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Moto X Style Charging Analysis

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Today we will show you the charging performance of Moto X Style. Moto X Style has it all with beautiful design and powerful Moto performance paired with a Pure Android experience. Comes with a 1.8GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 808 with hexa-core CPU (MSM8992), Adreno 418 GPU, Natural Language Processor, and Contextual Computing Processor.3000 man battery, support Moto TurboPower™(Compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0). Compare with the old Moto X, they use the newest TurboPower 25 in the Moto X Style. Moto said TurboPower™25 gives your Moto X Pure Edition up to 10 hours of battery life in just 15 minutes.


You should read a lot of Moto X style reviews from different sites, but as a brand which concentrates on chargers, Tronsmart focuses on different chargers’ charging performance for Moto X style. We will test the original power adapter, suggest how to quickly charge your device, and help to pick up the correct alternative chargers.

In the following analysis, you will see we test with regular 5V/2A charger ( no quick charge), and original Moto X style charger (support Turbo Charging,25W), also tronsmart charger(support quick charge 2.0,18W).

Here we go:

The specification of Moto X style original power adapter:

INPUT AC100-240V

OUTPUT DC5V/2.85A 9V2.85A 12V/2.15A, Total 25W.
Micro B M 1.0m Cable

The cable is not detachable, which might be annoying for some people.


It’s very interesting to see the 25W power adapter, before we get the device, we almost doubt the Moto x style support quick charge, since all of the quick charge in market are all 15W(5V/2A,9V/1.67A,12V/1.25A) or 18W( 5v/2a,9v/2a,12/1.5a). But after we get the sample, and check the specification, we are confirm, it still follow the qualcomm quick charge 2.0 standard, Moto just improve the current, and make the total power to 25W.

Compare with the current 18W quick charge, in theory,it is 28% faster, but that’s true? See our following test:

1)Test with the Original Turbopower 25 charger:

Total Charging time from battery 0% to 100% is 1 hours and 15 mins with the original charger.

Time Battery level Volt(V) Current(A)
AM8:57 0 8.76 2.12
AM9:07 24 8.77 2.1
AM9:17 45 8.85 2.05
AM9:27 62 9 1.56
AM9:37 74 8.98 1.14
AM9:47 85 8.98 1.14
AM9:57 95 9 0.68
AM10:07 99 9 0.35
AM10:12 100 9 0.24

mot x-5

When we first connect the charger, the Moto X style and the charger have the “communicate” and directly change the charging volt to 9V. and in the whole charging time, the volt is always keep in around 9v to make sure get the fastest charging speed.

In the first 10 mins, it can charge the Moto X style from 0%-24%, it’s super fast! and after 30 mins, Moto X style get 62% battery, In 1 hours and 15mins, the battery is full, however, in the whole charging process, the current don’t rise to 2.85A as the specification, the max current we find is just 2.12A, make the total power is 18.58W.

2) Test with the regular 5V/2A 10W charger(no quick charge support) , We use the original charger from Oneplus 2.

moto x-5

The Oneplus 2 charger suppose to output 2A current max, however, even we are charging the Moto x Style from 0% battery, the charging current is just around 1A, for the same charger, we get 1.98A when test with oneplus 2.

Seems Moto did some current limit in the 5V charging volt. So if you use the regular charger (don’t support quick charge 2.0), you just can get 6w when use on Moto x style. It is super slow compare with the original Turbopower charger. The total charging time from 0%-100% need around 3.5 hours.

3) Now let’s test our charge, because all of our quick charge are all 18W output. we will just use one data to show the charging time.

a) Test with Tronsmart single port usb wall charger, after connect with our charger, Moto X style will detect and showing Turbo Charging, see the photo below:


b) Test with Tronsmart 3 port wall charger, connect with Moto X Style, the phone also can show Turbo Charging:


c) Test with Dual Port Tronsmart QC 2.0 Car Charge (Dual port support quick charge 2.0, each port 18W, total 36w)


I will count time use this car charger and Moto x style.

Total Charging time from battery 0% to 100% is 1 hours and 28 mins

Time Battery level Volt(V) Current(A)
AM9:10 0 8.8 2.21
AM9:20 10 9.08 2.17
AM9:30 24 9.04 1.73
AM9:40 42 9.05 1.72
AM9:50 57 9.04 1.2
AM10:00 72 9.04 1.11
AM10:10 87 9.03 0.67
AM10:30 96 9.01 0.19
AM10:38 100 9.01 0.02


From the above result, we can see, for total charging time, Moto TurboPower 25 adapter just 13mins faster than our charger. Though it is 25W in the specification VS ours’ 18W charger. However seems Moto did some current limited in the phone side, in the real testing, the phone can’t get 25W charging, so the total charging time is not faster a lot than ours.however, we also see in the first 10 mins charging, Moto’s Turbo power charger can give 24% battery while the 18W charger just can give 10%. In 30mins charging, Moto’s Turbo power can charge the battery to 62%, while the 18W charger just can charge to 42%. but later, the total charging time will become similar.

So some suggestions for the Moto X Style users:

1)Make sure to pick up the chargers which support QC2.0. the regular 5V/2A charger is a nightmare on Moto X Style. From the performance, the Original Turopower 25 adapter is the best wall charger for Moto x Style if you focus on the first 30mins charging. however, consider the price, and nondetachable usb cable design, you may consider our Tronsmart quick chargers as alternative.

We can offer:

One usb port wall charger WC1Q, with 6ft 20awg high quality micro usb cable included in the package.

Three usb port wall charger WC3PC, (two usb port support ours VOLTIQ technology,and the other port support quick charge 2.0), you can connect your MOTO X Style to the QC2.0 port, and your rest device like iPhone/iPad or others to the other 2 usb port. We also include a high quality 20AWG micro usb cable in the package.

Update: we saw some customers leave feedback for our 3 port wall charger on amazon, see here:


Even more, if you have more device in your home to charge, you can consider our 5 port usb wall charger, model is UC5PC. which offer 1 port QC2.0 to connect with your MOTO X style, and the other 4 port support VOLTIQ technology.

2).Since MOTO don’t release any 25w car charger, If you want to buy a car charger for you MOTO X style, Tronsmart also give you a lot of choice from 1 port to 4 port usb car charger.

Further more, if you and your family have two Moto X Style, (or one MOTO X style and the other phone which also support quick charge) we also have the following

Tronsmart CC2F QC 2.0 Car Charger .

The CC2F is the world unique dual port car charger which support qc2.0 in each port. Both port can output 18W.

From Tronsmart:

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