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Xiaomi Mi 4c Charging Analysis Part 1

We just report Xiaomi Mi 4c information today earlier. Now, Let’s check the charging performance on Xiaomi Mi 4C.

Because our test sample is still on the way, should get tomorrow, the following test result are coming from our friend @chongdiantou, All credit to him :)

Here is the usb type c port in Mi 4c, and you need to connect your charger via type c cable to charge it.

mi 4c 01

Here is the type c cable which included in the package, the length is about 1.2m.

mi 4c 02

Xiaomi also include a USB TYPE C Adapter in case you forget to take your type c cable, and you can connect this adapter with your Mi 4c, and use the regular usb cable to charge your Mi 4c. But it is really NOT convenience for people to charger via the adapter.


Here is the photo for the stock charger in xiaomi mi 4c:


This stock charger model is MDY-03-EB, input is 100-240v, output support 5V/2A, 9V/1.2A and 12V/1A, total 12w. It’s follow the qualcomm quick charge 2.0 standard, however, the total watt is lower than ours’ 18W quick charger. and this is the same charger as you seen on Mi3 and Mi4 and Mi note.

The sample we test still use preload MIUI 6, and the battery level is 60% when we do the following test.

First we test with the original Mi 4c charger, with screen on, we get this;

mi 4c 03

With screen off, we get this:

mi 4c 04

With screen on,you get 9V/1.12A, and with screen off, it change to 8.98v/0.99a, it’s a little surprised, in our charging analysis for Oneplus two, we found if you turn off the screen, the charging current will get bigger, while in xiaomi mi4c, it get smaller.

Then, we use the xiaomi ZMI QC2.0 charger to test:

IMG_2984 3

mi 4c 06


The ZMI qc2.0 charger have the same output as ours, 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A, total 18W. However, the mi 4c also just accept 8.96V/1.16A.

So we can confirm xiaomi mi 4c make some current limits.Now we can’t know the limits are in kernels or the hardware.

Since no matter which quick charge 2.0 chargers you are using, the output just almost 10w, how about to try the regular 5V/2A charger? Then, next, we decide to test with Oneplus two charger:

Xiaomi Mi 4c Charging Analysis Part 1

Oneplus two offer a 5V/2A regular charger, In our charging analysis, it can give 5V/1.98A to OPT. so what’s about in the xiaomi mi 4c?

mi 4c 07

Even the charger can offer 5V/2A without problem, but xiaomi 4c just accept 1amp current. So If your charger don’t support qc2.0 quick charge, it can just give 5W output to xiaomi mi 4c. :( This is really annoying. we don’t understand why xiaomi limit current in 5V/2A regular power adapter.

Here is the first part of Xiaomi MI 4c charging analysis, we will test the total charging time from 0%-100% and compare with our tronsmart qc2.0 chargers. and will try to find the reasons why xiaomi limit the current.

But now, from the analysis, If you want quick charge your Mi 4c., you have to get qc2.0 chargers.

Xiaomi have one wall charger included in the package, If you want a backup qc2.0 wall charger, you can check our WC1Q model:

We also have multi-port QC2.0 chargers, check here:

and if you want to charge your Mi 4c in your car with quick charge, we also have qc2.0 car charger solution:

Among all of our accessories, We would love to give you a BIG RECOMMEND for our CCFC car charger, which is the world’s unique Type C + Quick Charge 2.0 support car charger

IMG_3138 2

CCFC is the world first usb type c car charger, also support quick charge 2.0 technology.

We offer the most convenience charging experience for your Mi 4c, just Plug & Charge.

You don’t need to prepare another type c cable or type c adapter, just use our CCFC type c car charger, you get anything.

Xiaomi Mi 4c Charging Analysis Part 1

Beside that, We offer another usb port for your family, which also support quick charge 2.0, never need to worry lose battery in your driving!

Stay tuned for our 2nd part charging analysis for Xiaomi Mi 4c. keep watching our Charging Analysis Channel!

Any questions, feel free to leave comment below.

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