manually?

Dear Customers:

In recently forum request, We found some customers still don’t know how to flash the firmware manually. So we write this detail instruction, hope it is helpful.

Please note, usually you don’t need to flash the firmware manually, because Vega S95 support O.T.A update, when new firmware are coming, Your device will receive update notice, and you can decide if you would love to update to the latest firmware.If yes, click the update button, Our system will automatically download the latest firmware, and install it.

But if you have problem to update via O.T.A , or you want to try different firmware, like Remix OS, then you should learn how to flash the firmware manually. Here we go:

There are two ways to update firmware manually.
1) Via Sd card; don’t need to connect with computer;
2) Flash via computer, and you also need usb male to male cable, like this.

PLEASE NOTE, This two method request different firmware, so every time we will release two firmware for you download. Make sure you use the correct firmware! and both of the methods should work on the Pro, Meta, Telos version.

We will give detail instructions for both method. First let’s start with sd card update:

1) Download the SD card update required firmware from our site to Your Computer( Not Vega s95). The file must be in .zip format,(if not, please change to this format before apply the update).

2) Don’t unzip the download file, just copy the .zip file to an external SD card. ( The file must be in SD Card root directory, and SD card must be in FAT32 Format,we have tested with 2G,8G,16G,32G sd card, all of them can update without problem, some customer report they use 64GB SD card to update, and get error, we are checking that, before we have solution, change to the sd card which recommend by us should be better).

3) Power on the Vega S95, choose “My Apps” in the menu, and then find the app called” Update & Backup”, run this app, you will see this :

“>How to Update the Vega s95 firmware manually?

4) Put the SD card which includes the .zip file to vega s95. and in the above app, click” select” button, choose .zip file you download, apply the update, Vega s95 should reboot automatically. Don’t remove the power adapter till the update finish.

Please Note: If you already update to the latest firmware via O.T.A and want to go back to the previous firmware, the SD card update method WON’T work. You have to use the other update method, please note.

Now let’s check how to update via computer:

1) Like we have talked, you should get yourselves usb male to male cable, and download this tool to your windows computer.(There is no correct tool for Linux and Mac right now), and you also need to download the correct firmware, unzip the downloaded file, and make sure you get *.img format file, which is the correct one for the tool;

2) unzip the above download file, and Install the new USB burning tool (choose English at the beginning, if necessary)

“>How to Update the Vega s95 firmware manually?

Choose “Install anyway” when system prompts for driver installation

“>How to Update the Vega s95 firmware manually?

Launch the USB burning tool

How to Update the Vega s95 firmware manually?

3) In the above USB burning tool, click “file” choose “import image” and then choose the .img format firmware you just download, after load successfully, you should see the following:

How to Update the Vega s95 firmware manually?, and please make sure to press START button;

In the above photo, the part 1 is showing the firmware you just loaded, and please note, if you see the part 2 error (mac 0), Please follow the step 4, if NOT, just ignore and see the step 5.

4) Download this file to your computer, unzip it, and copy the whole folder which is called” License” and then go to your “USB Burning tool” Installation directory, For example, if you put the USB burning tool in C:/ Program Files(X86)/Amlogic/USB_Burning_Tool/, paste the “license” folder you just download, and replace the existing one, and then repeat the step 3.

5) In Step 3, make sure you have press the START button in USB Burning tool, connect vega s95 to computer via usb male to male cable, you must use the following usb port

How to Update the Vega s95 firmware manually?, find a “toothpick“ to press the FN button in the back of vega s95, Press and hold S95’s Fn button, connect the power adapter, power on the vega s95, the burning tool will show this:

How to Update the Vega s95 firmware manually?

The upgrade process will take approximately 2-3 minutes, the last 5-10% takes longer time to complete,
and you MUST make sure the power can NOT be disconnected during the upgrade (of course also the OTG cable) or your box could become a brick, Upon successful upgrade, the application will display the message “Burning successfully” see the following photo:

How to Update the Vega s95 firmware manually?

6) After update successfully, you can unplug the power adapter, and remove the usb cable, connect to your TV, and prepare for the 1st start. (which is also very important and takes some minutes)
about 1st start:
It’s very important that you DO NOT cut the power off from the hub during the 1st start,
since preloaded apps. will be installed in the background, if you power it off in the middle of the installation, some preloaded apps. might be missing.

That’s all, if you have any problem about the update, feel free to ask us.

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