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Tronsmart MXIII Plus_106L1_151029

Hi MXIII Plus Users,

The latest firmware 106L1 are released both from OTA and here, here is the change logs.

1.Fixed the crash of Google Play Service when connected wired/wireless USB keyboard.
2.Fixed the randomly crash on setting.
3.Fixed no working direction&Enter key on USB keyboard, or airmouse.
4.Updated KODI to 15.2 and fixed the green/black screen when play 4K video.
5.Removed SmartRemote
6.Default Serial Number on setting
7.Update to MboxLauncher2, replaced icons,removed music and add dangbei assistant
8.Fixed the add-ons will be removed automatically, or add-ons intalled After update.
9.The kodi will keep users’ data After update.
10.Fixed OTA issues.
11. Fixed No writing on external storage.

PS:1.Enter the system menu after the OTA and the Kodi will backup the users’data about 5~10 minutes, so please don’t enter Kodi during this time, otherwise you’ll loose your data. The better way is to backup your data before OTA.
2.Please remove OTG cable between TV Box&PC during OTA, If not remove, it may stuck on reboot screen.
3.During the OTA, please don’t power off and do anothing, If failed on OTA, you have to flash via PC.
106l1_151029_USB Flashing
106l1_151029_ SD Flashing
Updating instructions and tools.
Any feedback for firmware, please kindly let us know.

From Tronsmart:

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